2013.02.15 - Barbe-Q-Barbies "Breaking All The Rules"


Mark the 15th February 2013 in your calendar 'cause that's the date when "Breaking All The Rules", the second album from Finland's hottest girl rock band Barbe-Q-Barbies, will hit the stores via Sound of Finland (in the UK via Southworld Recordings).


"Breaking All The Rules" is the successor of Barbe-Q-Barbies' debut album "All Over You" which attracted a lot of attention not least due to the fact that The 69 Eyes guitarist Bazie arranged a few of the songs on "All Over You". Meanwhile, Niki Rock (Vocals), Ekkis (Guitar), Kaisa (Guitar), Minttu (Bass) and Niina (Drums) are better known as a popular support-act, e.g. for the New York Dolls. W.A.S.P. haven chosen them even for more than one tour. "Breaking All The Rules" was produced by Janne Saksa at the "Sound Supreme Studio" in Tavastehus [in Finnish: Hämeenlinna] in Finland. The cover artwork was made by Nauska. After "Love Machine", "STFU" has been released as the second single from "Breaking All The Rules".


The tracklist will be as followed:

1. Crashing Down
2. One More (And I'll Be Gone)
3. Whole Lotta You
4. Breaking All The Rules
6. Due Time
7. Love Machine
8. Can't Get What You're Looking For
9. Gun In My Hand
10. Shout It Out
11. Friday.

Since there are no music videos for "Love Machine" and "STFU" released yet, we provide you with the songs themselves:

More updates about the Barbe-Q-Barbies can be received via their facebook profile.

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