1st May 2012 at 12:12

Buckcherry To Release "Confessions" Album, Short Movie In The Fall


California rockers Buckcherry have set "Confessions" as the title of their new album, tentatively due in September. "It's gonna be a little bit different [than our previous albums]," Buckcherry singer Josh Todd told Oklahoma's Z94 radio station in a new interview. "It's definitely a heavier, musically, record than we've ever had, and more melodic. It's pretty intense, but everybody's gonna love it — it's quintessential Buckcherry at the end of the day. But we have all those peaks and valleys. That's what we want on all our records — dynamics — and I think people are gonna dig it."

He added, "At the end of the day, we're a rock and roll band, and we know that. And these are the type of records that we wanna listen to, so that's what we wanna create. We don't wanna make it hard for the listener to figure it all out; that's just a drag. I hate it when I get records that I'm just like, 'I don't get it. I don't understand what they're doing here.' We don't want that. We want it to be really easy to remember, but have substance and all of that, and it's tricky. That art of doing that is you have to write a lot of songs."

In addition to writing and recording the new album, Buckcherry is also planning to shoot a short movie to go along with the new CD release. "[It's] really cool [and] that's something we're really looking forward to," Todd said. "We're still working on all the details of that, but the plan is, hopefully, to release it at small film festivals and do shows around those film festivals as well, and perform the record in its entirety. Because the record is really the soundtrack to the movie. I wrote the screenplay to the movie, and it's based around the seven sins and true events that happened in my life as well, when I was younger. So I think it's gonna be a real treat for people who love this band and people who are just discovering Buckcherry for the first time."

He added, "You've gotta think outside of the box in this rapidly changing business that we're in — the music business — so we thought that this would be a really cool way to go for this record, because it's something that we'd never done and it was challenging. And because of it, I think we made the best record we've ever done together as a band, so we're excited."

When asked if he wrote the album and the screenplay for the "Confessions" movie at the same time, Todd said, "I kind of did it all together. I was writing the screenplay when we were writing songs. We always had the idea of incorporating the seven sins into the record, so that was a lot of fun for me as a lyricist and a writer, because I'm always good when I have a subject."

On the topic of whether he will also be starring in the "Confessions" film, Josh said, "We have a great lead character; I'm not gonna give it away. He's an unknown anyway, so nobody knows him. But he's gonna be great in this film. I'm gonna be in the film, but I won't be playing myself. All the members of Buckcherry will be in the film somewhere."

He added, "We haven't actually shot the film. We're gonna shoot it in June. But we have a director. His name is Billy Jayne. He actually did a viral video with Shaquille O'Neal and Betty White that we did for That went really well and we just hit it off and I knew he was the right guy for this project. We started banging the script into shape. He's already got all the locations. Now we've just gotta shoot it."

A new Buckcherry song, "Wherever I Go", can be streamed using the ReverbNation player below. The track will appear on the upcoming soundtrack to this year's highly anticipated movie, "Marvel's The Avengers". "Wherever I Go" is included on "Avengers Assemble", a 14-track compilation of music from and inspired by the film. "Avengers Assemble" will be released on May 1.

Commented Todd: "We're gonna be [playing] 'Wherever I Go' on this next run [of shows], so that will be cool for everybody; we'll at least get to play one new song because we can't play the record material yet until it gets closer [to the release date]."

When asked how Buckcherry's involvement with the "Marvel's The Avengers" film came about, Todd said, "They talked to us about doing a song, and we were super-excited because we are fans. I think [the movie] is gonna be a big hit. And then I just put myself in the third person. When I sat down and I had the music [to write the lyrics to], I was like, 'OK, if I had super powers, what would life be like?' It would be kind of hard coping in society knowing that you had all these powers that you could use at any point in time that you kind of blend in. So that's what the song is about. It's pretty cool. And we were just happy that when we turned the song in, they really liked it, and we knew that we accomplished our goal."

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