2012.12.07 - Toxic Rose "Toxic Rose"


The Stockholm-based Dark Sleaze Metal band Toxic Rose is going to release their self-titled debut EP on 7th December 2012 via "City Of Lights" / "Rock It Up Records". Here is the corresponding sample:

The new supergroup from Sweden's capital is consisting of (ex) members of other well-known bands such as Gemini Five (Tom Wouda, guitar), SexyDeath (Goran Imperator, bass) and Lipstixx'n'Bulletz (Michael Sweet, drums, and Andy, vocals).

The tracklist of the EP "Toxic Rose" will look as followed:
1. A Song For The Weak
2. Set Me Free
3. Follow Me
4. Black Bile
5. Fear Lingers On.

Just recently, Toxic Rose have released their first music video "A Song For The Weak" which was shot in Gothenburg / Sweden in October 2012 and directed by Patric Ullaeus from "Revolver Film Company". Ullaeus has previously worked amongst others with Children Of Bodom, The 69 Eyes, Tiamat, Lacuna Coil and In Flames.

Neon Lights has seen and reviewed their second performance ever at "Trash Fest V" in Finland's capital Helsinki.

Furthermore, Neon Lights is one of the first magazines worldwide who has interviewed Toxic Rose (English / Russian).

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