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2012.11.24 - Michael Monroe @ Åbo10/10


MichaelMonroe_StartingpictureCity, сountry: Åbo, Finland
Location: Logomo
Date: 2012.11.24

Author: Stefanie Singh (FacebookTwitter, BlogSpot)

Rating: 10/10

It's said that the home games of a band are always very special concerts, and especially in case of Michael Monroe, it's not a secret that his hometown Åbo [in Finnish: Turku] is very close to his heart, not least due to his participation in the "Kiss My Turku" campaign of "Turku Touring". In 2011, Finland's oldest city and former capital was the "European Capital Of Culture", together with the Estonian capital Tallinn, and within this framework, the venue "Logomo" has been opened in January 2011. This is the place where the talent show "The Voice Of Finland" is recorded, with Michael Monroe in the jury, and this is the place where the former Hanoi Rocks frontman will have his home game tonight. For one last time, we see the banner of the current record "Sensory Overdrive" in the background before a brandnew album is going to be released in spring 2013. For one last time, the familiar intro is presented where wild drummings - accompanied by strobe lights - turn into an instrumental composition taken from the "Kill Bill" soundtrack before the band enters the stage and start their show with "Trick Of The Wrist"...


Michael - at the beginning of the show apparelled with a red PVC jacket, a red top-hat and a red hand fan - is in good spirits and energetic as always and repeatedly refers to the concert attendees as his friends. He also expresses his love for his hometown Åbo repeatedly. After songs like "Got Blood?", "Modern Day Miracle", "Motorvatin'" and "Nothing's Alright", he even declares his love to band bassist Sami Yaffa before it continues with "Bombs Away": "Sami, I love you so much... What can I say? I want to kiss you!"


It's already the twelfth time that I see the Michael Monroe Band with their "Sensory Overdrive" show and the seventh time overall with Dregen as the successor for guitarist Ginger Wildheart. Dregen is like the cherry on the cream in the Michael Monroe Band, not only for always being such a cool attention whore on stage but also because he already had his own fan base before he joined Michael, Sami, Steve Conte (Guitar) and Karl Rockfist (Drums), thanks to his activities with The Hellacopters and Backyard Babies. Therefore it's not that surprising that there will be shirts with Dregen's image for sale at the merchandising booth after the show...


For the performance of "Dead, Jail Or Rock'n'Roll", Mister Monroe is getting a special guest on stage, namely Mikko Herranen who has also been tonight's warm-up for the Michael Monroe Band. Also Mikko Herranen is very close to Michael's heart: In 2012, he belonged to Michael's team in "The Voice Of Finland", and on his debut solo album "Kylmä Maailma" [in English: "Cold World"], Michael even plays the harmonica and the saxophone as a guest musician. However, the opinions about Mikko Herranen as support act are a bit divided within the audience: The glam kids would have preferred to see another glam rock band as a warm-up while many other concert attendees don't even know who Mikko Herranen is. Either people in Finland don't watch that much television or if they do, talent shows are not their first choice to watch. A positive surprise although the reputation of talent shows in Finland seems to differ considerably from the ones in e.g. Germany. In Germany, the participation in a talent show is tantamount to a suicide for the career and ends sooner or later with a participation in "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!" while in Finland it can be the beginning of a serious career. However, Michael takes care of Mikko like a lion mother of her cub...


Tonight's show is finalised by the cover versions of Hanoi Rocks' "Taxi Driver" and Hurriganes' "Get On" before you can chat with other concert attendees in the lobby of the impressive "Logomo" or raid the merchandising booth.


Yes, it's true: The home game of a band is always a very special concert, even in case of the Michael Monroe Band, although shows played by them elsewhere already seem to be unbeatable...

Photos by Adrian Nysand

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