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2013.03.22 - Hardcore Superstar / Bonafide @ Stockholm10/10


HardcoreSuperstarBonafide_StartingpictureCity, сountry: Stockholm, Sweden
Location: Tyrol
Date: 2013.03.22

Author: Stefanie Singh (FacebookTwitter, BlogSpot)

Rating: 10/10

HardcoreSuperstarBonafide_Textpicture1_Bonafide"You came to the party just to see me": This first line from the brandnew Hardcore Superstar album "C'mon Take On Me" not only sounds very self-confident but is also based on facts if you take a look-around in the jam-packed "Tyrol" tonight. As the name of the venue suggests, the style of "Tyrol" is inspired by the houses in the homonymous federal state in western Austria but located in Sweden's capital Stockholm, more precisely in the middle of the amusement park "Gröna Lund" [in English: "The Green Grove"] on the seaward side of the Djurgården island. A very interesting combination. A very felicitous combination is the one of Hardcore Superstar and Bonafide as a support act. A combination Stockholm's Rock'n'Roll scene doesn't want to miss and so you spot amongst others Deathstars bassist Skinny Disco among the concert attendees, right before the warm-up starts...

Formed in 2006 by singer and guitarist Pontus Snibb in Malmö, Bonafide make a splash not only in the Swedish rock scene. With their self-titled debut (2007), "Something's Dripping" (2009) and "Ultimate Rebel" (2012), the quartet released three albums so far. From the latter comes the brandnew single "The Mess" whose corresponding music video was released just a few days ago. Furthermore, Pontus, Mikael Fässberg (Guitar), Martin Ekelund (Bass) and Niklas Matsson (Drums) made their mark as a support act for well-known bands such as Deep Purple, Europe, Status Quo, L.A. Guns, The Quireboys and the Electric Boys. Especially the combination with the latter couldn't be more perfect since Bonafide play "Hard Rock the way it's supposed to be played: True to its roots in the electric blues and early R'n'B." Especially the performances of the songs from their second album "Something's Dripping" like "Butter You Up", "No Doubt About It" and "Hard Livin' Man" are convincing, and if she wouldn't be currently on tour in North America with her own band Crucified Barbara, maybe there would have been even the opportunity to see Mia Coldheart, Pontus' duet partner on "Straight Shooters", on stage with Bonafide tonight. But even without any special guests, Bonafide can look at an immense fan base in front of the stage - and this very fan base rocks like there is no tomorrow. Frontman Pontus thanks the fans for that by getting closer to them and diving into the crowd. And to make sure that nobody will collapse due to all the Rock'n'Roll (or simple dehydration), the friendly security guards provide the audience with water. Respect to "Tyrol" for having such a big sense of responsibility!


HardcoreSuperstarBonafide_Textpicture3_HCSSAlready during the warm-up, Hardcore Superstar drummer Adde was spotted at the side of the stage watching the gig - but for the own show, the stage is first going to be curtained. When the curtain rises, another curtain surfaces and the instrumental intro "Cutting The Slack" begins which not only opens tonight's show but also the meanwhile ninth studio album by Hardcore Superstar, "C'mon Take On Me". The intro which may be seen as too long on CD works live all the more and increases the suspense. When faint light makes the silhouettes of Jocke Berg (Vocals), Vic Zino (Guitar) and Martin Sandvik (Bass) visible behind the pitch-black curtain, the audience begins to cheer vociferously. "You came to the party just to see me," a fan starts to sing, full of pleasant anticipation - and indeed: After Vic Zino starts to play the guitar, Jocke begins to sing "Tonight, I'm gonna go - With the flow"... The following "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" part is accompanied by strobe lights. "This time, I'm gonna crash - Go have a blast..." And, again, strobe lights accompany the "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" part before the curtain falls down to the floor, synchronously with the chorus of "C'mon Take On Me" and under thunderous applause... What a grandiose moment! And I always thought that the picture-perfect intro from the "Split Your Lip" times - where first Van Halen's "Dance The Night Away" is played and then interrupted by the opener "Sadistic Girls" - is unbeatable... I would even say that the live version of the transition from "Cutting The Slack" to "C'mon Take On Me" is even better than the version on CD.

HardcoreSuperstarBonafide_Textpicture4_HCSS HardcoreSuperstarBonafide_Textpicture5_HCSS

What follows is the usual wild stage show of Hardcore Superstar with hits like "Guestlist", "Wild Boys", "Dreamin' In A Casket", "She's Offbeat", Sophisticated Ladies"... Of course, the self-proclaimed Street Metallers from Gothenburg had numerous hit singles, especially here in their home country Sweden, and those want to be heard. Still, the cheering seems to be a little bit louder when compositions from the new album such as "Because Of You" and "Won't Take The Blame" are played. And no sooner "Won't Take The Blame" is over, some fans start to sing the intro of "One More Minute", the first single from "C'mon Take On Me": "Maybe, baby, I give you one more minute - And if I don't do I'm not into you..." But Jocke prefers to first jump once again into the audience before he presents a shortened version of the song "Barn Av Vår Tid" [in English: "Children Of Our Time"] by the Swedish rock band and drama group Nationalteatern, musically accompanied only by Vic Zino and his electric guitar. "Barn Av Vår Tid" merges almost seamlessly into "Someone Special" before the light goes out and the intro to the demanded "One More Minute" begins. Even the fog fountains are turned on now... Splendid!

HardcoreSuperstarBonafide_Textpicture6_HCSS HardcoreSuperstarBonafide_Textpicture7_HCSS

In between, Jocke repeatedly pays tribute to the capital of Sweden by amongst others singing the line "Stockholm I Mitt Hjärta" [in English: "Stockholm In My Heart"] from Lasse Berghagen's homonymous song. For "Last Call For Alcohol", Jocke & Co. invite - as usual - some fans from the audience to the stage to sing this song along with the band. Tonight, a bunch of very young girls is chosen - and for a moment you seriously start to wonder if the kids today are able at all to just enjoy such special moments without the need to document everything with the smartphone. At least three of the young ladies aren't; the facebook community has to be informed about everything later on, including a video...

After "We Don't Celebrate Sundays" and "Liberation", the current second single "Above The Law" (introduced by wailing sirens), "Run To Your Mama" (again accompanied only by Vic Zino and his electric guitar), the vociferously demanded "Moonshine" (accompanied by some more "fog fountain action") and "My Good Reputation" are played as encores before the band leaves the stage with the words: "Tack som fan! God natt!" [in English: "Thanks like hell! Good night!"]

HardcoreSuperstarBonafide_Textpicture8_HCSS HardcoreSuperstarBonafide_Textpicture9_HCSS

"Vilken underbar kväll!" [in English: "What a wonderful evening!"], as you would say in Swedish: From the performances to the mood in the audience to the venue, everything was just absolutely perfect! And our assumption that some die-hard fans of Hardcore Superstar might travel across the country to see the band playing in different cities seems to be not that wrong, judging from the fans who almost always seemed to know beforehand which song is going to be the next one. Well, in five days, the Swedes will start their Finland tour in Åbo [in Finnish: Turku] - and we will be there, too. But before that happens, we will first go to the "Hardcore Superstar Efterfest" at "Rocks" here in Stockholm...

Photos by Adrian Nysand

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