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2013.03.22 - Hardcore Superstar Efterfest / Hypocrisy Release Party & Efterfest @ Stockholm10/10


Hardcore Superstar EfterfestCity, сountry: Stockholm, Sweden
Location: Rocks
Date: 2013.03.22
Web: Hardcore SuperstarHypocrisyOvertorture, The Painkiller Horde 

Author: Stefanie Singh (FacebookTwitter, BlogSpot)

Rating: 10/10

Hardcore Superstar EfterfestJust a moment ago, Hardcore Superstar have rocked together with Bonafide in the jam-packed "Tyrol", and now, we find ourselves at the "Hardcore Superstar Efterfest" at "Rocks" - or rather in front of its doors. The hustle and bustle in Stockholm's biggest and most popular Rock and Metal club seems to be that huge tonight that you have to wait in line for at least half an hour outside in the freezing cold. While the security guards watch over the red VIP rope, it's getting too cold for some potential visitors while waiting - and they disappear without having achieved anything. It's a pity since the Rock and Metal scene in Sweden's capital revolves not only around Hardcore Superstar tonight but also around the Swedish Death Metallers from Hypocrisy who played at the same time as Hardcore Superstar at "Fryshuset". And tonight's party at "Rocks" was actually meant for their fans, with a "Hypocrisy Release Party & Efterfest" and guest DJs from their support act Overtorture, before it was additionally declared as "Hardcore Superstar Efterfest". If the men who get out of the white stretch limousine in front of "Rocks" are band members from Hypocrisy or Overtorture, we don't know. All we know is that we enter a club which isn't as crowded as one might have expected beforehand due to the security guards and the way they played with the red VIP rope outside. Well, not yet...

Hardcore Superstar EfterfestAt least the area of the so-called "Metalbar" is right from the beginning so packed that you hardly get the opportunity to order a drink from "Lasse The Bloodtender". Here, Christ Painkiller and his "Painkiller Horde" cater for the entertainment tonight, together with Hypocrisy and Overtorture. The area of the "Dansgolvet" [Swedish for: "dance floor"] - where the "Hardcore Superstar Efterfest" is held with ex SexyDeath bassist Danne as a DJ - is going to burst at the seams a little later, more precisely from that moment when Jocke Berg (Vocals), Vic Zino (Guitar), Martin Sandvik (Bass) and Adde (Drums) appear at "Rocks". You could have hoped that the Street Metallers from Gothenburg would maybe stop by - but it wasn't announced anywhere. And it gets even better: Jocke - who is often notably absent at after-show parties - even agrees to rock the turntables together with Danne. Alongside, he is posing for numerous photographs and makes small talk with Deathstars bassist Skinny Disco, one of the familiar faces from Stockholm's Rock'n'Roll scene tonight. In consideration of the fact that the musical styles of these two bands are very different from each other, it's rather unlikely that the Hardcore Superstar frontman and the Deathstars bassist are making plans for a common tour. Unfortunately.

At a late hour, also DJ Linus Core appears at "Rocks" who - according to his own statement - first had to grab his CDs from "Pub Anchor". And before you can say knife, it's already three o'clock in the morning and therefore time for the masses to leave the closing club. Well, time flies when you're having fun... But the party ain't over 'til we say so - and so the party will continue in five days at the Hardcore Superstar concert in Åbo [in Finnish: Turku]... On that note: Vi ses i Finland!

Photos by Adrian Nysand, Sara Söderström & D R

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