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2011.07.23 - De La Cruz (Lacey & Roxxi)exclusive



One beautiful vernal day our long-time friend R.Rock wrote me an e-mail where she was talking about some young aussie glam/hard band named Cindy Kixx, that she thought would be cool to make an interview with. My first thoughts on it were «Why do we have to make the interview with the unknown aussie band, what will we ask them about??». Also all these guys had was just one demo song on YouTube that sounded not so good. After some controversy with R.Rock we decided to talk with the guys, and in addition to that, Cindy Kixx themselves showed a huge interest in the interview with Neon Lights so we just couldn’t resist. Time has come to make questions. We’ve thought a little and came to the point that we didn’t want to make all the questions as commonplace as «When did you first pick up the guitar?» or «What bands you were listening to when you were 13?». We just let yourselves have some fun with the guys and ask them some cool and stupid things. Whether you like it or not, but I think this interview is really crazy and the guys turned out the best fucking interlocutors in a long time! Hope you’ll have some fun too while readin’ this shit we made with Cindy Kixx!

Oh, forgot to remind you – during the making of interview the guys changed their bandname to De La Cruz! Don’t know what is more cool – De La Cruz or Cindy Kixx, but one thing is for sure – the guys changed their name after reading some stupid question we’ve asked them about their Cindy Kixx title!

By the way, not only the band’s name but some things that we speak about in this interview, also have changed: the chat took place in June but we publish it only at the end of July so this is the way it is. For example, their answers about the stage of their debut’s making or their shows and tours, it’s all changed, and now we know that their debut EP is already in mixing/mastering and will be out in 3-4 weeks! And, by the way, the teaser of their main song is available in the interview below, so you all can listen to it and make your comments.

Enough of fucking forewords, fuck it, take some beer, chips and chicks, and welcome Roxxi (vox) and Lacey (drums) of De La Cruz, Australia, on Neon Lights!

Hope you’ll have fun!

I've been in love with Pammy A since grade 2 and she always got me doing crazy shit!!
- Lacey, De La Cruz

Alexis Coma: Hello, guys! How ya doin’ out there?) Are you ready to start the saturnalia named «the neon-lights interview»?!
Lacey: Hello man!! Feeling fuckking good! Let’s go, yyuuuuh!!

Q: Tell us a little story about yr band so we can imagine who you are, how many members are in De La Cruz and some other shit!)
Lacey: It's crazy how we all hooked up hey! I remember seeing Casey's Youtube vids a couple years ago and was blasted away, and I remember thinking..fuck! I'm getting in a band with this kid! Then I came across Roxx and vice verser.. We all started talking on FB n shit and bam! 2 years later here we are!
Roxxi: There's 5 of us, I originally got chatting to Kacey about 4 years ago when I was looking for members for a new band, as I lived in New Zealand 2000 miles away it was a while before we actually met up, 3 years later I flew over and not long after he mentioned a drummer from Melbourne, Lacey. Recently we have got a second guitarist R.J who has some killer chops and a bassist.

Q: How many songs do you guys already have recorded? When can we wait for your EP or maybe the whole debut album?
Lacey: We've layed down 5 tracks so far. We plan on releasing the album mid July give or take a week or 2, and we are fucking amped!!
Roxxi: Later in 2011 we'll have it out, we want to make sure the songs are all good and there's no bullshit on the E.P so u can listen to it start to finish without skipping any crap.

Q: Could you please share any details of this record – maybe some song titles, album title, a few words about the artwork, what it will sound like, etc. What label are u signed to now (if you’re ever signed, of course)? We’re very excited!
Lacey: I can't say much about song titles or track names at this point, but what I can say.. it's going to melt ya ears!! At the moment we're signed to.. 2 minute noodles and sketchy beer aha!
Roxxi: Haha, well at the moment it's sounding really good, hopefully a little bit different then some of the other bands currently around. As far as artwork and design goes I'm a firm believer in the 'less is more' approach. And I intend it to be fresh and relevant.

