2012.10.15 - KISS "Monster"


"Monster" is the title of the 20th studio album of the US Hard Rock legends KISS, going to be released in Europe on 15th October 2012 via Universal Music Enterprises. "Monster" is the successor of the 2009 album "Sonic Boom" and its first single called "Hell Or Hallelujah" has been released in July 2012. The corresponding "Lyric Video" can be watched below:

Paul Stanley about KISS' upcoming opus: "'Monster' is really the culmination of everything this band has been in the past and where we're going. When we did 'Sonic Boom', it was a big task for us because we were saying, 'How do we define who we are today without losing who we've been?' So, that was a tall order for us, but once we got that under our belts, we wanted to go back in and 'Monster' is far, far beyond anything we've done in terms of 'Sonic Boom' and yet it's right up there with some of the best stuff we've done. It's KISS."

The tracklist of "Monster" will be as followed:

  1. Hell Or Hallelujah
  2. Wall Of Sound
  3. Freak
  4. Back To The Stone Age
  5. Shout Mercy
  6. Long Way Down
  7. Eat Your Heart Out
  8. The Devil Is Me
  9. Outta This World
  10. Take Me Down Below
  11. All For The Love of Rock & Roll
  12. Last Chance
  13. Right Here Right Now (European Bonus Track)

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