4th December 2012 at 20:54

Chris Holmes wanted new video to "be real bad"


Chris Holmes, formerly of W.A.S.P., was interviewed Saturday night in Hollywood California by Tales From The Stage author Michael Toney.

Holmes discusses his new CD, "Nothing To Lose", which he published himself, exclaiming "It's not going to be on Capitol Records!" flipping the camera the bird.

Holmes then addresses his new, and somewhat controversial video for the song, "They All Lie And Cheat", that has got more than 60,000 views in only 3 weeks. "It came out better than I hoped it would," said Holmes. "I wanted it to be real bad. It was done really cheap, in the last ten years I haven't had to much money to do an elaborate bunch of bullshit." Holmes then goes on to discuss the timeline for a potential tour in support of the CD.

"Nothing To Lose", featuring and appearance by former Motörhead drummer Philthy Animal Taylor, is available for purchase as a digital download at Artisthead Music. Physical CDs will be for sale soon at

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