Q: How often do you play live, how many fans are attending yr shows? How do you prepare to your concerts? How much songs do you play on yr comcerts now, any covers?
Lacey: Well we've actually got our first show as De La Cruz creeping up in about 6 weeks. We're supporting a fellow aussie band on there National Tour.. it's going to be fucking mental! Haha..yeh we've got a few things planned so you'll just have to wait n see!
Roxxi: We have a couple of shows lined up and I'm amped as shit! Preparation for gigs involves hairspray, drinking and gotta do vocal warm ups too so the pipes are shrill!!

Q: OK, finally, stupid questions are over! Let’s go to the real interesting ones! Share your point of view about gays & lesbians, what do you think, huh?) Is it so real bad or maybe you think it rocks to be a queer!
Lacey: Haha Whaaaattt? Wasn't expecting that question! Well Freddy Mercury rocked it, didn't he.. haha. But.. yeah...ain't for me!
Roxxi: I don't really give a shit what other people get up to but I personally fxckin love girls!! I wouldn't say being gay rocks...... lol

Q: Imagine the following situation: You are landing at New Zealand, all of you guys have only Tamagotchi and a jar full of honey in your hands. Evil wild monkeys and bears are everywhere around you. Your actions, what would you do? Use your imagination.
Lacey: Well I'd eat the tamagotchi.. fuck feeding that little fucker, he can feed me!!!
Roxxi: Fxck the tamagotchi, that shit is oldschool! The monkeys can have the tamagotchi, the bears can have the honey, and since I'm in New Zealand I'd either go get drunk or naked.

Q: How many girls each of you have fucked since you started being musicians? How many groupies there in Australia?
Lacey: Haha let's just say we ain't Virgins, and aussie definately ain't short of a groupy or 6!!
Roxxi: I'm a virgin!....

Q: The most stupid question of the entire interview - why did you made a decision to be the rock stars? Was it because of girls, of money, of fame or maybe just because you wanted to share your thoughts & ideas with other people?
Lacey: All of the above ! When I picked up my first guitar I had no intention or idea about trying to crack a career out of it.. I'd seen this kid on a TV show here called Hey hey it's Saturday shredding the fuck out of a guitar and I was absolutly amazed by the sound, the look, the cameras..everything. And straight away was on my mums case everyday to get me one of these god-like tools! Then I remember it wasn't long after.. I went to a highschool induction day, I was in grade 6.. and they took us around from class to class giving us demonstrations..ect. And remember walking into the drama room and there was 4 drum kits set up..and I'd never seen a drum kit in real life and again I was purely amazed. Then 4 older kids jumped on and did a drum solo each running down the line one by one..and.. ohh my fucking god !! That's it! Straight back home.. on mums case again.. but this time it took longer than my guitar, I had to wait till my birthday haha. I remember getting home to find them all setup in my room, 2 brand new drumsticks, the skins hadn't even been was one of the best moments of life! And that's it..the rest is history!

As I started to get older I started seeing my alot of my highschool buddies going off and doing apprenticeships, getting the car/house loan, getting know..the cliche life . And for me personally, I've never been able to settle with, and except that life.. Rocknroll/music is that escape.. the escape from that routine 9 til 5 grind, and the way I see it, you've only got one life.. and it's yours!
Roxxi: Haha Lacey said 'god like tools' ahahha
Originally I picked up a guitar at age 13 or something, I was into punk music so my playing was shit, and when it came to highschool bands I was the only one confident enough to be the singer, although I was shit at that as well. It wasn't till years later when my musical tastes started changing that I started taking it more seriously, realised I had a natural gift for song-writing etc! Quickly realised that girls dig musicians aswell!!! Also realised I could sing!

I originally got into rock'n'roll for the girls and because I'm a show-off!! Now days it's also because I fxcked around at life and it's the only thing I'm qualified to do haha but I'm still a show-off!! And I hate working!! So if for a few years I can get away with not working n travelling performing music, then fxck yea!! Sign me up!

Q: Name your favorite cartoons. Your fans in Russia want to know the names of your favorite Pokemons and Teletubbies!
Lacey: Johnny Utah and Bodhi
Roxxi: Well I'll tell u my worst Teletubby is PO! I hate that lil shit! Pokemons...hmm I'm gunna say Charmander or Charazhad!

