12th October 2012 at 23:48

2012.08.30 - Zombie Love Club (Tumppi Varonen & Rane Raitsikka / Hunters / DJ Jyrki69) @ Helsinki7/10


City, сountry: Helsinki, Finland
Location: Bar Loose
Date: 2012.08.30
Web: Tumppi Varonen & Rane Raitsikka, HuntersZombie Love Club

Author: Stefanie Singh (FacebookTwitter, BlogSpot)

Rating: 7/10

Last time when we visited the "Zombie Love Club" of host and DJ Jyrki69 (who is first and foremost the voice of The 69 Eyes), we had to flee from the importunate live act "Lord Bishop Rocks". Fortunately, such an embarrassing scenario is not going to be repeated tonight, instead something else attracted attention beforehand: The corresponding facebook event was misdated and so it happened that some gothic girls were waiting on 22nd August 2012 at "Bar Loose" for DJ Jyrki69 - in vain. But who shows up tonight on the right date is going to be offered not only a DJ set but also two live acts. "In honour of the occasion", you could say, since this is the last edition of the event series "Zombie Love Club"...

The event is opened by the young punk rockers from Hunters and their song "Born To Die". With "Get Wrecked", Eki (Vocals), Samu (Guitar), Sonny (Guitar), Sporge (Bass) and Akke (Drums) have just released their first music video, including guest appearances by members of other rockbands such as Santa Cruz and Caroline. And with Caroline, Hunters have a special relationship anyway since Caroline's guitar player Ville used to play in Hunters and Hunters' guitar player Sonny currently serves the bass for Caroline. But Finland's capital Helsinki and its rock scene is pretty small anyway. Altogether, the guys know how to entertain with songs like "Kill Ya Face", "Bangkok" and especially "77", even if you actually don't care a fig for Punk Rock. Not to say: I am positively surprised...

More surprise is going to be provided by the duo Tumppi Varonen & Rane Raitsikka. The latter is best known as the guitar player of the legendary Smack - but what Rane Raitsikka is presenting tonight with Tumppi Varonen has not much to do with Glam Rock. It's rather acoustically performed Country / Blues... And all that with Finnish lyrics! Too bad if you are not able to speak a single word of Finnish because that's the key to understand why tonight's audience including the host and DJ are so delighted...

However: The subsequent set of DJ Jyrki69 lures - true to the motto "Baby would you dance with me into the night?" - the remaining concert guests to the dance floor, especially with Gothic Rock. The last chance to dance before Jyrki69 will focus more on his main job again: His band The 69 Eyes is going to release a brandnew album called "X" on 28th September 2012. The world-wide first pre-listening party for that album is going to be held the very next night in Sweden's capital Stockholm, also with a DJ session of Jyrki69... And, of course: Neon Lights will be there for you!

Photos by Stefanie Singh

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