4th December 2011 at 00:48

Buckcherry Ready To 'Push The Boundaries' On Next Record


According to The Pulse Of Radio, Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson told that the band wants to "push the boundaries" of its sound on its sixth studio album, which the group is writing now and plans to record early in 2012. Nelson explained, "We're not going to make an experimental jazz record, but I don't think it's going to be anything like the last five records we've made. We want to push it. We want to make something different."

The guitarist added that Buckcherry has big plans for its next effort, saying, "We're working out some stuff and really taking the idea of making a recording and encompassing a lot of different things. It's an ambitious effort on our part, but we're shooting for the stars on this with everything around the record, from the concept to the packaging. We're really just trying to take it to the next level."

Nelson said that the group hopes to have the album available by late spring.

Meanwhile, Buckcherry recently did some dates opening for Guns N'Roses, which Nelson called "a phenomenal experience for us."

Asked about his favorite memory from the shows, Nelson recalled, "There were a lot of good memories, but Axl Rose — before they went on stage and after we were done — got us all together and gave us really nice gifts for being a part of the tour and was really gracious. He was really sweet and nice. So, actually, meeting him and his generosity was probably the most memorable thing."

BUCKCHERRY's next album will follow up 2010's "All Night Long".

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