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2012.10.31 - Scream Baby Scream (Rendih & Becky)


Special for All Saints Day, today your favorite website decided to present to all the readers two interviews at once with bands from the dark side of the current rock scene. The first bunch of living dead boys we managed to drag out of their graves and get interviewed right on one of the oldest cemeteries in Marseille, are the Italian horror shock rockers called Scream Baby Scream. They have released their debut album "Campfire Tales" on Friday the 13th in May of last year, proclaiming themselves the successors of the horrific deeds of Wednesday 13 and his colleagues in Murderdolls, even though the music of Scream Baby Scream is much different than the one of Murderdolls. Their difference consists mainly in a more extreme singing technique, heavier sound and the presence of synthesizers in the songs of the former. In other words the music of Scream Baby Scream is naturally the perfect soundtrack for digging dead bodies up.

Despite their evidently battered and, let's be honest, stale, sometimes rotten to the bone, looks, SBS were very nice and chatty zombies with a terrible damp flesh odor, good sense of humor and worms in their brains.

The line-up of the Scream Baby Scream bastards includes bassist Becky Delirious, Randy Ironscraps (guitar), Damien Die (vocals), and keyboardist Ryan E. 3error.

During the time we've been preparing this interview, suddenly we've found out the drummer David Banshee Rotten was no longer in Scream Baby Scream. What exactly happened to him and who's replacing him for now we've learn out right from the band.

…It all happened on the outskirts of Marseille on a cool night in fall at Black Valley Crows graveyard. In the sky through the thickness of the clouds the dim light of the moon's disc barely penetrated, empty dark streets were lit by rare street lights as I and two of my friends stepped on slimy soil of an old graveyard, having gotten there by climbing over a low fence a few minutes before. The cold disquieting wind was getting fallen yellowing leaves from the cemetery’s walkways in the air, circling them up and then scattering them all over the cemetery. We were making our way through the old tombstones and grave fences. By a weird coincidence, the entire graveyard had almost none sources of light in it, so we had to walk blindfold. As we were passing by the old chapel towering over trees and tombstones, it seemed to us we could hear the music coming from inside. We hadn’t had the time to check anything, though, as we were too eager to meet the musicians, but instead of being sure we were going in the right direction, we were further and further going into nowhere. The worst thing was that we had not known where the Scream Baby Scream members would be waiting for us - on the previous night their guitarist Randy told me on the phone for us to come to the cemetery around midnight, and answering the question of where we were to find them there, noticed with a grin that we "will know it on the spot".

The further we went deep into the cemetery, the harder it was for us to walk among the graves with a growing feeling that people were buried right on top of each other as there was getting less and less free space in the aisles. It'd been somewhat half an hour as we went in an unknown direction, constantly going deeply into the thick of the graves, and we were already beginning to realize that searching for the dead musicians in the old cemetery at night in order to interview them was not a smart idea.

We had already lost all hope of finding at least someone here (living or living-dead) and found ourselves lost, as we heard somewhere beside us a laughter and the sound of shovels digging the ground, so we rushed straight in the direction these sounds were coming from.

Having passed just a few feet toward the approaching sounds, we finally stumbled upon Randy and Becky digging somebody’s graves. They were glad to see us as, however, were we to see them) Having exchanged a couple of words with our dead-looking and of the same smell shock-rockers, we immediately wanted to know where the rest of the SBS - Damien and Ryan - were. As it turned out, Damien a few nights ago had bought tickets and departed for the private party of Vicki Violence of Ragdolls in Sweden – and according to rumors, there had to be Wednesday 13 himself. Ryan, as we found out, had all this time been inside the old chapel rehearsing organ parts for the songs off the new Scream Baby Scream album (this explains why we heard that music when passing by the chapel).

Several minutes before the start of a conversation with the Scream Baby Scream guitarist and bassist, while we were talking to all sorts of abstract themes, not related to the upcoming interview, and the musicians were about to quit digging other people’s graves, I caught a glance at one of the graves, which Becky had dug. The inscription on the tombstone read: "Here lies Sheila Carroll. Angels cried on the day you've been away". Just below were the dates of birth and death: "1896-1920." What Becky was going to do with the corpse of a girl who died more than a hundred years ago remains unclear even after the interview - no one would ever clarify.

The following text is an edited and censored version of the talk happened with the band this Halloween night with the dead guys Rendih and Beki – musicians of Italian band Scream Baby Scream. We had to cut out the majority of the information we've got from the musicians in view of impossibility of publication of materials that include the details of sexual life full of necrofilia. We apoloize for that.

