19th May 2012 at 15:05

Axl Rose Dances Himself Into A Doctors Care In Russia


Guns n' Roses is touring in Russia and Axl Rose has had an accident from doing a table dance. Axl was dancing on a table at an after party and took a header and ended up in the care of a local Doctor.

Guns was on afterparty in Premier Lounge club after the second gig in Moscow, Axl danced on the table and fall down from it. He hit his hip. When band were about to fly to Dublin it was found that Axl can move only with pain, so he stayed in Moscow with doctor.

Head of press service from Stadium Live (they are organisators of Moscow gigs) said: "Indeed, Axl Rose is still in Moscow, due to small health problems. A good doctor watching for him, so we are confident that he will soon be able to continue his tour."

Additionally on the afterparty someone from the band's crew set on Axl's favourite hat and broke it. But now it's finally repaired!

Check out a video of Axl leaving what appears to be a hospital or medical clinic in Russia.

Axl himself has tweeted a pic of the damages!

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