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2011.03.01 - Cold Blue Rebelsexclusive


I think the most of glam metal fans know such legends of underground glam rock scene as Jetboy (do u remember their hits «Feel the Shake» and «Make Some Noise»?), The Zeros (4 purple haired men that played the most beautiful mix of glam rock & powerpop! ) & Glamour Punks (as Metal Sludge stated in some recent article, «This band made Guns N' Roses seem like Nelson!»).

Well, once at the beginning of the last year I was going through some news on and found out that the guys from all these bands have united under the name «Cold Blue Rebels» and started to play psychobilly music (!). I was surprised a little, then listened to their myspace songs and liked it very much! As for now, the Cold Blue Rebels already played a big number of shows, released a debut album and shot three promo videos!

So we decided to get in touch with the whole band to know out some interesting questions about CBR, their new album and some other things, cos we know – these guys have been through some real exciting shit and we will ask them to tell the stories they know for sure!)

We feel like the zombies going off to fend for live human flesh and blood!!

Q: Hello, guys! Very glad to speak to you! How are the Cold Blue Rebels doing now, how is it going since you released your debut album "Blood, Guts & Rock'N'Roll"?


DANNY DANGEROUS: I’ve accepted the fact that my bullet hole will never heal!

SPAZZ DRAZTIK: Good! Rockin’!

JOE NORMAL: Awesome, being a zombie cowboy vampire has it’s perks!

Q: I know you have some kind of tour now, how it is going?

JOE NORMAL: The tour is going great! We’ve always got a gig to play, we always have a town to slay!

Q: How many people attending to your shows, what's the proportion between glam rock and horror rock/rockabilly fans there?)

JOE NORMAL: Our audience has grown and continues to do so at an enormous rate! We get requests from all over the world to play… Chile, Argentina, Russia, Germany, UK and more. We are currently focusing on the US and hopefully UK and Europe this summer. There’s a few glamsters at the shows, but mostly there is fresh blood in the form of young rockin’ hungry psychobilly fans.

Q: How many copies of yr debut CD have been already sold? I know, it's not so much demand for this kind of music nowadays, but all the way.

JOE NORMAL: Our debut CD came out about a month and a half ago, and already we’re seeing huge download numbers and worldwide sales, which we think is phenomenal, but honestly, I don’t give a shit about the figures and all that boring record company bullshit. We’re not in this to win any Grammy Award or get any keys to the city. What we want is to make fun records and entertain the fans that pay money to come see us perform and give them all we got.

Q: How has it happened that all of you met and decided to make a rockabilly/horror-rock-band? How long do you know each other, how did you meet at the first time? Was it live concerts, a bar, studio or something? I mean, for me and for many others it was a big surprise to know that the musicians from such a great glam bands like yours will unite and suddenly play rockabilly!

MICKEY FINN: Jetboy and the Zeros played a couple reunion shows together in 2006, but it wasn’t until late in 2009 that Danny and I started hanging out and realizing that we both were into the Rockabilly / Psychobilly scene, started talking about forming a band. We both are old punkers who blended the punk element into our former bands and thus had tons of the same musical influences.

I finally challenged him to go out and buy an upright bass saying if he did I would start a band with him! Of course he did just that and we set out to find the other 2 key player that make up the Cold Blue Rebels.

I feel lucky to have an amazing bond and chemistry with these guys and our songwriting flowed like water, effortlessly creating tracks that exude experience and talent. In the music world it is so hard and crucial to find players who all get along and compliment each other, who are solid and grounded, and are prepared to work hard for the good of the band. I have found that with CBR! Long Live CBR NoHo Pride!!! (NoHo = North Hollywood, California, where Cold Blue Rebels formed).

CBR combines all of our favorite things Rockabilly, Punk Rock and Horror!!! We all love theatrics, and putting on a great and entertaining rock n roll show, and make up and effects comes natural to seasoned glam rockers like us! Blood Guts and Rock n Roll, baby!!

DANNY DANGEROUS: Well, “suddenly play rockabilly” isn’t what happened. We had been enjoying that music for over a decade, and even our drummer Spazz had been playing in a rockabilly band all that time. Our love of psychobilly and rockabilly made us want to do this kind of band for fun, but we must’ve done something right because now this band is bigger than all of our old bands!

