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2011.07.18 - Jamie (Sister)exclusive


Sister was formed in early 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden, and soon built up a name as a strong act both live and in the studio – 2 years later after they formed they’ve already had some self-released demo records with a good quality sound. By 2008 the guys played all over Sweden and toured across Europe, including gigs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark and Norway. Started their career playing sleaze glam in the spirit of Motley Crue and Pretty Boy Floyd, in 2009 Sister released «DeadBoys Making Noise» EP, where the guys changed their sound to more fast and aggressive punk rock music: even their look was also changed to the corpse-like make-up and black-dyed hair and black clothes on every member of Sister.

Enter 2010. Sister invites attention of the Metal Blade label, which is also a record label for such big heavy metal bands as Unearth, King Diamond, The Black Dahlia Murder, Lizy Borden, Between The Buried And Me, etc. In June of 2011 Sister’s debut album «Hated» sees the light of day. The band describes this record as the album dedicated to all the people who always made their best through all these years not to let Sister put this CD out. Music on «Hated» becomes even more darker and faster than on their previous EP, and the band makes its fan-base all over the world only larger.

Now Sister consists of 4 members – Jamie on vocals, Lestat on guitar, Rikki on bass and Cari on drums. On the wave of the interest to Sister from the readers of our webzine, we decided to do an interview with Sister’s voice Jamie. He agreed to talk to us about all we wanted to know about the band’s past, the new album, about the change of style, Sweden’s sleaze scene and more interesting things.

I met a girl who described our music as "black sleaze" and that fits us fucking great!

Q: Can you tell us a little story about how did you all guys have met and started to play your music?
A: Me and CARI met each other during a Crashdiet concert back in November 2005. I remember that he asked me if I wanted to come down to his rehearsal and jam with his band, because they had no singer at the moment. I said why not, and after the first jam session I was in the band and Sister was formed. In the late 2007 Starlet Suicide splited up and Rikki joined the band. Two years after our ex-guitarits Dani left Sister and Lestat took his place.

Q: Why did you choose playing glam rock? Tell us about Sister's early days.
A: We started playing together in early 2006, and had already decided what we wanted to do, that was that we would get 100% into Sister. We lived the rock n roll lifestyle from day 1 and partied nonstop.

Q: Before the «Hated» was out, you released some demos with pretty good songs. I searched your website and didn't find any mentions that you ever done these demos. Are you gonna play this material at your concerts or you just left it behind?
A: For the time being we still play "I Don't Mind If You Die" and "Crash Boom Bang" from the "Deadboys Making Noise" EP but not any of the older stuff. 2 years ago we played one of our first songs "Down On Your Knees" live in a newer, more raw version.

Q: Were there any of your fans who wasn't happy with your style change?
A: Yes, at first we got some angry reactions, but after a while they realized that we became even better with the style we headed into. We feel that this kind of music suits us more and we've finally found our secret recipe.

Q: Recently you got signed to Metal Blade. How did you contact the guys from the label? It was them who found you or you first hit them and send them your demos, how was that? I mean it's a very big luck for the band like yours to get signed to such a big company!
A: We recorded DMN in 2009 and started to send it out to all record labels we knew. We were obviously pleased when Metal Blade offered us the deal we have been waiting for during these years. It was Alan Averill (Primordial) Metal Blade's A&R who first contacted us.

Q: Are there any obvious minuses being signed to the big label like this besides doing it like it was before (when you released all the stuff by yourselves)?
A: No, we reach out to more people this way and as a band with a record label behind us, we get taken more seriously, apart from a band that release the demos themselves.

Q: Let's talk about your new album. What things have become the main inspirations for this album? Tel us about how the recording process was going?
A: When we got signed, our main objective was to make an album that sounded like something new, something of our own, and I think we succeeded with it. We recorded the album with Martin Sweet and Calle fäldt.

Q: In your description to «Hated» you say that there were always some people who did all they could just not to let you make this album possible and interfere you in any ways. Who are these people?
A: There's always people who don't like our style or music, and we like to piss people off. There's fuckers like that everywhere and the whole album is about standing up for yourself and your rights.

Q: You took away the great beginning of «Body Blow» that was at the «Deadboys…» EP. We think it was really perfect!
A: We chose to remove it so that the intro and "Body Blow" would merge together better.

Q: So, you got this album out. When listening, the first things that meets the eye is that you become more aggressive on this release as compared with your older recordings. Why did you guys decide to change your style from sleaze glam sounding and bubblegum looks to faster horror punk/metal style and music? Looks like you were Pretty Boy Floyd of 2000's but now you have some kind of Murderdolls style, even your vocals have changed;) What's attracting you in the dark image? Or you just have been listening to «Paint it black» too many times))
A: All bands develop, just look at Judas Priest and Kiss as two examples. Now it feels like we've finally found our own style and it's nothing we planned or something that happened overnight. It just happened naturally. I met a girl who described our music as "black sleaze" and that fits us fucking great because we don't see ourselves as a horror band.

