9th October 2012 at 22:11

Deathstars' Skinny Disco: DJ sessions on Halloween


Deathstars' bass player Skinny Disco just DJed at the "Trash Fest" in Finland's capital Helsinki, is doing the same at the "Rock The Night" festival in Germany this weekend - and just confirmed two other DJ sessions:

The first one takes place within the framework of the "Berliner Nacht's Halloween Party 2012" on 27th October 2012. Despite its name, the party is going to be held in Sweden's capital Stockholm.

The second DJ session is going to take place at "The Nocturnal Halloween Ball 2012", also in Stockholm. And as Neon Lights reported already, one of the live-acts at "The Nocturnal Halloween Ball 2012" will be Toxic Rose.

Both, Deathstars and Toxic Rose, have been interviewed exclusively for Neon Lights during "Trash Fest" last weekend in Helsinki - Stay tuned for the interviews and the LIVE report!

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