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2011.04.19 – Mia Kloseexclusive


«Mia Klose – definitely the name of the future Sweden sleaze queen», - that’s what I’ve thought when listening to «Lady Killer» at her Myspace. And it’s really so – a powerful and beautiful voice, perfect melodies, a cute look, the wish to be famous whatever it would take in the near future and the opportunities to make these wishes come true, - what does else everybody need to become a real rock star?))

There is not so many bands with lead female vocals on the nowadays’ hard & glam rock scene. All I can remember now is Sister Sin and Crucified Barbara as the most active acts for now. That’s why an appearance of such bright and interesting persons as Mia Klose always invites our attention.

Mia Klose is the project of a girl with the same name and several session musicians – her friends. Mia lives in UK, though her hometown is Stockholm, she is a big fan of 80’s melodic rock and plays music in the best traditions of these glory days. The sound of her music and her voice are impressing, her look is cute and hot at the same time.

She has only 2 songs uploaded to her Myspace page for now, but she is already in the studio recording the debut a;bum with her friends.

To know out how Mia is doing these days and make friends with her, Neon Lights got in touch with her last week. When she has known that we were going to speak to her, she was very glad and offered us 2 songs from her Myspace that now can be listened in our player in the text of an interview.

Tomorrow she will blow your speakers away, – meet Mia Klose on the Neon Lights!

I don’t say fuck you, I say FUCK OFF!

Hello, Mia!) Nice to speak to you, hope you’ll enjoy our little conversation.
At first, in Russia no-one knows you so be ready for some commonplace questions. And the 1st one - introduce yourself and your band! A few words about your project, please.

Hey there! This is a new project I have been working on since the autumn of 2010 together with an excellent production team and some awesome session musicians that is added when we are playing live. It all goes in the spirit of 80s rock n roll and melodic metal.

What bands influenced you more than anyone else both from 80’s and 2000’s?

I get inspiration from so many different sources, everything from Samantha Fox to Slayer. The melodic rock bands from the 80s such as Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and Europe have obviously been a big inspiration for the music along with Guns N Roses and Motley Crue. But then I also love No Doubt for example and Toto, you see my list could just go on and on haha! I don’t listen to a lot of music form today but I think all the bands out there at the moment that’s taking their inspiration from the real stuff back in the 80s are doing a great job. A lot of the bands from back home in Sweden are awesome!

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What bands with lead female vocals you think are the best and fukkin' amazing?

It’s the same thing here, I get my inspiration from a lot of different styles and sources. I love Gwen Stefani, she has been a big inspiration for me through my whole life and Madonna too of course. Then we have the classic hardcore rock rebels in The Runaways with Joan Jett and Lita Ford who really kick ass. Then don’t forget Janis Joplin, she was an amazing singer and front woman.

How did you get to be the heavy metal singer?

I moved to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden when I was 15 and that’s when I stared to really get in to the hard rock/punk and metal scene and realised that’s what I did the best even though I have been singing loads with different styles of music. I sold my soul to rock n roll ha ha!

You have 2 great recorded and good sounding songs at your Myspace page, do you have more and when can we wait for some EP / whole album? Any details ‘bout your LP to share with us? If all the songs on the LP will sound the same way, you will be the new rock music star, pretty sure!

Ohh thanks, that’s really nice to hear! You can expect to hear more material in the next couple of months. We are in the studio at the moment working on an album. No release date is set yet, but will be announced very soon. Keep your eyes open and stay updated by following me on facebook or twitter. The songs will all go in the same spirit as the ones that are up online now.

You write all the material by yourself? Fuck, it sounds very great, true 80’s metal with the big balls!

Thank you so much! Yes the music is all written by me and my excellent production team consisting of Melly and Danny Drama. We work very well as a team and have the same visions of how real great rock music should sound!

How did you get to the sounding this way, nowadays a lot of the bands try to play something more modern sounding as the Second Wave of Swedish Sleaze Metal (bands like Crashdiet, Gemini Five, etc.). Do you prefer the old bands from 80s more than all these new ones?

