13th December 2011 at 14:39

Crescendolls drummer has joined Deathstars


A lot is going on in and around the Stockholm-based Death Glam Rockers from Deathstars: Already at the end of October 2011, a new drummer has been confirmed with Vice aka Oscar Leander. He is not that unfamiliar to the Deathstars' devotees as he is replacing his predecessor Bone W. Machine aka Ole Öhman since a while when it comes to live-gigs. Bone repeatedly had to cope with health issues due to a "tennis elbow". Now, Vice has become an official member of the band that currently supports no one less than German heavyweights Rammstein during the 2011 part of their "Made In Germany 1995-2011" tour. Vice is also known as the drummer of the band Crescendolls which he won't leave for Deathstars. Quite the contrary as his bandmates from Crescendolls travelled all the way from the Swedisch Capital to Berlin to play with him at the Deathstars after-show party at the popular "White Trash". But back to his new commitments, Vice says: "I'm really excited to be a part of Deathstars and I really feel that my drumming complements Deathstars' music in a perfect way." Deathstars' Best Of album "The Greatest Hits On The Earth" is already in stores; the music video of their brandnew single "METAL" can be admired below:

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