Q: Do you know any other glam metal bands in Australia? Do u think they’re cool or they suck?)
Lacey: There's not much of big glam scene here hey.. there a couple rad acts. Generation Swine are pretty sick.. We're lighting up the Goldcoast with them in a few weeks!!
Roxxi: Yea the whole glam/80's scene is very small here in Australia compared to Europe and Scandinavia! Which is good for us, the market is wide open!!

Q: What’s the craziest thing you would do for the bottle of Jack Daniels?)
Lacey: 10 naked starjumps!
Roxxi: 100 naked pushups!

Q: Name the band (or a musician) which concert you would want to see the least.
Lacey: That dude that sings "I'd catch a grenade for ya"...
Roxxi: That's a tough one, I like all music but it'd probably have to be a Jack Johnson gig, he gives me the shits!

Q: Describe your actions if one morning you all suddenly wake up and see that you’ve become absolutely bald!
Lacey: Cry!
Roxxi: Just roll with it coz I'm fresh.

Q: If u all had just one chance to say something to all the world and you’d exactly know that you’ll be heard, what would you say?
Lacey: Where's my fucking hair?
Roxxi: Girls are the most beautiful things ever created.

Q: Your at least 10 ways of using the pick apart of the guitar!
Lacey: Sorry..I don't understand this question.. think we've gotten lost in translation on this one bro!
Roxxi: I have no idea.

Q: Do you think glam rock is just only an image or something more like music/sounding? I always thought that it’s something in the way the glam rock bands sound but every day I hear many people say that glam is the image thing only. What do you think?
Lacey: If you take out the 'Glammer' wouldn't that just give you rock?
Roxxi: I think it's a mix of the two. I mean if u sound glam and look shit then that's just fxcked. But if u looked glam and sounded shit then u can probably get away with it a bit more.

Q: If you would go to hell, with who you’d like to meet at first – your grandmas, musicians, etc., name these people, please!)
Lacey: Haha well I don't plan on meeting my grandma there if that's what your asking.. the only sin she's ever commited is burning the scones! Being an Aussie Melbourne boy, I'd have to say the great man himself..Bon Scott !!
Roxxi: Kurt Cobain n punch him , ummm and I'd like to meet Layne Staley coz he's a legend!!!

Q: Do you believe in reincarnation? What animal you all would like to be in your next lives and why?)
Lacey: I like to belive it.. There's always that sence of wanting to spread your wings and going where the wind takes you hey, there's no doubt ..I want to be coming back as an eagle man!! The freedom!!
Roxxi: A cat!! Coz they do fxck-all! Or maybe a bird, like a vulture so I can attack the Lacey-Eagle n bring that party to a close! Haha lobsters are pretty cool, so are lizards!!

Q: Why did you guyz decide to change the name of the band from Cindy Kixx to De La Cruz?)
Lacey: The reason behind the name change.. fresh band , fresh line-up! We'll be releasing our album under De La Cruz.. personally I think it's a killer name and looks sick on paper or fluro greened on a filthy toilet block aha!

Q: I see you wanted to show some respect to Tom Cruise changing the band name!
Lacey: nah theres no relation between us and Tom Cruize haha!!

Q: did u know that De La Cruz is the name of rap\hip hopband ?)
Lacey: yeh i didnt know that..ahh well ,fuck em. We play rocknroll they do hip hop!

Q: Imagine the last day of your life. What would you do \ say to your girls, friends, families? What song you would like to perform if you’d know it’ll be the last song performed by you?)
Lacey: That's a big one hey! First of all I'd say thanks and massive props to the family and friends for generally just been fucking awesome. And my last song would be a personal un-plugged Home Sweet Home by the Crue..that.. you can't match in my eyes.
Roxxi: I'd shout out the love to all my family, friends and fans that have made my life so fxckin enjoyable!! And the song, I'd sing an acoustic cover of Maybe Tomorrow by The Stereophonics!!!

