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2013.03.02 - Officiellt Releaseparty: Hardcore Superstar - "C'mon Take On Me" @ Stockholm10/10


HardcoreSuperstarReleaseParty_StartingpictureCity, сountry: Stockholm, Sweden
Location: Rocks
Date: 2013.03.02
Web: www.hardcoresuperstar.comLasse Bartender

Author: Stefanie Singh (FacebookTwitter, BlogSpot)

Rating: 10/10

With "C'mon Take On Me", Hardcore Superstar release their meanwhile ninth studio album, and in Sweden's capital Stockholm, it's the city's biggest and most popular Rock and Metal club "Rocks" who caters the corresponding official record release party. Admittedly, the choice of the location isn't a real surprise. Who is regularly at "Rocks" knows that "We Don't Celebrate Sundays" always fills its dance floor. And who has ever ended up at a private after-party after a rock / metal event in Stockholm knows also that the host rather plays the last Hardcore Superstar album "Split Your Lip" than the usual classics from bands like KISS or AC/DC. Without any doubt: The rock and metal scene in Stockholm loves the self-proclaimed Street Metallers from Gothenburg...

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo sooner you are inside "Rocks", you discover copies of the new album and various Hardcore Superstar shirts at the DJ booth of ex SexyDeath bassist Danne. All these treasures are a part of tonight's raffle. At the so-called "Metalbar", "Lasse The Bloodtender" is mixing cocktails behind the bar counter. Of course. What would "Rocks" be without the most famous and most popular bartender from Stockholm's Rock'n'Roll scene? Even a profile on facebook has been dedicated to him, not to mention that his face adorns the new drink vouchers of "Rocks"...

On the screen next to the "Metalbar", various live videos of Hardcore Superstar are shown all night long, but without sound since DJ Linus Core provides his own playlist. This playlist is not only consisting of songs from the brandnew opus "C'mon Take On Me" but also of older tracks such as "Beg For It" and "Innocent Boy". Due to the fact that it's almost always "We Don't Celebrate Sundays" DJs play when you request a song by Hardcore Superstar, Linus' choice of songs is even more appreciated. In between, also newcomer bands like Baby Jane and Toxic Rose get their chance to gain new listeners...


All in all, "Rocks" is well-attended tonight but, surprisingly, you don't see that many familiar faces which are known for being a part of the die-hard fan base of Hardcore Superstar. One reason for that could be tonight's show of Jocke Berg (Vocals), Vic Zino (Guitar), Martin Sandvik (Bass) and Adde (Drums) at "Kulturbolaget" in Malmö. It's quite possible that some fans prefer to travel around 612 km from Stockholm to Malmö to see the guys live on stage. In consideration of the fact that the quartet is probably the most dynamic live band the current rock and metal scene has to offer, it's no wonder that some people can't wait for the three weeks until Hardcore Superstar stop over in Stockholm. So instead of meeting masses of other Hardcore Superstar fans, you are going to spend the evening with Glam Rock devotees from England and Italy. Not bad.



As expected, "C'mon Take On Me" provides once again some rock smashers such as the homonymous title track, the album's first single "One More Minute", "Dead Man's Shoes" and "Because Of You", and although there are only two ballads on "C'mon Take On Me" ("Stranger Of Mine" and "Long Time No See"), the new record which was mixed by Randy Staub [Mötley Crüe, Metallica, The Cult] seems to be calmer and not as "balls to the wall" as its predecessor "Split Your Lip", although there are also two ballads on that tracklist. If this is good or bad, I can't really tell after listening to "C'mon Take On Me" amidst all the pleasant hustle and bustle going on at "Rocks". But if it doesn't bother you at all that the hustle and bustle of a bar distracts you from listening to the newest album from one of your absolute favourite bands, you know that you have ended up at a damn good party...

Photos by Stefanie Singh

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