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2011.07.25 - Kristy Krash Majors (Pretty Boy Floyd)exclusive


Before you start reading this interview, I want to say something about the whole story with it. I sent a request for this interview via Kristy’s facebook on February 21st, 2011, and he answered me exactly that day that he’d like to do that «as long as it won’t have nothing to do with his lawsuit against Steve Summers». I was very glad and excited because we don’t do the interviews with the stars like this everyday and especially - with our own idols that is Kristy for me. I got all my questions for him together and sent it all to Kristy on the next day’s evening. 3 weeks passed. I decided to remind Kristy that we’re waiting for the interview. No answer from him.

One more month and a half passed. On April 27th I wrote to him again hoping he would clear the things out and give us the approximative date when he would able to answer the questions. There wa nothing from him. One more month passed. Then one more. I wrote to him every fucking month and there was only silence though he was on the facebook and been saying things on his wall there. In my last message sent on June 8th I wrote «Hello, Kristy! What's about our questions? It's been several months since I set it to you» (I should write SENT but my N-button on my keyboard was not working very well that time) and he answered: «seNt it to you sorry but i'm really busy». Thx for correction, Mister Majors. Well he answered to me and that was already a very good thing to me and it meant that we could wait longer. It all was alright.

1 more month passes and I’m writing him again. Suddenly he answers that he has thought that he had already done the questions... OK, I’m sending the questions 1 more fucking time. In few hours I got an e-mail from Majors with all his answers. The most of answers were of 2-3 words, more it seemed like he did all these questions just to make us not to disturb him anymore with this shit. We’ve been waiting for this interview for half a year and it was all we’ve got. But it’s not that interesting as the next thing we will say here.

When I was talking about it all with our old friend Pink Panther, he sent me a link to an interview with Ariel Styles (ex-PBF guitarist) at, which was taken in 2006. In this interview Ariel describes the whole situation in the band that has developed there over the last few years and sheds a light to some very contradictory questions. This read is very entertaining, it answers many questions that fans of the bands had over the years and reveals some secrets about relationships between Kristy and other band members. I whish I read it after I’ve already sent all the questions to Kristy, otherwise this neon-lights interview with Majors would have more questions and some of them would be rehashed. Don’t know about you, but I was very surprised to hear some things about the Pretty Boy Floyd story that Ariel have said.

So you can always read the whole Ariel interview for glitzine here:

As for us, we have the Kristy’s interview with here (though it’s some kinda shitty). Read it, maybe it will answer some of your questions. Although it didn’t answer ours.

"Hello, Kristy! At first I want to say we all are very glad you agreed to make this interview possible, if you know – there are fans of Pretty Boy Floyd and your solo work in Russia who love you and waiting for you and your art! So thank u from all of us! Some of the questions you can find some kind of weird or stupid, so you may not to answer them at all if you want. And sorry for my English. Let’s begin".

Everybody’s a fucking critic! if you don’t like it don’t buy it and go fuck yourself!

Q: How is Pretty Boy Floyd doing now? What the hell has happened in Canada, I’ve read that Criss 6 was denied in entry to this country because of some felony. Why the other members didn’t get an entry there? (I know I made some grammatic mistakes here, sorry for my English:)
A: First off let me start by saying we have traveled the world and have never been denied entry into any country ever except Canada. The Gov’t deemed us a threat to the country because of some minor prior convictions from over 10 years ago. All paper work had been filed and approved before we left but the immigration agent took it upon herself to make her own judgment . This is an ongoing issue for USA citizens trying to enter Canada, simply put it’s bullshit and all they are doing is fucking over there own citizens and workers.

Q: There were some problems between you and Steve, weren’t so? You both talked some offensive things to each other. Why was it? Because of money? I saw Steve has posted something about the PBF web-shop and your e-mails, saying that you’ve stolen money from fans or something like that. This interview will be read by many fans all over the world, maybe you’ll clear the things out?
A: Never do we fight about money. We just fight ! We are brothers and that’s what we do deal with it !

Q: I saw the video at youtube of u (you look like a vampire there!) & Steve talking about the new video and a brand new PBF album. Tell us more about this, maybe release date, name of this record, names of some songs from the CD? Where did u film the video, what is it about? How much money does it cost to film the video nowadays? We wanna know all the details!)
A: Your just gonna have to wait but it will be worth the wait, trust me.

Q: I know Pretty Boy Floyd were going to release some covers album – I mean not the KISS tribute but the one with Joan Jett cover and many others (I even heard three of them at yr special EP that I heard was selling at your shows for some time). Were all these songs ever recorded or it’s just three of them and why did you change yr minds and decide to release the KISS tribute?
A: We recorded that album with Kari Kane and since then Kari did not want to be in the band any longer so we shelved it. Now that we have a drummer in the band who can record drum tracks in the studio we will be putting out more recording projects very soon. The Kiss album was Steve and I having fun in studio. We decided to put it out.

Q: Many of your fans think that the KISS Tribute was recorded with the fukkin’ bad sound, and I just wonder why because even your solo album recorded back in 2007 sounded way better than KISS Tribute record. At least it’s 21st century now, musicians can record very good even just staying home and making records with a PC only.
A: Everybody’s a fucking critic ! if you don’t like it don’t buy it and go fuck yourself !

Q: The last year the band saw many line-up changes, especially for drummers. Why? How did you decide to take Ben Graves in Pretty Boy Floyd? How long do you know for now? Do you think he will stay in the band for a long time?
A: We couldn’t find anybody who was on the same page with us and now that we found Ben we are moving full steam ahead.