We dig only dead girls! We leave dead boys for others of our band!!

Q: What's happenin' in Scream Baby Scream right now? Are you performing live much, working on some new material, something else?
Rendih: What is happening? Many strange things ahahah… last week in Marseille during the night some strange little biscuit kids attacked us during an aftershow party xD however….

Q: Stop-stop-stop. WHO attacked you last week??
Rendih: Well, one night I slept in the hotel with damien and david after the Marseille show...we smoked and drinked a lot xD so we seen many strange things ahah I remember the biscuits man...I was flying over a voodoo biscuits party xD

Q: Ок, now it's all understood;)
Rendih: Anyway, at the moment we’re performing a lot around north of Italy and sometimes also in Switzerland, France and Croatia. We’re also working on some new songs for a future second album and obviously we’re planning to infect all Europe.

Q: I heard you had to replace your old drummer? What happened to David?
Rendih: David, who was the perfect drummer for me cause he has the RnR sound in vains but with the right quantity of technique, decided to stop playing music cause here in Italy it's very hard to play...we're not rich ahah and not much people pay you the right price for playing your music.
So now we're playing with some drummers to find a guy who can replace David (He started to live again ahah).

Q: Guys, you're all dead bastards, how come you even got together and decided to play rock'n'roll?
Becky: Scream Baby Scream were born as a group of crazy friends who wanted to have fun and have the same passion for metal, horror movie, sex, party and necrophilia!!

Q: Last year you guys released your debut album "Campfire Tales". hat response do you get from magazines and webzines so far, I think, it’s mostly positive?
Rendih: Uhm, we had many revieues from different countries and they were all positive. We hope to continue on this way making a lot of noise… a good noise xD (said Rendih with a big smile on his rotting face).

Q: How would you describe your style (cause although it reminds me some of Murderdolls, it's something more and difficult to compare with any other band, you're playing more metal music, I even can't say what is it exactly like) and what bands would you you like other people to compare your music with?
Rendih: We all like different bands so everyone take inspiration from his favourites… We started with the Murderdolls idea but we wanted to create something different using our musical influences.
For example, I really like the 80’s glam bands like Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, W.A.S.P., etc etc and I try to mix a modern sound with a RnR guitar style.

Q: ...and then all these synths here and there. I wish Ryan was here. It packages your music with real taste of horror and fear, makes it more epic and differs your sound from all the other bands.
Becky: Yeah, the synths are very important for our style cause they generate the real horror atmosphere… thank you Ryan <3.

Q: As I already see, you guys are great graverobbers! (I said, running an eye for what's been takin' a place around us at this old cemetery). Love fucking dead girls?)) But how do you dig the graves in winter time? Must be hard time I think.
Becky: Of course i love Dead girls!!! hahaha here in Italy winter it's not cold as there and it's so easy come out of the grave and make a party with some dead girl!! The cemetary of the SBS is ever open for pretty dead girl...(better with big boobs!!).

Q: Fucking dead girls, aren’t you afraid of being infected with some corpse disease? How often do you change you dead girlfriends?)
Becky: It depends ahahah sometimes very fast, other times we fall in love with some blood red witches or ghosts!

Q: Do you always dig only the dead girls or the dead boys too?)
Becky:  Ahahh for me only dead girls many dead girls thanx!! I leave dead boys are for the others of my band!
Rendih: Hey, what the shit are you talking about?!

Q: Who would you like to tour with?)
Rendih: My dream is to make some gigs with Alice Cooper… I love him cause he has a very old sound and he can make the best horror live show that I’ve ever seen ;) This summer we will play in south of Italy with Testament and many other Italian bands at “Total Metal Fest”.

Q: Do you have many fans in your country and outside?
Rendih: Here in Italy we have many fans but also outside… let me say that WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! One night we played in Boogaloo club in Zaagreb (you can find a live video on youtube). There were a lot of people shouting and dancing for us and… it was great, the most exiting experience in my life.
People tried to reap out our clothes while we was playing ahahah.

Q: Are there any cool-looking cemeteries in your town? In my city I always wanted to have a cemetery like in old zombie-movies, but here it looks like absolute shit – everywhere are fences, no old beautiful and gothic gravestones and all these things we like so much in the horror films..-(((
Rendih: Also here the cemeteries are very bad. The gothic cemeteries with real gravestones, scary gates and deadly trees are in England… In London I’ve seen some beautiful cemeteries… Dig me there please!!!

