12th July 2011 at 05:47

2011.07.01 - Stacey Blades (L.A. Guns)exclusive


At last, after the long 2 weeks of waiting we finally can post the entire interview with Stacey Blades – a guitarist, most known for playing in Roxx Gang and now – in L.A. Guns! To be honest, we didn’t even expect that Stacey would agree and answer all the questions so fast, and we’re very happy to reveal the chat we’ve made with Stacey Blades.

Stacey Blades, born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, started his music career in some local bands as Blind Desire, Heaven Sennt and Fraidy Katt. In 1992 he joins glam/hard rock band Roxx Gang and records with them 5 cool albums. After 8 years of being in Roxx Gang, Blades decides to leave the band in 2000 due to personal differences, as stated in some bios. After his departure he forms Supercool with Eric Stacy (Faster Pussycat) and Vik Foxx (Enuff Z'nuff, Vince Neil Band, Warrant). This band was active not for so long so Stacey Blades and Supercool’s vocalist decide to form a new band called S.M.A.C.K. that featured Junkyard drummer Patrick Muzingo. However, S.M.A.C.K. lasted only for 2 years from 2002 to 2004 and then Stacey joins L.A. Guns. Since 2004 tha band has recorded with Blades 4 albums – featuring the studio album «Tales From The Strip» (2005), 2 cover albums («Rips the Covers Off» (2004) & «Covered in Guns» (2010)), and also live album «Loud and Dangerous: Live from Hollywood» in 2006. Besides it all, in 2009 Blades publishes his autobiographic book «Snake Eyes: Confessions of a Replacement Rockstar» and in 2010 Stacey’s first solo album entitled «Symphonic Slam» see the light of day via Cleopatra Records.

All about Stacey Blades’ career, his years in Roxx Gang and L.A. Guns, the latest Guns’ news and more interesting things you will know out if you read this interview! Welcome!=) Read more →

9th June 2011 at 23:08

2011.06.07 - Swan (BlackRain)exclusive


Hello, friends! It’s been a long time since we posted our last exclusive interview with Swedish girl of rock’n’roll Mia Klose and now finally we’re back with some new and interesting shit for you all!) Our first conversation in this summer turned out an interview with a frontman of the French sleaze rockers BlackRain, Swan. The guys recently released their third studio album entitled «Lethal Dose Of…» in a February 2011.

Not many of you know, that before BlackRain started to play in a glam-rock style, they were a heavy metal band, that has released a demo-tape called «Twilight, Rain and Darkness» back in 2003 and after that – a self-titled album in 2006. Soon the guys realized that they want to play a little more rock’n’roll than heavy metal music and correct their style a little turning their heads to sleaze-rock.

In 2008 the band under the prime supervision of Chris Laney records their second album «License To Thrill», filled with the glam rock hits including «Rock Your City» - a song that has become an anthem of all the BlackRain fans all over the world. The band immediately gets the top reviews in the music magazines as  Burn! and Rock Hard, some music journalists call BlackRain «one of the brightest hopes of the new wave of glam rock».

The guys begin playing shows and create the big fan-base all over the world. Read more →

10th April 2011 at 14:58

2011.04.19 – Mia Kloseexclusive


«Mia Klose – definitely the name of the future Sweden sleaze queen», - that’s what I’ve thought when listening to «Lady Killer» at her Myspace. And it’s really so – a powerful and beautiful voice, perfect melodies, a cute look, the wish to be famous whatever it would take in the near future and the opportunities to make these wishes come true, - what does else everybody need to become a real rock star?))

There is not so many bands with lead female vocals on the nowadays’ hard & glam rock scene. All I can remember now is Sister Sin and Crucified Barbara as the most active acts for now. That’s why an appearance of such bright and interesting persons as Mia Klose always invites our attention.

Mia Klose is the project of a girl with the same name and several session musicians – her friends. Mia lives in UK, though her hometown is Stockholm, she is a big fan of 80’s melodic rock and plays music in the best traditions of these glory days. The sound of her music and her voice are impressing, her look is cute and hot at the same time.

She has only 2 songs uploaded to her Myspace page for now, but she is already in the studio recording the debut a;bum with her friends.

To know out how Mia is doing these days and make friends with her, Neon Lights got in touch with her last week. When she has known that we were going to speak to her, she was very glad and offered us 2 songs from her Myspace that now can be listened in our player in the text of an interview.

Tomorrow she will blow your speakers away, – meet Mia Klose on the Neon Lights! Read more →

30th March 2011 at 01:11

2011.03.26 - Nasty Nunsexclusive


There is no difference between our stage and the real life look.

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5th March 2011 at 06:03

2011.03.01 - Cold Blue Rebelsexclusive


I think the most of glam metal fans know such legends of underground glam rock scene as Jetboy (do u remember their hits «Feel the Shake» and «Make Some Noise»?), The Zeros (4 purple haired men that played the most beautiful mix of glam rock & powerpop! ) & Glamour Punks (as Metal Sludge stated in some recent article, «This band made Guns N' Roses seem like Nelson!»).