Q: Do you watch porn movies much? Is it hard porn, maybe it’s about animals or bdsm. Maybe you could name some titles so we could download it too and watch all together!)
Lacey: Haha Do I watch porn ? ..I'm male right! Can't look past Debbie Does Dallas ..
Roxxi: Extreme hardcore! Haha, you Russians have the best shit, don't ya??

Q: How far you wanna go with your songs?) Do you wanna make it big as Motley Crue and Poison or you want to play clubs and stay more?)
Lacey: We wanna take it to the world man! Of course ! And share our ups n downs in song and hopefully touch some people and inspire to really just let go and follow your dreams man!
Roxxi: I'll go as far as I'm blessed enough to go! If that's clubs or arenas I'll still be stoked coz I fxckin love music and I syke out on it! But honestly, I wanna go the whole wayyyy!!!!!!!!!yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

Q: What kind of girls really drives you crazy – we need answers from each other of you! – describe it! Is it blondes, brunettes, red ones, in short skirts or maybe some kind of trash models, in gothic clothes, maybe MILFs, maybe name some hot girls you’ve been jerking on when you were youngsters!)
Lacey: Well I've been in love with Pammy A since grade 2 .. so pretty much your classic beautifal beach babe hey.. that gets me doing crazy shit aha! Also chicks in headbands haha I don't know why.. but that sends me to next level!!
Roxxi: Platinum blondes or Black hair with blue or green eyes! And I like young girly girls, with the fake eyelashes and heels n makeup n nails etc!! I like girls with evil eyes!!

Q: What do you think about emo/metalcore bands that nowadays become so popular all over the world? Are they cool or they just eat shit?
Lacey: Cool man! It's not my taste of music.. but.. man they can fucking rip! Alot of my and closest friends live, breathe and play it.. absolutley got nothing against it.. it's all good man!
Roxxi: It's not my style of music but it's good. Bands like Bring Me The Horizon etc are great because they give the kids a love of music made with instruments!! I'm not a huge fan but I appreciate the style.

Q: Will there be any ballads on your debut album or there will be only «Sex-Drugs-R’n’R»-themed songs?))
Lacey: Yes..absolutley, some of my favourite songs are ballads! I think it brings a nice balance to the record, obviously yes.. alot of our songs are about getting loooose and having a rad times n shit, but then there's our other side which we're not afraid to show.. in between the glitz and fast lifestyle.. we've all had our own fair share of break ups n heartbreak blv, everyone has had one of these experiences in there life.. and what a better way to express it , than in song!
Roxxi: On our debut there may be one, but yes there definately will always be some softer songs on our releases and sets! Coz that shit is awesome!!!! woooo!!

Q: What are you listening to for now? Name some new bands & albums that really experienced you much.
Lacey: I've been listening to alot of new stuff lately hey.. I got a hold of Juke Kartel - Levolution (aussie band) last year and it didn't leave my car sterio for 2 months hey haha, it's one of the most inspirational albums I've heard in a long time. The last couple weeks I've been giving Crazy Lixx - New Religion a spin, it's so well produced.. the songs are musically fucking amazing.. I'm really digging it! Also another aussie band .. Dangerous! These dudes are sick and about to release there debut album..Check em out!
Roxxi: Lately I've been listening to mostly Electro and Progressive House at the moment, Deadmau5 etc! I haven't been inspired by a rock band for awhile, Crazy Lixx are pretty rad, so are Reckless Love!! And always love the old LynchMob with Oni Logan! Airbourne are awesome and I've been diggin' them lately!!yeeaaahhhh!!!

Q: Do you think Axl is a cool guy or he should not continue all this G’N’R-thing without former members?
Lacey: All I can say.. you can't and never will be able to match the power and charisma of the original GnR line-up
Roxxi: Axl is a shithead and he should really get his overweight ginger frame back in the hotseat, the man's an idiot but he can fxckin sing!! Reunion I say!!

