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2011.01.27 - Simo & Harry (Hollywood Killerz)exclusive


The 2010 was very productive year for rock music worldwide. The new albums were released by the all-known hard rock bands as Ozzy, Ratt, L.A.Guns, Crashdiet, Hardcore Superstar, Crazy Lixx, Reckless Love. Also the last year has bacome a year of big discoveries in hard rock & glam metal - many young bands released their debut albums that were really cool (Jettblack, Aesthesia, Dirty Passion, King Lizard, Distorted Wonderland, Billion Dollar Babies, etc...). The end of the year was signalized by the release of debut album of Italian band called Hollywood Killerz. These guyz blown up our speakers with their dirty glam/punk with sleazy sounding and screaming vocals! Songs like "700.000", "Grey Celebrations", "Girls R Dead", "Lovecrash" are real future anthems that are asking you to play it one more time at your trash-party again and again!

To know how these guys are doing now and to learn-out some interesting questions, we got in touch with their singer Harry & guitarist Simo.

We have A LOT of sex, drugs & rock'n'roll!

Q: You just got your new album out, how are you feeling now when all of the work is done, and you can get some kind of feedback from your fans and other listeners? How many fans you already have there in Italy? Just to let you know, when I shared "Dead On Arrival" with my friends, many of them liked it very much, so now you have some fans in Russia!)
Simo: It feels cool! “Dead On Arrival” is the long awaited debut album, after sooo many, or to say it better, tooo many demo years. It's a kind of relief, honestly! So far we've had basically good feedbacks, but also, a couple of bad reviews. But it's fine... I mean, we were not supposed to write the 2010 Appetite for Destruction, or rather to be innovative. It's just raunchy rock, the way we like it: simple, dirty, straight into your face. Our fans in Italy have shown us support, and I think almost everybody who came to the release party in our hometown had a very good time! I'm glad you guys in Russia like our album, thank you so much! Getting in touch with people from others countries that appreciate our music is always POWERFUL!!
Harry: Is really awesome to have the album out, it’s a kind of good vibration. I mean, it’s really a hard job to produce an album nowadays, and when you finally hold it in your hands and you’re proud of it... well it’s great! Our fans and supporters are just excited as we are. It’s been so long since we first promised a real full length CD, so I assume they are actually more excited than us! ahahah

Q: Something about your first video for "Grey Celebrations". Who first had this idea about cars? After I watched the video, I saw some of your photos near the cars, maybe it's some kind of hobby of someone in the band or just a good idea?) anyway, it looked great, though it's very simple, but It shows your own style, you know, I like it very much, both your music and image - trashy vocals, dirty sounding and a video shot with grey & black colours, looks very cool.

Harry: Thanks! You need to know that our hometown is really famous for it’s car industrial plants, so it became natural for us to associate our band image to the car industry both in a positive way, with the beautiful Mustang that appear in the video and in the photos, and in a negative way, with some lyrics talking about alienation, suburban anger and things like that. There's this dualism in most of our features… I mean the GLAM, beauty, catchy side and the PUNK, dirty, angry one.

Q: So are you gonna film another video in the near future? I think your album has a lot of good songs that can make a great video, like "Lovecrash" or "700.000".
Simo: Next video is "Our Memories May Be Right" and it's basically a live footage shot during the release party.
Harry: You got it! We are working on our second videoclip, as Simo said. It will be basically a live footage video, celebrating the history of the band. We are also thinking about a 700.000 videoclip, we got a director and even a storyboard, all we need to do is to find the money and we will shoot it.

Q: When I first heard your debut album, the first thing I noticed is that your singer's voice is pretty similar to Wednesday 13 and also reminds me Nat Reed's vocals from brazilian sleaze glam band Bastardz (he's already not playing there, but you can hear his voice on their debut album). Also your music really reminds of what Bastardz
played, have you ever heard of this band?)
Harry: Thanks! I really like Wed13 voice and it ain’t the first time I got associated to him, even if he’s not one of my main inspirations, it’s an honor to be compared to such a talented artist! For what it concerns Bastardz, a friend of mine from Brazil sent me some song not so long ago, I will listen to them more carefully!

