31st October 2012 at 22:19

New EP and tour for Superhorrorfuck!


The Shock'n'Roll Band Superhorrorfuck, after the recording session of this summer, will release an EP called 'Gore-Geous Dead', in collaboration with logic(il)logic Records and Atomic Stuff Promotion.
The EP will contain four unreleased songs taken from the upcoming third album, and to promote it the band announced the homonymus "Gore-Geous Tour 2012-2013", whose dates will be regularly updated on their website and webpages.

"Superhorrorfuck are going through a period of great changes" - said Dr.Freak, the singer -" strange things are happening to our dead bodies, voices coming from the past are screaming in our brains, that's why we decided to take a little time before releasing the new full-length album, and during this time great revelations about the band are going to be made…"

And talking about the tour and dates, the frontman added: "The tour already started, and the EP will be released on December 21st 2012, an important date for the world and the band, we will rise after the apocalypse stronger than before!

So if you want to listen to the new songs you gotta come to our shows!".

The band's interview with Neon Lights can be read here.

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