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2012.05.19 - Davey Suicideexclusive


The first time when we've heard about this band was not so long ago, in 2012 spring's end, to be certain. Despite this, was it because of the musicians whose names have been circulating for a long time in rock music world or was it because of a provocative look and rebellious lyrics, soon Davey Suicide became popular among the rock music fans all around the world.

Davey Suicide consists of the bandname's namesake Davey Suicide (ex-Gold Mind Squad, ex-Havok in Hollywood, ex-Trauma Deville), Ben Graves (ex-Murderdolls, Pretty Boy Floyd), Eric Griffin (ex-Murderdolls, ex-Wednesday 13), Needlz and Frankie Sil. The band plays some sort of industrial metal, though the previous bands of Davey Suicide members were sounding more in a sleaze rock / rock'n'roll way. But that's what our Dark Division interview section is about.

For now, the whole Davey Suicide's debut album is recorded, with the reviews screaming of cool, dark and mighty music and lyrics, though the band hasn't released it yet. This interview has been done some about 3 months ago but as you know we had some troubles with our website so we couldn't post it here until these days. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Believe in something because you believe what it’s saying, not because you fear the consequence for not believing in it

Q: You and your band just released the first single "Generation Fuck Star" that comes off your debut album, so what feedback have you got so far?
A: It’s been a polarized response of absolute love or hate which has everyone talking in a frenzy.

Q: You found some really cool musicians for your band, how did you get in touch with Eric and
A: I met Ben when I first moved to Hollywood. Tall dreaded guys apparently stick out like a sore thumb around here. Ben brought in Eric from the Dolls.

Q: The other guys in your band – Needlz and Frankie Sil –tell us about them a little – about the bands they played in, maybe something else... This is the first time I hear about them!)
A: They are my partners in crime and both came from solo projects. Needlz is the mad scientist. He’s big into conspiracy theories and is great at programming and technology. Frankie is the guy who says whatever comes to mind. He’s random as fuck and very extreme. He’s my songwriting partner and pays attention to detail.

Q: Your debut video for "Generation Fuck Star" was just fucking great! Can I ask about who has invented the design of clothes you’re wearing there? Looks cool! Will there be videos for any other songs from the upcoming album? I saw the «To be continued…» caption at the end of the video, so I hope they will!))
A: We design all of our clothes and yes, there will be more.

Q: In Davey Suicide, what ideas and thoughts or philosophy do you want to get to the people with your music?
A: The basic ones are second chances, self belief & becoming yourself. I’ll leave the deep seeded ones up to the listener.

Q: Tell us a story of your childhood – what was it like, how were your relationships with parents?
A: “In My Chest is a Grave” is a song about my childhood and it’s the moment you let go of the baggage from it. I was so angry. I was forced to go to church, and see a shrink. I never had a steady home because my parents were divorced and I’d go between houses every 2 weeks. I moved out at 16 and started sleeping on the back porch of ex-girlfriends house. I couldn’t be myself because they wanted me to live up to the social standard. This song is the moment you bury it and regain your freedom.

Q: When can we wait for Davey Suicide's debut album? Tell us a few words about it - where did you guys record it, how the process of recording was going, what does it sound like?
A: The record has an unbridled honesty and confidence to rock that’s been absent for a long time. There are tracks to fuck to, rebellion, shedding fear, propaganda and hope. It’s got a 90’s rock industrial feel with a new twist and we recorded everything in house.

Q: There is a long-time term «Sex Drugs Rock N’Roll», do you think it’s still actual or maybe it’s
time to make changes in that tag?
A: It is active but I’ve seen more bands and people’s lives fall apart from drugs so I’d say it’s more productive to concentrate on Rock N Roll & Sex. Let music be your drug.

Q: What are the biggest problems do you think the present society has and what are the ways to
solve it?
A: Everything is too accessible. We have to weed through all of the shit to get to the good stuff. One solution would be for music fans to support real artists instead of the processed artists from shows like American Idol and the Voice.

Q: Are you satisfied with ways that music showbiz is going now? What would you like to change?
A: The demand for instant gratification has dumbed down our music industry into creating shows like American Idol and the Voice where it’s a glorified karaoke contest. They are manufacturing and creating puppets on television and it’s insulting to artists who eat, sleep and breathe their art. The solution is for music fans to support real artists and bands more.

Q: The smallest and the largest auditory you had to play in front of?
A: There was a show in Ithica, New York in ’06 that was for 3 people and the bartender. Ravens Stadium in Baltimore w/ Foo Fighters, & Coldplay was the biggest.

Q: Do you know is there any bad blood between the ex-guys of Murderdolls and Wednesday 13? I mean, he hasn't even called them to say he was going to make a reunion of Murderdolls with Joey.
A: I don’t get involved in the past and gossip. It’s all about the future.

Q: Let’s talk about the last times of your life (at this moment, of course)!

1) The very last time you fell in love?
My last girlfriend was amazing. Seeing her walk through my front door always made my heart race.

2) The last time you got yourself thinking your life sucked?
I get to do what I love. There is nothing that sucks about life when you live it the way you want.

3) The last time you cried when been listening to the song?
“In My Chest is a Grave” on my album gets me everytime. There was so much anger in my childhood and shedding that baggage is an incredible moment for me in that song.

4) The last time you’ve been to cinema?
The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo was the last great movie I saw in theatres.

5) The last time you kissed the man?
I kissed my dad on the cheek for teaching me many great lessons.

6) The last time you got in fight?
On the basketball court. I hate losing.

7) The last time you wanted to have superpowers?
I have art and music. Those are my superpowers.

8) The last time you regret about being a musician?
No regrets

Q: When you walk the streets, do people in your country look at you strange because of your image?)
A: It happens everyday and I don’t even notice it anymore, unless I’m with friends who point it out.

Q: How much place does love take in your life? Do you think starting family and having children can interfere for the musical career?
A: Love is huge but I barely have time to sleep let alone a girlfriend right now. One day I’d like to have a couple baby suicide’s but it’s nowhere in the near future.

Q: What is your favorite quote / saying of all time?
A: “Believe in something because you believe what it’s saying, not because you fear the consequence for not believing in it.” - Davey Suicide

Q: What could you say to all your fans from Russia that are waiting for this interview and for you to
come here?
A: I’m excited to meet all of you and share some memories together that you’ll never forget.

This interview was made and taken by: Alexis Coma

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