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2011.03.26 - Nasty Nunsexclusive


There is no difference between our stage and the real life look.

Q: Tell us what is going on in the band right now, how did the listeners accept your new EP "Too Much Is Never Enough" ? How many сoncerts you give in your country, how many fans do attend these shows? Are there any plans for a little tour?
A: Well, the release of  'Too Much Is Never Enough' was in October 2010, so we're working and recording already new material for the next CD. We did a short but awesome tour through Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and supported Accept this year in front of 2000 people. We also gave quite a lot club concerts. Would be cool to play a tour in Russia sometime.

Q: You guys call yourselves "New Wave of German Sleaze Metal". Well, I think you’re one of the first bands that play sleaze in your country (I known another cool band that plays glam in Germany, this is Torpedohead, maybe you’ve heard of them, really great stuff). Do you think German Wave is really able to have such a large scale as the Swedish one has for now? Are there any other sleaze bands from Germany that you may know? Or maybe now music fans just like what they hear and see not really knowing what sleaze metal is, and it all just begins in your country?.. cos here in Russia we have a real small number of glam fans, it fuckin sucks.
A: That's true, yeah, there are a few cool new bands here in Germany but we're the first band that combines sleaze with metal in that way I guess. Our kind of music is not so popular here yet, but there is some potential left for sure. We always try to reach new people for our sound, but the scene will never be as big as in Sweden I think.

Q: When I first heard your EP, the 1st thing that came to my mind was "These guys sound like Hardcore Superstar!! but have more of sleaze sound". There are some intonations, hooks, and things like these that reminded me HCSS. Is HCSS one of your favorite bands or it’s happened accidentally? Do you selves hear the similar sound to Hardcore Superstar in your muzic? I mean, it’s not bad, even on the contrary, it sounds great!
A: Haha, thnx! Hardcore Superstar was an influence for us for sure cause in my opinion, they invented this new kind of sleaze or however you wanna call it but we don't sound like them. Everybody of us has his own favourites and influences and I think you can also hear that in our music. But we're creating our own style and writing songs in the way we like it.

Q: Tell us about your collaboration with DemonDoll Records! Just interesting, they find all these sleaze bands by themselves or maybe the bands first connect this label and then company decides if they agree to sign a deal with the band or not. Who are directors of this company – I think they must be huge glam metal fans to promote bands like they do!
A: I actually don't know anything 'bout how they work. And I'm not interested in it. They just found us through the internet and made us a good offer. I think they take pretty good care of us and our business in the U.S.A.

Q: What sleaze bands (and not only sleaze) had the biggest influene on you and the Nasty Nuns sound?
A: Everybody of us has his own like I said before and there are too many of them to tell them here all, but it goes from Blues over 70's Hard Rock and 80's Hair Metal till Classic and Power Metal.

Q: When can we expect something new from Nasty Nuns? I guess, there was much material left behind the released EP, isn’t it? Any plans on a LP-album?
A: We're working on new material all the time and we already did some new recordings. So there is a lot more to come but I can't say anything about the details yet.

Q: What about filming at least one video from the brand new EP? You have a cool image, it would be great to see you in some good-filmed video, I guess.
A: Yeah, it would be cool to make one but it's all about the money. And we're just five sleaze rockers who don't have any of it, haha. But I'm sure we can do it more or less in the near future.

Q: What’s your point on german rock scene now? What rock genres are prevailing there these dayz, do you like it?
A: There are not so many new big bands here yet from our kind of music, metal bands from the 80's still filling the arenas and this death metal and hardcore stuff is still popular. It could change every day and we will see what's coming next. Maybe it's time for our sound then.

Q: Name 2-3 favorite glam metal bands from: 1) Sweden; 2) England; 3) USA.
A: From Sweden: Shotgun Messiah, Hardcore Superstar.
From England: Tigertailz, Def Leppard.
From USA: Motley Crue, Quiet Riot.

Q: Do you walk the streets of Germany in your image and make-up every day or you're wearing all these things only for your shows? Can you have problems with your image if you’ll be wearing this for every day?
A: The world is a stage....and full filled with assholes, but who cares. There is no difference between our stage and the real life look. Maybe with less make up, but that's it, hahaha. Rock n' Roll is a lifestyle and not a 9 to 5 job.

Q: The most of our readers accepted  your new EP as very strong material, and they wait for your new efforts! What can u say to all these Nasty Nuns fans in Russia?
A: That's nice to hear, like I said, we're back in the studio again and new stuff will come out this year for sure but that's all I can say at the moment. Russia, we're always looking forward for good offers, we try to come over one time. Get ready for a Sleaze Revolution!

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The interview by: R.Rock, Alexis Coma, GlamCat

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