26th August 2012 at 17:53

Sisters Doll - Welcome To The Dollhouse


Mileto Brothers - Brennan, Bryce, Austin - are natives of Western Australia and are 19, 17, 14 years old (in accordance). They created their band Sisters Doll in the middle of 2010. Next two years they would take part in local competitions (including Ampfest and the Total Battle of the Bands, where they won great prizes), play a lot of gigs in Western Australia clubs and record the debut album ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’, that was recently released.

Sisters Doll have a mix of hard rock and old school glam: you can get this impression after listening to some of their songs that you can find on their Facebook profile. Surely we’ll get their CD in the nearest future and all of you will be able to evaluate the work of these guys, and now, finally, let’s talk about the music video.

Sisters Doll made their first video for the title track from their album. In my opinion, the song is not such a hit, but the video is really good. This video is made in stylish, bright and gloomy colors, there are topical entourage, doll-girls and choreography. It is an excellent presentation of who Sisters Doll are and what the conception of their work is. In other words, such a video is a perfect visiting card for any new band, who wants to make a name by means of one music video, especially, as for the visual aspect of this video and Sisters Doll by themselves.

In addition, there is a cute moment in ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’ video (3:18), when curly and chubby vocalist imitates cabaret-girls and makes choreography elements with them ;)

You can order the first studio work ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’ by Sisters Doll there:

Soon, in August, Sisters Doll are going to California to present a series of gigs with such stars as Crashdïet in such worldwide known places as the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood and the Whisky A Go Go.

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