2013.01.22 - Crashdïet "The Savage Playground"


In just a couple of days, on 22nd January 2013, Crashdïet will released their fourth opus "The Savage Playground" via Frontiers Records.

Many people joked if Crashdïet would ever manage to release more than one album with the same singer. Now, after Dave Lepard († 2006) and H. Olliver Twisted (nowadays better known as Reckless Love's Olli Herman), it's going to happen with their third and current singer Simon Cruz. Recorded at the "Kingside Studios" outside Sweden's capital Stockholm and produced by Otto Wellton, the Swedes already received great feedback for the first single from "The Savage Playground", "Cocaine Cowboys". The corresponding music video was directed by Rick-Y.


"The Savage Playground" can be pre-ordered via the band's official webpage at Crashdïet: "Pre-order it from us and you'll have it in your mailbox on release date at the latest!"

The tracklist will be as followed:

01. Change The World
02. Cocaine Cowboys
03. Anarchy
04. California
05. Lickin' Dog
06. Circus
07. Sin City
08. Got A Reason
09. Drinkin' Without You
10. Snakes In Paradise
11. Damaged Kid
12. Excited
13. Garden Of Babylon.


Also, keep your eyes open for tour dates: Crashdïet will tour all over Europe (and later on all over the world) with bands such as Jettblack, Sister, ToxicRose and Sleekstain in 2013. Until then, enjoy the music video for "Cocaine Cowboys":

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