9th March 2012 at 00:34

Crashdïet: Gig cancellations due to health issues


Due to health issues of bass player Peter London, Crashdïet have to face a live-hiatus of about eight weeks. That means that the Sleaze rockers won't be able to play their two Germany shows this weekend at the "Rock The Night Festival" (9th March 2012) and at the "Shout It Out Loud Festival" (10th March 2012).

Peter: "As some of you already know, I've had some problems with back pains lately. Since December 2010 I've been struggling with spinal disc herniation, and unfortunately, right now the pain is just getting worse and worse. I'm simply not able to even stand up for longer than a few minutes at a time. No medicine is working, believe me I've tried them all by now. I will have a surgery and I hope to be back on my feet within 8 weeks or so..."

Get well soon, Peter!

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