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2012.10.26 - The 69 Eyes / Baby Jane @ Åbo8/10


City, сountry: Åbo, Finland
Location: Klubi Åbo
Date: 2012.10.26

Author: Stefanie Singh (FacebookTwitter, BlogSpot)

Rating: 8/10

It's exactly six weeks ago that we have seen The 69 Eyes rocking within the framework of an exclusive gig of the Finnish radio station "Radio City" at "Klubi" in Åbo [in Finnish: Turku]. During these six weeks, a lot has happened, especially the long-awaited record release of their 10th studio album "X" on 28th September 2012. Tonight, the band around frontman Jyrki69 plays again at "Klubi" in Åbo. It's the kick-off concert of their "X" tour in Finland, the first of their two Halloween shows this weekend - and with Baby Jane, they even have one of the hottest newcomer bands from Sweden as a support act...

When Baby Jane start their show with "Face Against The Wall", you first hear some amusing comments on their frontman Freddie Wizzp in the audience, like "He looks like Dregen from the Backyard Babies!". Well, it must be said that the former capital of Finland has obviously more goths than sleaze and glam kids, but sooner or later even the goths start to raise their fists into the air. From the musical point of view, Baby Jane are partly very reminiscent of Crashdïet's best times, namely their era with their first vocalist Dave Lepard who died way too young. The dynamic stage show doesn't really allow Freddie, Mikey (Guitar), Rikk (Guitar), Manx (Bass) and Matt (Drums) just to pose. Another plus is the generous stage time: They can play all ten tracks from their debut album "In The Spotlight" which is out since 4th April 2012, including the current single "My Behavior". The corresponding music video has been released two days ago, so just in time for the Halloween shows. Director René U. Valdes from the Swedish production company "Greenworks Television" was in charge of its realisation. More about the video shoot in Baby Jane's hometown Gothenburg in October 2012 and other anecdotes from their career can be read here soon, in Neon Lights' exclusive interview with Baby Jane.

Last but not least, "Next In Line" is going to be dedicated to the man who has chosen the quintet as a support act - and that's no-one less than Jyrki69 himself. One should be really grateful for this choice of the front vampire since the Hard Rockers got only one chance to play on Finnish territory before, and it's already 2 1/2 years ago when they headlined the "Kick Off Party" of "Trash Fest III" in Helsinki. A way too long time Finland had to wait for the return of the wild Swedes!

For the return of the headliner The 69 Eyes, we luckily had to wait only six weeks. The show starts once again with the familiar intro "Bad Things" by Jace Everett, followed by the opener "Love Runs Away". Overall, you get once again a mix of the albums "Blessed Be", "Paris Kills", "Devils", "Angels" and "Back In Blood". The brandnew album "X" is going to be represented by only five songs, namely the already mentioned "Love Runs Away", the current single "Red", the upcoming single release "Borderline" and the brilliant Goth'n'Roll anthems "I Love The Darkness In You" and "Tonight". It's a pity because if you number - like my humble self - The 69 Eyes among your absolute favourite bands and if you are listening to "X" all day since the album is out, you really want to hear more of the new songs such as "Black", "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "When A Love Comes To An End". Sure, with 12 songs, there were more tracks on the previous album "Back In Blood" than now on "X" (10 tracks), still the songs from "Back In Blood" were the dominating ones on the corresponding tour. On that note, let's hope that the rest of the "X" tour will take a similar path...

After the shows, both The 69 Eyes and Baby Jane appear at the merchandising booth to talk to fans, pose for photographs and sign autographs. The next day, the hometown of the "Helsinki Vampires" is going to know the true promise of the common Halloween show of The 69 Eyes and Baby Jane, followed by a Halloween party with DJ sets of Jyrki69 and drummer Jussi69.

Although "Klubi" was quite packed tonight, the next gig of The 69 Eyes in Åbo on 15th December 2012 at "Apollo Live Club" has been cancelled by the venue. Well, Salo isn't that far away from Åbo, so instead of lament the cancelled gig in Åbo, we decide to go to Salo on 9th November 2012. And, of course, we will let you know if there were more songs from "X" played at "Keikkamesta" or not...

Photos by Adrian Nysand

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