9th September 2012 at 05:47

Sebastian Bach Is Sad Over Split With Guitarist Nick Sterling


Sebastian Bach is saddened by his split with guitarist and co-songwriter Nick Sterling – and suggests it’s because the young musician “has people round him.”

The singer has revealed the parting of ways came after a ten-minute argument over technical details, where he believes neither of them really knew what they were fighting over.

Sterling was a major part of Bach’s new solo album, 'Kicking And Screaming'. But the pair fell out when the guitarist refused to sign an appearance release for a planned nationwide TV appearance, leading to its last-minute cancellation.

Now the former Skid Row frontman tells Hangar 19: “It’s very sad. I love playing with Nick – but he has people round him. He’s young. He just turned 22. He just hasn’t done this.

“He didn’t sign the release so we couldn’t shoot the broadcast, and that made me really mad because a lot of work went in. To let all those people down: cameramen, sound men, the TV station, the fans, the band and the management – that just makes me crazy.

“Nobody’s trying to steal anything from him. I’m not sitting behind the scenes going, ‘Oh, how do I steal from Nick?’ I don’t give a shit.”

Bach says Sterling appeared to have a problem with a technical operation known as a sync split. He explains: “We spent about ten minutes arguing.

“He’s like, ‘The sync splits isn’t in the contract.’ I go, ‘Yes, the sync splits is in the contract.’ He’s like, ‘That’s not what I heard.’ I’m all, ‘That’s what I heard – the sync splits is in the contract.’

“If you put a gun to my head I couldn’t tell you what the fuck a sync split is. And he didn’t either – we’re sitting there arguing about sync splits, not either of us knowing what we’re talking about. How ridiculous is that?”

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