As the music from the 80s is what I love and get my inspiration from its awesome that other musicians also want to bring it back to the 21 century, the more the better, it’s fantastic! I probably prefer the old music from the 80s in the end if I had to choose one or the other. But it depends, if there is a good tune and a great band I don’t care if it’s from back in the days or from today. If it kicks ass then it kicks ass!

Have you already played the live shows? If so, whome did you share the stage with?

We are planning to start book live shows in the summer, probably at the end of June. At the moment we are still concentrating on recordings.

How far you wanna go with your music? I know some bands that just don’t wanna be big in the world and wanna stay true to the clubs and underground.

I want to earn my living off the music. This is what I have been working towards my whole life, I see it as my job and career. So I obviously want to reach the top. At times you might have to compromise on your beliefs when working in a team, but compromising is a part of life. I will always hold on to what I find being true, then other people have to make their own judgements. You will always get some people who like you and some who don’t in whatever scene you are performing in, you can never please everyone.

Pretty stupid question though – Mia Klose is your real name or some kind of nickname?) When I was going through the Internet looking 4 the information ‘bout yr band, I saw some organization named like that, can’t remember what exactly was it.)

Humm...I don’t know what that was you saw. But yeah, Mia Klose is both my real name and my artist name!

Can you say that you’re a romantic person and what do you think is love for you? Always interesting how people mean things like that for themselves. What do you think about having family, children in the future?)

To me love is when you care about someone other than yourself and when you don’t always put yourself in first place. I definitely want kids and my own family in the future. But not now, I’m struggling to take care of myself at the moment ha ha!

If there would be a chance for you to marry any of the famous rockers (no matter, dead or alive), who would it be and why?)

Ohh...haha this is a question I enjoy! If I would go only for the looks I would say any of the guys in Guns n Roses back in the days. They had suck kick ass style. I cannot find a single picture of any of them where they don’t look absolute amazing, so classy! But as I guess they were all junkies at the time and not the best husbands I wouldn’t choose any of them to marry for that reason)) I would want to marry someone happy, real kind, creative and down to earth who could be all up for party at times but not 24/7.)

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Let’s talk about the first things in your life! I say a little question and you say a little story about that first thing)

The 1st record you bought was.. - Best of Carola “Fangad av en Stormvind”, (very famous singer in Sweden), I wanted the cd so much as I was practising miming and dancing to one of the songs on the cd to send in to a TV show in Sweden. I was 8 or 9 years old I think)

The 1st time you’ve thought that your life sucked was after you… - I rarely think life sucks. As long as you follow your dreams, don’t worry to much and take care of the ones you love life is pretty sweet! I try to stay positive!

The 1st time you hated the school was because… - I’m sure I thought school sucked more than once, but I cannot really think of a specific time at the moment. I did a lot of fun things in school, played a lot of instruments, singing and dancing.

The 1st song that made you cry was… - I cry when I get nostalgic over songs. Like I could cry when hearing “Breaking the Law” with Judas Priest just cause I remember the feeling of seeing them live when I was 16 years old. Ha ha!

The 1st thing your parents said when they’ve listened to your music was... - My parents are very supportive and appreciate the music I play even though it might not be what they would listen to normally.

The 1st time you got in fight with some other girl was because… - Still haven’t had a fight with a girl as far as I know, nope I don’t fight a lot!

The 1st time you said FUCK YOU was to.. - I don’t say fuck you, I say FUCK OFF! Ha ha

What do you want to say to all Russian headbangers that are dying to hear the new great fukkin’ music and just waiting for u to release yr debut album?)

Follow your dreams and try to not worry too much cause it’s a waste of time! Make sure you get hold of a Mia Klose cd when it’s out and that you don’t miss the live shows. I hope I can get to Russia sometime soon to play live!

Thank you so much for the interview and I hope I will speak to you soon again! // Mia

The end

The interview was made and taken by: R.Rock & Alexis Coma

Mia Klose Myspace
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