7th November 2013 at 02:17

Hardcore Superstar / Buckcherry: Changes for the upcoming tour


In case you haven't heard of it yet, the Swedish Street Metallers Hardcore Superstar (Picture: Claudette Jarvis) had to make some changes to their tour schedule:

HCSSJockeBerg"There have been some changes to the upcoming Hardcore Superstar/Buckcherry tour.
2 dates have been moved and 3 have been cancelled.
Gig at Markthalle Hamburg has been moved to 5/11
Gig at Biebob Vosselaar has been moved to 6/11
Gigs at Solus Cardiff, Lemon Grove Exeter and Melkweg Amsterdam are cancelled.
/Hardcore Superstar"

Note: For the gig in Hamburg, also the venue has changed, from "Markthalle" to "Fabrik".

The reason of the changes might be based on Buckcherry's engagement as the support act of Steel Panther on their "Spreading The Disease" tour in Australia in December 2013.

If you need a warm-up for the upcoming Hardcore Superstar / Buckcherry tour, check our LIVE reviews about Hardcore Superstar in Stockholm and in Åbo.

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