Q: How did it happen that you've become Hollywood Killerz? How did all of the members meet, what were the bands you all played before joining HK? What were the bands you all grown up on? Tell us about your past, plz.
Harry: It's a long story! Everything started ages ago, when Juri and I wanted to put up a shock rock band inspired to Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls, to shake the Italian rock scene of that days. Everything was quite different at that time. Just a few clubs and less live shows, it has been very hard to find the right guys for the band, but I think it's worth the time spent!
Simo: I joined Hollywood Killerz in 2004. First time I met Harry, Dome and Juri was back in 1999 at the glorious Poison Apple. They were deeply into glam metal and all about lipsticks and spandex and I was just into playing punk rock. Both of us were big fan of Hanoi Rocks, 69 Eyes, Backyard Babies... so we quickly became friends. Five years later I knew it was time to play together, so I joined on guitar and Hollywood Killerz sound steered from glam metal to a molotov cocktail of glam, punk and hard rock. Since then we underwent through drummer-dramas on a regular basis until back in 2008 we settled with Roby, who played drums with Headcrusher and The Art Of Zapping.

Q: When Dope Stars Inc. (maybe you heard of them, they're italians too) came to Russia 2 months ago, they said on MTV channel that it's really hard to find a good record label there, in Italy and that it's hard to get a quite normal support & promotion from them. Is it a real situation with music business in your country? Have you ever thought of residing to Sweden or USA like another italian sleaze rock band S.E.X. Department did?
Simo: Yes I do know DSI. One of their former members, Grace Khold, is a great friend of mine. And Darin is a nice guy too. They're right, in Italy is pretty hard to make it big music. And it's crazy, if you consider the glorious past tradition of Italy in almost every art field. Maybe the weight of tradition is still too much heavy to let Rock Music gain the respect it deserves...
Anyway, I know that Sweden is not that promised rock'n'roll land that many people dream of, and neither USA. If I would ever consider packing my stuff and moving, it won't (just) be for music, but mainly because I'm sick of the clown-a-like politics of nowadays, haha!

Q: Let's dream a little. With what bands you would like to share the scene/to go on tour? If you could make a soundtrack to the movie, what movie genre this could be? Comedy, trash horror, maybe hard porn?)
Simo: Mmmh it's hard to say, talking about DREAMS it'd be great to share the stage with The Rolling Stones, but to be honest I wouldn't feel worthy even of tuning Keith Richards guitar. That man is rock'n'roll made flesh. He's God! To speak the truth, I like playing in small clubs like we do, along with rather unheard bands like us. Then meet local people, talk, drink beers and have good time fun! So the only dream I have is to play as much as possible everywhere...Talking about soundtracks, I think that "Lovecrash" would perfectly fit some dirty hard porn!! You know, that song is about a blowjob!
Harry: It’s easy! Everyone of us would like to play with Motley Crue! ahah. As for the soundtracks, I think our music fits perfectly in a trashy black and white punk movie that tells the disease of a blank generation. Some kind of low cost “Rumble Fish” or a 21st century “Rebel Without a Cause”

Q: Do you guyz live in old cool lifestyle of Sex, Drugs and R'n'R and wanna die young to stay pretty or maybe you don't have any addictions in your livez?
Simo: Of course we enjoy A LOT Sex, Drugs and R'n'R! But that doesn't necessarily mean that we must die young to stay pretty. My fave motto is that "I don't want grow up", in true Ramones fashion. And as far as I'm not growing up, I feel pretty, haha!
Harry: Is it possible to have a rock n’ roll band without the sex and the drugs? I don’t think so! If you put out the sex and the drugs part then you would have an AOR band, and thats definitely not what we are supposed to be! ahahah!

Q: What are your plans for the new year? Maybe there wil be some kind of tour or something?
Simo: Yep, we are going to play some gigs around Italy to promote "Dead On Arrival", and hopefully hit Germany, UK and Austria too. Then we are about to record a bunch of acoustic songs and soon after a handful of demos of new songs.

Q: Ok, thank you very much for making this interview real, thx for answering our questions!
Simo: Thanks to you for your your interest in Hollywood Killerz! I invite all our russian fellows to visit our website at and get in touch in our facebook and myspace pages. I really hope we can play Russia someday and meet you guys! Vodk On!!!!
Harry: Yeah! Thank you and to all of your readers! Don't stop supporting rock n' roll!

The End

Interview was made and taken by: Alexis Coma

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