Q: Are you gonna continue doing with this horror-style in the future or maybe we will see some changes in your look and sound again?
A: No, of course not! Tomorrow I will get a haircut like Elvis.

Q: Now when you changed yr style to the black clothes, corpse-alike make-up and all these things, what do you think 'bout 80's pink wears, white hairs and the stuff? Maybe nowadays it's the cool image only for waxwork statues or even in 2000's it also has its right to live?)
A: We listen to exact same bands as we did five years ago and all bands should have their own style, you should sound and look however you want to, that's what we do.

Q: Does anyone of you guys listen to any old school hardcore or at least horror punk bands? I think it can be clearly heard in your every song on «Hated».
A: We listen to everything from Roky Erickson to Alleycat Scratch and Slayer. If you by horror punk mean Misfits then yes of course, we listen to them!

Q: Any plans on releasing a promo video in the near future?
A: If everything goes as planned, we will start shooting the video for "Bullshit & Backstabbing" this month.

Q: You got a new website running, it looks pretty similar to the Crashdiet's official site) What can you say about this, was it the same person who did the both sites?
A: Yes, Martin Sweet designed the entire website. I'm pretty sure he did Crashdiet's as well.

Q: Talking about new music with some people, I often hear things like «wow, crazy breakdowns!» or «yeahh it pumps», seems like nowadays people need just something to jump up and down to and even they're attending at live shows not to listen to the music and have a good time but to slam and make some circle-pits. Looks like people don't even care what the songs are about.
A: Yeah I agree, it was better when GG Allin kicked some ass onstage.

Q: Why do you think Sweden become the Sunset Strip number 2 nowadays? What were the preconditions? You know sleaze metal were there even before 2003 (Loud N'Nasty, Hardcore Superstar), but only when Crashdiet appeared, sleaze metal started to be popular both in your country and over the world. What are the real reasons for it?
A: There's a lot of good upcoming bands from Sweden but it feels like the big sleaze era has subsided a bit since 2005/2006. Back then everybody said that they played in a band but now it's just the best ones that are left haha. I believe that Sweden has the same metal scene that those other countries in Scandinavia. Speakin about sleaze in Sweden, yes, there were a lot of sleaze bands at that time, including bands we played in ourselves. Of course Crashdiet kickstarted the scene even though it existed before.

Q: There are many many bands who plays sleaze metal now there in Sweden. Talking about the Swedish glam scene and about new and young bands from this country, who do you think have the potential to be famous in the not-too-distant future? Name some fresh bands of Sweden who deserve their fame.
A: There are a lot of good bands like: The Slagsterz, Vietcong Pornsurfers, Morbus Chron.

Q: Do you guys have any side-projects now or in the future plans?
A: Yes, I (Jamie) have an upcoming record where I sing about my friends, some mean, some nice, some sad, but it's not recorded yet. The band is called "Jimpas Präst" and I play with John Priest from Leaded Fuel.

Q: Choose 1 of 2 and them tell why you've made that choice.
Sisters of Mercy or Sister (Blackie Lawless' pre-W.A.S.P. band)?
- Sister.

Twilight or the Lost Boys?
- I hate Twilight, so Lost Boys.

Vince Neil or Steve Summers?
- Vince Neil. He's one of the reasons to why I started playin in a band.

Peep Show or BlackRain?
- Absolutely Blackrain. We toured with them twice and they are really good friends of ours. But I like Johnny Gunn as well.

Brunettes or blondes?
- I think the girl in "The Ring" is pretty good looking so I have to choose brunettes.

Dave Lepard or Simon Cruz?
- I live with Simon Cruz so I have to go with Dave Lepard haha. Both sing great. Dave Lepard was one of the best but Simon is amazing too.

Water-melons or melons?
- Millions $.

Sleaze glam or horror punk?
- Sleaze punk.

Q: Do you like bubble-glam underground, I mean bands like Heart Throb Mob, Foxxy Roxx, Lollipop Bitches, Candy Cane Lane, etc? Just interesting.
A: Haven't heard any of them, but I like Poison.

Q: Do you think Pretty Boy Floyd should stop fucking around and release the brand new album?
A: It's none of my business but it would be nice to hear something new from them. I still play "Leather Boyz..." at home.

Q: What are the plans on the second half of 2011 and 2012? Can we wait for another album in the next year?)
A: Just to tour as much as possible. We're gonna tour with this album first until we make a new one, but of course there will be a new record some day.

Q: What can you say to all your fans in Russia, guys?! We're waiting for you here to come and play live!
A: We can't wait to get to Russia and meet all the crazy people back there and raise some hell with you!

Kikk it!


This interview was made & taken by: Alexis Coma & R.Rock

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