28th November 2012 at 12:03

Michael Monroe Band: New album in the mix, biography to come


News from the studio from Michael Monroe where he and his band are recording the successor of "Sensory Overdrive":

"We finished recording our new album last Wednesday in Stockholm. We laid down 12 killer tracks and now the record just needs to be mixed. Can't wait to hear it when it's finished! We're all really excited about it! Thanks to everyone at the Vuokatti show on Friday and last night in Turku at Logomo - what a great crowd! Also - Thank You, Mikko Herranen for opening up for us and coming up to sing "Dead, Jail Or Rock'n'Roll" with me during our show last night. You Rock!! Good times!"

Neon Lights was present during the mentioned duet. A LIVE review about the show in Åbo (Turku) at "Logomo" is coming soon!

Furthermore, the band's guitarist Dregen has confirmed that he will publish his biography in autumn 2013 via Sweden's oldest publishing company "Norstedts Förlag".

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