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2012.08.31 - Pre-Listening Party: The 69 Eyes - "X" / Record Release Party: Katatonia - "Dead End Kings" @ Stockholm7.5/10


City, сountry: Stockholm, Sweden
Location: Rocks
Date: 2012.08.31
Web: The 69 Eyes, Katatonia

Author: Stefanie Singh (FacebookTwitter, BlogSpot)

Rating: 7.5/10

Just a moment ago, we have danced at the last edition of the event series "Zombie Love Club", and now, we are literally travelling from the dance floor in Finland's capital Helsinki to Sweden's capital Stockholm. There, the world-wide first pre-listening party for the brandnew The 69 Eyes album "X" takes place. Yes, the host and DJ of the "Zombie Love Club", Jyrki69, is going to focus more on his main job again; as the frontman of the mentioned band. And why is the world-wide first pre-listening party taking place in Stockholm's biggest and most popular Rock and Metal club "Rocks" and not in the home town of the "Helsinki Vampires"? Well, simply because "X" follows overall a "Made in Sweden" concept. Even the latest music video ("Red") was shot by a Swedish director (Patric Ullaeus) in the Swedish city Gothenburg. So far so good. In addition to the pre-listening itself, the premiere of the documentary "Made In Sweden - Stockholm & The 69 Eyes" (Available on the DVD of the Deluxe Edition of "X") as well as DJ sets of Christ Painkiller (Founder of the event organisation "The Painkiller Horde") and Jyrki69 himself are scheduled in tonight's programme. We are curious about it...

The event starts very promising: Right after the "Doors Open" at 10 p.m., the premiere of the documentary takes place, and "Lasse The Bloodtender" - who just mixed the cocktails behind the bar counter - also appears on the screen. Overall, we are going to see a lot of familiar faces from Stockholm's Rock'n'Roll scene: Next to "Lasse The Bloodtender" and Christ Painkiller, there are Dregen (ex The Hellacopters / Backyard Babies / Michael Monroe Band), the guys from Gemini Five, Kat Von D... Ok, admittedly, the American tattoo artist doesn't really fit into the "Made In Sweden" concept of "X", but at least the duet of The 69 Eyes and her ("Rosary Blue") has been recorded in Stockholm. While the documentary is shown, "Rocks" is getting filled visibly. After the movie, there is a short speech by Jyrki69 before the world premiere of the latest music video "Red" follows. Well, "world premiere": In fact, "Red" is circulating in the net since several weeks already and it's also viewable on "Neon Lights"... However: After the music video, the DVD is going to be shown again. This time soundless since the sound is provided by "X" now - and already the first track "Love Runs Away" makes some people dance! What booms out of the speakers is absolutely impressive! "Love Runs Away", "Black", "I Love The Darkness In You"... Gothic Rock at its very best! Unfortunately, the audience is not as quiet and attentive anymore as it was while the documentary was shown so it's getting harder to listen to the music while people are talking. It's a pity but we are in a bar, so: What else can you expect?

Speaking of "expectations", there is nevertheless one thing that seriously damps the spirits: After the record has been played, it's all about Katatonia since this is a "double event"; the pre-listening party for The 69 Eyes' "X" as well as the record release party for Katatonia's latest opus "Dead End Kings". So the music changes abruptly from The 69 Eyes to Katatonia. For a long time. For a very long time. Well, strictly speaking: For the rest of the evening. And the DJ sets of Christ Painkiller and Jyrki69? Well, without further ado, it's going to be decided to skip them. According to the rumours, both are "not in the mood" to stand behind the turntables. So, that was it!?! The world-wide first pre-listening party for "X" with the pompously announced DJ sets which are not going to be held due to a change of mood!?! Now, the mood of the present The 69 Eyes fans changes for the worse, too. Noticeably. Just the unexpected appearance of some other well-known faces at a late hour brightens up the mood again: On the one hand, there are Whiplasher Bernadotte and Skinny Disco from Deathstars who - according to their own statement - ended up at this party by pure chance and impress with their down-to-earth attitude in tonight's VIP circus. Ex SexyDeath bassist Danne is the other one who seems to appear from nowhere - and spontaneously takes over the job at the turntables for the rest of the evening. And he not only copes with the task: He aces it! Suddenly, the dance floor is full and the attendees go wild until the event's end at 3 a.m.... It's fabulous!

In the end, against all odds, you are having a nice evening anyway, even though it's all thanks to the unexpected guests and not to those who were actually in charge of providing a successful event. On that note, there is only one thing left to say: Buy the album "X" (Release date: 28th September 2012), it's absolutely worth it, but think twice before travelling to any pompously announced events of The 69 Eyes. It could end in disappointment...

Photos by Stefanie Singh

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