12th July 2014 at 01:00

R.I.P. "Rocks" in Stockholm / Sweden


We would lie if we said that it comes as a total surprise, yet the finality of the following news is so damn sad: "Rocks", the biggest and most popular Rock and Metal club in Sweden's capital Stockholm and one of Neon Lights' favourite party venues, is closed down.

The final close-down was confirmed by Danne Ekholm, one of the DJs at "Rocks", on 26th June 2014 via his private facebook profile, saying amongst others that "Rocks" is "carried to the grave" and that "we tried but it was not enough".


Just one year ago, "Rocks" was undergoing a renovation, including new colours, more screens and even a stage. Despite four (!!!) different facebook profiles which were supposed to keep the audience of the bar updated about the single events held at "Rocks", it was a rather laborious task to receive that kind of information. In between, there were incoherent notes such as "'Rocks' changed its owner AGAIN and "'Rocks' will be back with more info soon" before a fifth facebook profile appeared in April 2014, announcing that the venue "has closed its stage, set back the time some years... and became what it used to be... Club Rocks Stockholm - 'Stockholms Hårdaste Dansgolv'". So, apparently, the stage disappeared, the walls were repainted and events organised by "The Painkiller Horde" were suddenly held outside "Rocks". A request in order to receive more information on that issue remained unanswered till this day. And now, "Rocks" doesn't exist at all anymore...

Is this just another consequence of the global economic crisis or is the end of "Rocks" a result of disorganisation? One can just speculate about it. In fact, the final close-down hasn't been mentioned on all the facebook profiles of "Rocks" yet, not to mention the absence of an explanation of what actually happened and caused the end of "Rocks". One might think that a loyal audience such as the one "Rocks" had would deserve at least such an explanation...




In any case, Neon Lights is going to miss "Rocks", its audience, its DJs (Danne Ekholm, Christ Painkiller & The Painkiller Horde, Linus Core) and the one and only "Lasse The Bloodtender". "Rocks" was not only the heart of Stockholm's rock scene but overall "the place to be" for those who appreciated more exclusive rock events such as DJ sessions with band members from Deathstars, Crashdïet, The 69 Eyes and Hardcore Superstar as well as record release and after-show parties.

Rest in Peace, "Rocks" - and thank you for all the unforgettable moments!

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