15th April 2012 at 14:27

On Level released the debut album!


Sleaze rockers Of Kharkiv, Ukraine, On Level, have just released their debut album entitled "Just Passion & No Shame".

"Just Passion & No Shame" was recorded at VIPS Records Studios, the mixing and mastering were handled by Alexander Zakharov (of The VIP'S).

The guitarist of On Level Roman Pinkovskiy says the following things about the band's first studio album:

It's been a long way with making and chosing the material, the band has come through some line-up changes, there were many of live shows, parties and a big fun! In other words, we got so much inspiration that we couldn't express in a full-lenght release for a long time. We've gathered the best people around us to make this album and the whole band look cool in both vsual and musically. We've been hangin' at the studio for several months, making out an every detail of this album, so now we can be sure we've done our best!

The album offers a hard coctail of 80's music and modern glam/sleaze. We made our own sounding that involves the modern scene's tendencies and there's no effort to repeat something that was already done by the guys with their hairy chests from 80's. It's a modern rock'n'roll and the rock music as we feel it. That kind of music that makes guys shake their heads and make horns and makes girls smile.

On Level
consists of Alexey Medvedev-Shatrov (vocals), Roman Pinkovskiy (guitars), Igor Kovalenko (guitars), Alexander Grabovik (bass) and Alexey Kanivets (drums).

"Just Passion & No Shame" tracklist includes:
1. Fallen
2. Intoxicate Me
3. Blondie's Goin' Wild
4. Madness (feat. Zaharov, The VIP'S)
5. Rock'N'Roll Injection
6. Couldn't Be Your Angel
7. All I Need
8. Confirming Kill
9. Brain Attack

To listen to the whole album you should visit the official On Level page at the social network You can also download "Just Passion & No Shame" at our Downloadz section.

Also, earlier this week the details of the "Just Passion & No Shame" presentation's party were announced. It will take place at Kharkiv in Music People Club on April, 27th. The bands that will share the scene on that night are: On Level, John Gält, The Chains and PassiONheels.

More information on On Level can be found at or

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