Well, once at the beginning of the last year I was going through some news on and found out that the guys from all these bands have united under the name «Cold Blue Rebels» and started to play psychobilly music (!). I was surprised a little, then listened to their myspace songs and liked it very much! As for now, the Cold Blue Rebels already played a big number of shows, released a debut album and shot three promo videos!

So we decided to get in touch with the whole band to know out some interesting questions about CBR, their new album and some other things, cos we know – these guys have been through some real exciting shit and we will ask them to tell the stories they know for sure!) Read more →

13th February 2011 at 15:00

2011.02.13 - Vanity Blvd.exclusive


In 2008 Vanity Blvd. have released their debut album named "Rock'n'Roll Overdose" and called every sleaze metal fan's attention to themselves: a girl with a stage name Cindi Savage was the lead-vocalist of the band and the band played great sleaze glam metal music! Some time has passed and there was only a silence about the band - no news on their websites, no concerts, no even a single word from Vanity Blvd. members. Then some rumours appeared saying about a possible break-up of the band. Now the guys are together again and we connected with them to know out some interesting questions about what has been going 2 last years in the band camp and what the plans Vanity Blvd. has for the new year.

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29th January 2011 at 22:30

2011.01.27 - Simo & Harry (Hollywood Killerz)exclusive


The 2010 was very productive year for rock music worldwide. The new albums were released by the all-known hard rock bands as Ozzy, Ratt, L.A.Guns, Crashdiet, Hardcore Superstar, Crazy Lixx, Reckless Love. Also the last year has bacome a year of big discoveries in hard rock & glam metal - many young bands released their debut albums that were really cool (Jettblack, Aesthesia, Dirty Passion, King Lizard, Distorted Wonderland, Billion Dollar Babies, etc...). The end of the year was signalized by the release of debut album of Italian band called Hollywood Killerz. These guyz blown up our speakers with their dirty glam/punk with sleazy sounding and screaming vocals! Songs like "700.000", "Grey Celebrations", "Girls R Dead", "Lovecrash" are real future anthems that are asking you to play it one more time at your trash-party again and again!

To know how these guys are doing now and to learn-out some interesting questions, we got in touch with their singer Harry & guitarist Simo. Read more →

24th January 2011 at 01:24

2011.01.23 - Superhorrorfuckexclusive


Good night, dear readers of our webzine! Not so long ago I've listened to one of the new CDs called "Livingdeadstars", it was the album by the fresh italian sleaze horror band SUPERHORRORFUCK, i gotta say its' a very strong CD with glam/punk influences, so we decided to make a little conversation with the guyz of the band about what they are, their plans, dark stories and much more.

Dedicated to all the horror movie fans out there!..

I love spinning my head and putting a crucifix in my pussy!

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22nd January 2011 at 19:19

2011.01.18 – Hot Rod (Gemini Five)exclusive


They were one of the first bands who started the thing that later we will call «the Second Wave of Swedish Sleaze Metal». 2 years before «Rest in Sleaze» was released, these guyz recorded «Babylon Rockets» - the very strong album with the sound that now become specific for the most of sleaze bands. This album was filled with killer songs with good memorable melodies and great tunes.

They are Gemini Five and this is an article/interview about them (and not only about them!) so be ready to read some interesting things.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get a recognition they had to get with a release of their debut album, so they decided to release the second one – «Black:Anthem» with sounding which was a little different from what they did on the «Babylon Rockets».

However, the reaction on Gemini Five’s second album wasn’t great, and three years later in 2008 «Sex Drugs Anarchy» was released. «SDA» showed all the strongest sides of the band and was accepted by fans of this music style as one of the best sleaze metal albums. In January 2009 the band received an award for "SEX DRUGS ANARCHY" at the Swedish Metal Awards 2009 for 'best album' which made their third album the most estimated and recognized to date.

In 2010 the band was going to release a compilation of their best songs that also would include 4 absolutely new songs of the band. But then there were serious problems with Tin’s vocals and the recording of new tracks had to be stopped. Since then it was only silence on the band’s myspace and official website. To know out how the guys from Gemini Five are doing now and what is the atmosphere in the band these days, we contacted the bassist of G5, Mr. Hot Rod !

About their band and their music, news and their past, relationship with Crashdiet and a pirace, and even more – all you can read right here, in this interview! Welcome!) Read more →

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2011.01.08 – Marco Mendess (S.E.X. Department)exclusive


Not so long ago, a week before we opened this whole site, I decided to send the requests for interviews to some glam metal bands that are quite known now. I was much surprised when almost all of the bands answered that they'd like to give an interview to our portal, but the first ones were the guyz from S.E.X. Department - italian glam metal band whose captain and the lead vocalist Marco Mendess answered all our questions!

If you walk in Italy in a nazi zone dressed like a Sunset Strip slut, maybe is your wrong moment!..

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