22nd February 2012 at 16:16

Bret Michaels Suing The Tony Awards For $50 Million


Rocker Bret Michaels claims the producers of the 2009 Tony Awards intentionally broadcast a stage mishap that nearly killed him in a bid to boost the show's ratings.

According to the New York Post, Michaels - who suffered a brain hemorrhage after getting creamed by a piece of moving scenery - yesterday filed papers charging CBS "could have prevented the footage from airing... via the standard seven-second broadcast delay."

But "the defendants took no such measures - presumably because the incident would lead to greater publicity and ratings for the show," the Manhattan federal court filing says.

The Poison front man - who is suing for up to $50 million - says that beside his injuries, he suffered "humiliation when video of the incident immediately spread across the Internet."

Defense lawyers didn't return requests for comment.

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