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2012.12.05 - Twins Of Evil: Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson After Show Party @ Stockholm10/10


RobZombieMarilynMansonSlakthuset_StartingpictureCity, сountry: Stockholm, Sweden
Location: Slakthuset
Date: 2012.12.05

Author: Stefanie Singh (FacebookTwitter, BlogSpot)

Rating: 10/10

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlready during the "The Twins Of Evil" show of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson in the "Hovet" arena in Sweden's capital Stockholm, all kinds of familiar faces from the local Rock'n'Roll scene were seen: Deathstars bassist Skinny Disco, Nicki Wicked and Ida Evileye from Crucified Barbara, Crashdïet frontman Simon Cruz... And none of them wanted to miss the after-show party at "Slakthuset". Understandable since the venue itself is already worth a visit...

Three huge rooms, each with a large dance floor, an own bar and a DJ booth, plus atmospheric lighting and a unisex rest room area with stylish doors... Personally, I have been in the former slaughterhouse before, for the "Rammstein / Deathstars Efterfest" in February 2012, and although the impressive venue was packed, the party itself was anything but impressive. Probably it was due to some announcements which weren't fulfilled: Without further ado, the third dance floor with the two most popular DJs that night - namely Dregen [ex The Hellacopters / Backyard Babies / Michael Monroe Band] and the aforementioned Deathstars bassist Skinny Disco - was turned into an exclusive VIP area, inaccessible for the majority of paying guests, and with an entrance fee of 120 SEK (~ 14 €) or even 150 SEK (~ 17 €) after midnight, the event was anything but cheap.


Tonight, things look a little different: With an entrance fee of 100 SEK (~ 12 €), the "Twins Of Evil: Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson After Show Party" isn't as expensive as the "Rammstein / Deathstars Efterfest" was back then. Those who had appeared between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. even got in for free. The idea itself is very good but, unfortunately, it doesn't lure the masses of Rock and Metal fans into "Slakthuset" as one might have expected beforehand. Also here, the reason is not the weekday (Wednesday) but the meteorological phenomenon called "snökaos" [in English: "snow chaos"]: A little more of gentle snow is falling in Stockholm - and the capital of Sweden descend into "totalt snökaos". Is snow within the framework of the Scandinavian winter really that unusual?!?


"A lot of these empty seats, man..." Rob Zombie noticed already during his performance in the "Hovet" arena, and "Slakthuset" remains that empty until the party's end that the room with the largest of the three dance floors is not going to be opened at all. Instead, amongst others Deathstars vocalist Whiplasher Bernadotte and his bass-playing band mate Skinny rule the DJ booth of the one dance floor while Crucified Barbara bassist Ida Evileye and Nicki Wicked - who tortures the drums in the same band - are taking over the turntables of the other dance floor. Fittingly, the playlist is dominated by bands like Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and Rammstein while the cult film "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" by Russ Meyer is projected on the background of the one bar. Skinny - who had promoted the event by distributing flyers in the "Hovet" arena - delivers a performance behind the turntables which makes the few party guests dance. In the end, the dancers even climb on the stage on which the DJ booth of Whiplasher and Skinny is located. All in all you can say that tonight's event at "Slakthuset" is not as well-attended as the "Rammstein / Deathstars Efterfest" back then was - but the atmosphere created by the few party guests and DJs tonight is far better than it was the case in February 2012!


Only one person seems to wish for more action - and so Simon Cruz starts a scuffle with another guy on the dance floor until the security guards come and separate the rowdies from each other. The same security guards were already wondering at the entrance whether they should let the third and current frontman of Crashdïet in or not. It seems that someone enjoys a certain reputation in the party scene of Stockholm... However: Neither Marilyn Manson nor Rob Zombie were able to win the title of the ultimate evil tonight and so won't Simon Cruz; the winner is and will remain "the omnipresent evil" called "snökaos"...

Photos by Stefanie Singh

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