Q: Are you planning to do some horrorshow during your perfomances, any shock rock shit like W.A.S.P., Lizzy Borden, etc.? It would be awesome, withal you have a very great image and sound like the corpses out of their graves!
Becky: (said Becky almost screaming) Oh sure!!! We HAVE an horror show with much blood, flames, zombie girls and the rest it's a surprise!!!

Q: You wake up, look out at your window and see the zombies flooded all the street and maybe even all the Earth! What would you first? )
Rendih: For first I sure make breakfast ahah!! Then I will take the car and go to find the other SBS guys. I think we will search a big army deposit to catch some guns, bombs and many explosives to go round the world killing zombies and saving pretty girls!

Q: (in this moment Becky went away with my friends for some time to explain all the techiques and secrets of digging the graves, so at the time I asked this question, we've been speaking with Rendih only) What song would you like them to play at your funeral?
Rendih: I hope a new track written by the other guys….. something fast, full of damien’s shouts and with a big long feeling guitar solo played by…..fuck I’m dead…. I WANT TO LIVE FOREVER!!!

Q: What horror movies do you like the most – zombie films, ghost stories, slasher movies or romantic shit with vampires everywhere?) Name some best ones you like!
Becky: Ohh i love all the 80's 90's slashers and suck movies like "Hellraiser", "Friday 13th", etc... but my favourite is Freddy Krueger!! And so the best is "Nightmare on Elm Street"!!

Q: (this time Rendih went to see if a cemetery night watcher was any close to us because he has heard something in the bushes) What words would you like to see written on your gravestone?
Becky: Ahahaa i want "SAW IS FAMILY" (words taken from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", - auth.note) or "SEE YA TONIGHT"!

Q: Imagine the following situation: you’re all partying after the great live Scream Baby Scream performance, chicks-drugs-alcohol-rock’n’roll, and then suddenly one of you falls down and dies. Your actions?
Becky: Where is the problem? We are already dead... the party must go on!!! Maybe we can cut the head of my friend dead put inside a vodka and drink in his honor!!

Q: What would you do if you’d know that tomorrow would be the End of the World?
Rendih: (as he came back and found out there was no night watcher near) I think that I will pass the best night of my life with alcool, smoke and many girls eheh.

Q: Name 5 songs that scare you the most!
SBS (both in the same time): All songs by Justin Bieber!

Q: Choose 1 of 2 variants and tell us why you've made this choice!

1) Vincent Price or Robert Englund?
Englund. Freddy Krueger was my first horror love.

2) John Carpenter's "Halloween" or Rob Zombie's "Halloween"?
Carpenter. I'm for the classic.

3) Death metal or deathcore?
Death metal is what i listen when i was 16teen!

4) Dead Lady Gaga or dead Ke$ha?
I love Lady Gaga dead why? Listen to "Campfire Tales"!

5) Dr. Phibes of Jigsaw?
Jigsaw.... because i love the philosophy of Saw.

6) Dracula or Edward Cullen ?
Edward WHO? DRACULA ever.

7) Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft?
i love all of S. King... IT is my favourite.

8) Listening to "Dead Boys" or fucking dead girls?
Listening our album when fuck the dead girls, it's easy!

9) Sting or Vampiro?

10) Both rotting hands or rotting penis?

Q: Do you listen much to horror punk, what bands? The last one from Blitzkid is a fucking masterpiece I think!)
Becky: Oh yess i like the music of Blitzkid... the others band that i listen are Misfits, Wednesday13, Calabrese, The creepshow etc.

Q: What plans for this Halloween?)
Becky: This Halloween we will play in ZOE club in Milano ;);)
We played there two years ago for Halloween and it was full of people.. I think we will have much fun this year with more friends and more SBS zombies eheh!
Rendih: But at first, in the afternoon, I will cut some scary pumpkins cause I've never done it and I need to try ahahah! I'm lazy but I swear that this year I will cut some pumpkins...I swear it! Then obviously I will meet the other guys to prepare the materials for the show ;);)

So the best way to celebrate this Halloween is to GO TO ZOE CLUB FOR THE SCREAM BABY SCREAM LIVE è_é !!

Q: Would you like to do another neon-lights interview when your second album is out?))
Rendih: OBVIOUSLY!!! It’s always a pleasure answer to our fan’s questions ;);)

Q: Any message to all of your Russian fans who will read this?)
SBS: Guys I promise you that a day we will come also there and it will be a DISTRUTTIVA night.
So follow us on FB and on all the others social networks and chek out our tour dates and news.

Interview has been made by: Alexis Coma
Big thanks for help in translation to: SleazeDog

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