 Q: What about your new solo album, Kristy? The last one, «Sex Drugs Rock N’Roll» was fucking good, and I personally think this is one of the best glam\punk rock albums that I’ve heard so far! I know, you already have all material ready for the album – once you said you were going to release your solo album this year but now, when your work in PBF is on the run again, have you put solo album plans on the shelf or you’re still going to release it this year but later? What it will be like – will it sound like «Sex, Drugs…» or maybe it’ll be something different from that?
A: Thanks. I’m working on it. I have to juggle my time between PBF and my personal life which is a difficult task sometimes. There will be a new solo album out shortly.

 Q: Pretty Boy Floyd hasn’t been releasing any new material for a very long time. Your fans are waiting but the band still releases only compilations and some tributes (Covers EP, KISS Tribute). Though, yu have a great bunch of unreleased material - I personally have more than 40 demo-songs that are circulating over the Internet. Very good songs and very low quality, Why Steve don’t re-record them? We all want it to happen one day or another!
A: A new album is coming soon we are taking our time and doing it right . We have no control of over bad mistakes made in the past with labels licensing our songs to every compilation in the world . it’s a fucking drag and embarrassing!

Q: Who writes the majority of a new material for PBF now? You or Steve?
A: We all contribute.

Q: I see you play the same setlist at your concerts for years, don’t you think you guys should change it some, maybe add the classics like «Hands Off My Radio» (fuck, you can’t imagine how I love it!), «Far Away» and some other ones?
A: We tried playing some obscure songs from demo’s to other albums but the majority of the people want to hear the leather boyz album so we give them what they want !

Q: Any chances for Pretty Boy Floyd DVD in the near future? Any plans, at least?
A: I have plans.

Q: When I read any interview with former PBF members, they always say that Steve Summers thinks that he IS Pretty Boy Floyd, not any other member. What can you say about that?) Is Steve’s ego really that big? I know he’s a voice of the band but all the way. Seems like all the problems with line-up changes are just because of his character.
A: Ask Steve that question.

Q: Tell us about your previous bands, where did you play before joining the Floyd? I heard your demos of Jett Blakk, you guys played thrash!
A: Yup I played thrash, punk, glam metal. I love all styles of music. I think everyone knows my history.

Q: What music do you listen these days? I’ve read some of your interviews and it seems like you’re good orienting in nowadays’ music scene! What’s your point on emocore/metalcore music? Just interesting.
A: My favorite bands are KISS, Alice Cooper, The Sweet, The Ramones, Rancid, New York Dolls, Rob Zombie, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. I don’t really like much of the music I hear today.

Q: Tell us something about your private life. Do you have family, maybe children?
A: No children and no family. I live in a coffin of a basement.

Q: Tell us your opinion about the following bands, people and things in a few words:
- 2000’ s Guns N’Roses? = The axl rose band
- Michael Jackson? = Beat it
- Social networks? = Blah
- Lady Gaga? = Love her
- Kurt Cobain? = nevermind
- Ke$ha? = Awesome!
- groupies? = Never heard of them
- Simon Cruz? = Who is that ?
- Metal Sludge? = Does anybody care ?
- Blackie Lawless? = Pass !
- Twilight? = Harry potter
- the Phantasm movie? = Awesome
- t.A.T.u.? = what is that ?
- Phil Lewis? = LA GUNS
- Bring Me The Horizon? = What the fuck is that ?
- Dexter (series)? = Love it !
- Justin Bieber? = I got the fever and the only cure is more cowbell
- Jeffree Star? = Who is that ?

Q: I’ve read you have a clothing line called "Sex Drugs Rock Roll Clothing", are you still working with it? Is it only you who develops all these things or somebody else is helping you with all these clothes?
A: Yes and I will be putting out more items soon.

Q:  Have you filmed in movies? If you did, name them please.
A: Yes buck naked.

Q: I can only imagine how many great people and musicians you know. Tell me who you think is greatest friend of yours and who can you your blood brother! Share with us a little story about hanging out with some of rock stars! I know you know many of them, maybe some of the latest ones!:)
A: I don’t know any rock stars. Elvis and Johnny Cash died before I had a chance to meet them.

Q: Are you listening to the 21st century’s glam metal bands? If so, what bands you think were damn good for the last few years?
A: I don’t know what you would label as a glam metal band. I love all music for what it is . I don’t care what genre it is or what label you put on it. A good song is a good song period!

Q: Were there any times that you were invited in Russia? I often see your videos when you’re playing at your concerts and the people who come to your shows, they’re just standing there, like it’s now Pretty Boy Floyd but some fucking boring indi rock band. What the fuck with people abroad? If you’ve ever come to Russia, you’d be very surprised how the Russian fans would be glad to see you and would go really crazy at your concert! You just have to come to us someday!
A: No we were never invited to Russia and I don’t know what videos your watching cos the crowds we play for are fucking maniacs especially overseas.

Q: Have you already made all your dreams come true and succeed or it all just begins? What was the biggest dreams of your life and can you say you achieved it? What plans for the near future are you building now?
A: It changes everyday so all I can say is I’m just getting started.

"Thank u very much for answering these questions, Kristy! Russia loves you and we can’t wait for your brand new solo album as just we can’t wait to hear any of new PBF songs! Hope this is not last time we speak! Thx!!"

This interview was made and taken by: Alexis Coma

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