2011.08.17 - Private Line "Dead Decade"


The long-awaited album from Finnish rockers Private Line, entitled «Dead Decade», will be released on August 17, 2011. Samples of all the new songs are available for listening at


«Dead Decade» tracklist is following:
01. Deathbedtime Stories
02. Dead Decade
03. Black Swan
04. Ghost Dance
05. 13th Step From The Grave
06. Down Came The Rain
07. Heroes
08. Wake Up
09. Meltdown Town
10. Deathroll Casino
11. Live, Learn And Grow Apart
12. New Church (The Lords Of The New Church Cover) (Japanese Bonus)

Private Line premiered the 1st self-titled single from "Dead Decade" on 20th of April in Green Room Bar Bakkari, Helsinki. The video for the song was filmed in association with Greenpeace and can be viewed below.

"Dead Decade" video tells a story 'bout the negative human influence on the nature and contains shootings of dying animals, abuse of environment, and other destructive effects of humanity on the planet.

The "Dead Decade" album was recorded with the following band line-up:

Sammy - vocals & guitar
Jack Smack - guitar & vocals
Illy - guitar, synths, programming & vocals
Spit - bass & vocals
Eliaz - drums & vocals

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