Q: Do you think God listens to De La Cruz? If you’d meet him, what would you say to his face?
Lacey: I can see him up there now.. rocking out in his jocks and a bottle of Jack to a De La record! And I'm giving him a shout out to crank that shit to 11!!
Roxxi: I think God listens to everything, if I was to meet him I'd thank him for hooking up a sick planet and blessing me with a rad life, family, mates and for making me one of the raddest people in the universe!!! haha

Q: What hard rock/metal chick you would like to fuck?) Crucified Barbara girls, maybe Liv from Sister Sin, or some oldies like Lita Ford, Joan Jett, Doro? Your versions are welcome!
Lacey: Doro 4 sure man!!
Roxxi: Doro was a righteous babe.

Q: I think if you play glam rock or sleaze you should have very good knowledges about all this stuff, do u guys listen to some underground shit, maybe bubblegun glam, name some if you do.
Lacey: Not really .. I need some new material got any suggestions man?
Roxxi: No idea, yea let us know of some and we'll check it out!

Q: Share with us you craziest sexy fantasies you ever had in your mind and have you made it in your life then?
Lacey: 38.000 ft .. Air Hostess .. I'm still working on that one bro!
Roxxi: haha ....

Q: Name please 5 most underrated glam rock bands that you think should have got some better attention.
Lacey: Wendy Icon (aussie)..Axident Avenue.. Steadlur .. BlackRain and Michael Jackson!
Roxxi: Wendy Icon!!!!!! Firehouse!! LynchMob! Arcade, Kingdom Come!

Q: I think you remember some years ago there was a show on MTV called «Celebrity Deathmatch», where famous actors, musicians, etc. were fighthing each other like wrestelrs (though all characters were made of plasticine:). If there would be the following fights but in a real life, who would win and why?

- Vince Neil vs Axl Rose

Lacey: Vince Neil .. because he's Vince Neil!
Roxxi: Man,that's a tough one, I honestly think Axl would kick Vince's arse coz he's a syko lil demon!

 Twisted Sister vs Manowar

Lacey: Twisted Sister..because Manowar don't hit chicks!
Roxxi: Manowar defs!

- Burzum vs Steve Summers

Lacey: Lemmi !
Roxxi: Kate Middleton.

- Bret Michaels vs Dani Filth

Lacey: Dani Filth... because I don't think Bret could handle the look of him yeh ?
Roxxi: Dani Filth man!! Bret's an asthmatic old shit.

- Simon Cruz vs Paul McCartney

Lacey: Simon Cruz..because he is one dude that knows how to take pain! You seen the Generation Wild clip?
Roxxi: Haha Paul's like 70, isn't he?? So that's a no-brainer.

Q: What do you know about Russia? How do you imagine living here. (come to us, vodka is here, that’s right:)
Lacey: I know you've got some of the most beautifal women in the world and the best Vodka!!!! Where's the airport?
Roxxi: U have some awesome scenery and some of the hottest badgirls in the universe!!! Yea, Russian teen girls are smokin' hott!!!

Q: Who do you think was the prettiest glam rocker back in 80’s? And who’s the prettiest one for now?
Lacey: Poison for sure.. Ladies..take a number.
Roxxi: Bret Michaels and now, gotta be Oli Hermann.

Q: To meet and get in touch with what musicians are you dreaming about? Who would you like to share the scene with someday?
Lacey: When I say say CRUE !!!
Roxxi: I wanna get on the gig scene with Reckless Love, and of course it'd be rad to play with the Crue and Ratt etc!!

Q: Tell us about the most stupid interview you’ve ever done.
Lacey: My last Job Interview!

Q: Would u like to do another interview with neon-lights in the near future and why?)
Lacey: Fuck yes!!!! Spasiba !!
Roxxi: Yea fxck yea for sure!! Vodka!!


P.S.: One more time we wanna say a big THANK YOU to the guys from Cindy Cruz for making this interview fucking funny and having such a twisted humor sense! You ROCK, we wish you good luck on your way to the top!

Everybody who’s found interesting this interview and De La Cruz song teaser can be sure to check our site some later and read the review to the De La Cruz debut EP here, on Neon Lights! Stay tuned!

This interview was made and taken by: Alexis Coma & R.Rock

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