22nd June 2011 at 17:14

Dregen: 'It's An Honor' For Me To Play With Michael Monroe


Former Hanoi Rocks singer Michael Monroe has tapped Dregen (pictured below; real name: Andreas Tyrone Svensson) of Swedish sleaze rockers Backyard Babies as the guitarist of his solo band following the recent departure of Ginger (The Wildhearts).

Ginger played his last gig as the guitarist for Monroe's group on June 17 at the Provinssirock festival in Finland. Video footage of the performance can be seen at

Commenting on Dregen's addition to Monroe's band, Michael said, "Dregen is the perfect choice for this band.

"We are a group of very strong individuals and we really needed a great personality as a guitar player. Dregen has the whole package together — he's a killer guitarist, a brilliant showman, looks great and has the right kind of attitude and taste in music.

"I feel very glad and lucky that he was willing and able to join us.

"Dregen is a real star and a true rocker at heart. I can't wait to start rockin' out with him in the band!"

Added Dregen: "Sure, I was listening to KISS and Sex Pistols when I was a kid, but it was Hanoi Rocks that made me do it! I wanted to be a rock star, but 99.9% of my record collection as a kid was either U.K. bands or bands from the USA and everything felt so far away and untouchable apart from one band… Hanoi Rocks! If they could make it, I could make it!

"It's an honor for me to be in the band together with Michael and Sami [Yaffa, bass] who were the brightest shining stars when I grew up, starting to play rock and roll music, AND bonus to that is also to share stage with Karl and Steve who are incredible players. So. I. Am. A. Happy. Fucking. Dregen!

"I hope I can bring even more explosivity and energy to the band, as well as, of course, loud guitars, great live performance, killer riffs and songwriting for upcoming studio works."

Dregen is best known as the guitarist of Backyard Babies and as a founding member of the Hellacopters.

Dregen was a member of the Hellacopters from the band's inception in 1994 until 1998, at which point he decided to focus on Backyard Babies.

In addition to playing with Michael Monroe's band, Dregen is starting work on his first solo album.

Backyard Babies announced in November 2009 that it was going on an indefinite hiatus following its most recent European tour.

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