2013.04.30 - Tom Keifer "The Way Life Goes"


Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer will release his long-awaited solo album "The Way Life Goes" on April 30th in North America via Merovee Records.

The collection of 14 new songs ranges from intimate, organic, acoustic tracks to driving hard rock. It embraces the blues, rock and country roots that have always been present in his unique sound that has generated the sale of over 15 million records worldwide for Cinderella. Rolling Stone praised Keifer as "a gritty, bluesy (rocker) with enough genuine swagger to draw comparisons to Mick Jagger."


The tracklist for the album includes 14 original songs:
01. "Solid Ground"
02. "A Different Light"
03. "It's Not Enough"
04. "Cold Day In Hell"
05. "Thick And Thin"
06. "Ask Me Yesterday"
07. "Fools Paradise"
08. "The Flower Song"
09. "Mood Elevator"
10. "Welcome To My Mind"
11. "You Showed Me"
12. "Ain't That A Bitch"
13. "The Way Life Goes"
14. "Babylon"

When Tom Keifer began recording a solo album in 2003, the musician had no idea it would take so long to finish. But a combination of family life, vocal-cord problems and tours with his band - a multiplatinum hard-rock outfit whose late-'80s hits included "Nobody's Fool", "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)" and "Coming Home" - delayed the album's completion for nearly a decade.

The appropriately titled "The Way Life Goes" finally will come out April 30. The first single, "The Flower Song", has the feel of a vintage Faces cut - a little "Maggie May", a little "Ooh La La" - with Keifer's gritty vocals front and center.


"To me, that song is about how unbelievable it is that you're able to find that one person that's perfect for you," says Keifer, 52. "Obviously, it's told from the perspective of a guy, but I think it's true for both men and women: When you find that one person, it's a miracle."

Keifer wrote the song with Jim Peterik, formerly of the bands Survivor and the Ides of March. The track was serviced to adult-alternative radio stations February 4.

""The Flower Song" is one aspect of the record," Keifer says. "The record ranges from that more acoustic side to hard-driving, high-energy rock songs, and everything in between. It's a pretty diverse album."

The second single off the new album, a song "Solid Ground", was released to rock formats on March 11th.

Keifer began writing for what would become "The Way Life Goes" during the mid-'90s. Shortly after he began cutting tracks, his wife, Savannah, gave birth to their first child. "We took a little break right there to be parents for a while," he says. Tours with Cinderella and Keifer's ongoing vocal troubles also delayed the album's completion.

Keifer says his voice is doing well now, but "that's a daily battle for me. I didn't have nodes, or something that could be lasered off. The condition I have is neurological. It's something I have to deal with every day, because one of my cords just doesn't respond the way it should.

"I stick to my routine and regimen every day and try to keep them doing what they're supposed to do. I'm not going to lie to you: It's not fun, and I have my ups and downs with it."

"The Way Life Goes" is a raw, introspective look at the roller coaster ride that has been Keifer's life for the past 15 years. From being told that he would never sing again as a result of a partially paralyzed left vocal cord, to the emotional and personal battles that followed, his solo debut is a story of perseverance, a testament to the power of passion and will, when combined with a true love of music.


Samples of all songs off the new album are available at

Keifer went on solo tour to support his new album that kicked off February 9 in Winston-Salem, N.C.

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