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2011.02.26 – Reckless Love @ Helsinki7/10


City, сountry: Helsinki, Finland
Location: Virgin Oil
Date: 2011.02.26

Author: Stefanie Singh (MySpace, Twitter, BlogSpot)

Rating: 7/10

For me personally, it's already the 13th gig of Reckless Love after I have discovered the guys from Finnish Kuopio nearly nine months ago on another stage. So you definitely can call me a Reckless Love fan and a loyal visitor of their concerts, even though I have to say: Unfortunately, today's show at «Virgin Oil» wasn't one of their best...

Just before the gig, Olli Herman (Vocals), Pepe (Guitar), Jalle Verne (Bass) and Hessu Maxx (Drums) are in Espoo at the «Emma Gaala», the Finnish equivalent to the Grammy Awards. There, they are nominated as «Best Newcomer Act» but despite their performance for «Badass» - accompanied by pyro effects - they have to leave the award to an artist called Yona. However, the guys are not bad-tempered at all when they arrive at the «Virgin Oil» in Helsinki one after the other. The strange atmosphere is based on other factors: Firstly, «Virgin Oil» itself is a pretty cool location but a bit too big for a concert where Reckless Love are the only band playing, even though the upper floor of the two-storey venue is closed. Secondly, the audience is quite dominated by female attendees tonight. At least at shows in the evening, the audience is usually consisted of both, female and male attendees, in equal parts...

Like their self-titled debut album, the concert is opened by «Feel My Heat» and almost all songs of the record are going to be played, amongst others «Born To Rock» and the current single «Back To Paradise». During the performance for «Romance», Olli grabs his crotch and later on, while singing the encore «Badass», his pink shirt is flying into a corner and he is swinging his hips «topless» and in true Shakira style. While the latter is quite familiar to us, the first one is a bit... Well, it's a matter of taste. Personally, I prefer the funny «aerobic moves» where he lifts up his legs by turns in a 180 degree angle. There is nothing like bands that don't take themselves too seriously and there is a reason why Reckless Love are every now and then labelled as «tongue-in-cheek glam rock». Nevertheless something is missing here tonight. Is it Olli's obligatory changes of clothes during a show that doesn't take place this time or is it the fact that there are also no other songs played but the album tracks? So far, the Merry Metallers have always played some bonus songs beside the regular album tracks, like «Get Electric» or the Def Leppard cover «Hysteria». Or is it maybe just about time to release a second record so that the shows can vary beyond changes of clothes?

Whatever the case may be: We are looking forward to the fact that the quartet is indeed currently working on the successor of «Reckless Love». According to Olli, the new CD is going to be released around autumn 2011 and maybe with that album Reckless Love will win an award at the «Emma Gaala 2012». If the result will be as good as their debut, they would fully deserve it...

Photos by Stefanie Singh

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