JOE NORMAL: Danny and I have been friends since ’87 and together played off and on since then. Around 2006 I was absolutely sick to death of rock and punk guitar playing, which offered nothing of a challenge to me anymore. Instead, I’d been listening to nothing but traditional Rockabilly and 50’s Rock n Roll when Danny asked me to join him and Mickey in a new band playing rockabilly/psychobilly. I was not only excited about playing in a band with both Danny and Mickey, but also about having the opportunity to step up my guitar playing and showcase a part of my style that I’ve never been able to express before. Then we were re-introduced to Spazz who’d spent the last 10 years playing rockabilly stand-up drums, and it was a done deal.

DANNY DANGEROUS: I think one of the reasons it’s been so successful is because we’re doing it out of our love for this music.

JOE NORMAL: The Zeros, Jetboy and Glamour Punks all came from the same background, so it made absolute sense that the four of us would follow the same path later on our own. It’s exciting that we’re turning on a lot of people from our past to this type of music that would not have discovered it otherwise.

Q: What bands influenced you the most in rockabilly/psychobilly style? I think, it's Stray Cats, maybe name some others? Something of horror punk?

DANNY DANGEROUS: All the traditional rockabilly music as well as the high energy psychobilly bands that we have gone to see over the years have all influenced us, even the old rock bands we grew up with like KISS and Alice Cooper have brought us to where we are today.

Even more so are the all the bands we play with, there is a huge scene here in Southern California that has yet to be recognized.

JOE NORMAL: Of course Stray Cats are high up on the list, there are too many bands to mention.

For me it has always centered around the great guitar players though, like Brian Setzer, Gene Vincent’s guitarist Cliff Gallup, Eddie Cochran, and Carl Perkins. These are the ones that turned me on.

Q: Tell us a little about the recording process of "Blood, Guts & Rock'N'Roll". How long did it take, were there any funny things during the recordings?

JOE NORMAL: There were definitely some “laughing so hard you shit your underwear” moments in the studio! But we focused hard on getting an honest representation of the band on tape. Most of the record is first takes, played LIVE in the studio, with minimal overdubs. Mickey is the greatest singer I’ve ever worked with, just fucking brilliant! We basically wrote our first 6 songs and went in to get them down, and over the next 8 months, between a hectic touring schedule, wrote and recorded the remainder of the CD.

Q: You must like the horror movies a lot to play that kind of music, do you guys all share the love to horror films? I like them very fucking much too, so it would be very interesting to know what are your favorite ones In this genre?

DANNY DANGEROUS: Yeah, I also like a lot the stuff from Troma films ( Like Toxic Avenger, and Mickey’s a big fan of B-movie horror as well. We all love the classics and a lot of the hidden gems as in Carnival Of Souls or Black Sunday. Asian cinema has brought us a lot of the best horror over the last decade. Now with the 3D aspect, we are seeing a lot of remakes and some are pretty good. One day it could be Suspiria, one day it could be Dawn Of The Dead… and another it could be Munsters Go Home. One night is could just be Freaks.

JOE NORMAL: Danny and Mickey really know their horror, lemme tell you! I’ve always gravitated toward the kookier side of horror and the macabre, like The Munsters and Addams Family TV shows… I like when there is humor thrown in there. I’m crazy about the Abbott & Costello meets the monsters movies. Classic Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi. Also Nosferatu.

Q: How much time do you waste to make-up before the show and to put all the powder and blood upon your faces?) You look just great, I'm a big fan of horror music and I can say it as some expert))

JOE NORMAL: Getting made-up for the show is definitely not wasted time. It’s more like a ritual that gets you in the spirit to perform. Like a transformation into character. I love when the whole band is getting ready backstage together or in the hotel room. It’s like bonding time for the zombies before going off to fend for live human flesh and blood! We always have a great show when we get the chance to do this.

Q: I've gone through some photos from your concerts, saw there some girls looking like zombies, are they only dancing or doing something horrible?..) Who are they, at least? Some dance group or maybe your girlfriends?))

JOE NORMAL: Our main dancers are Little Miss Vicious and Angelic Rebel (who is also Mickey’s fiancé), Nikki Rebel. They do it ALL onstage! Sex, blood, and rock n roll! A combination of burlesque and necrophilia! Angelic and Mickey usually end up in the coffin together, if you know what I mean!

Q: Now it's time for some questions about each CBR member's past bands. The first one goes ahead to Mickey - why did you really leave the Jetboy? And what's your point on a new JB with Revelle on vocals?

MICKEY FINN: I left Jetboy due to the fact that we kind of drifted apart as friends with me living in Los Angeles, and the band was lacking good organization. I was not able to take place in the European tour they did as the money just was not there and I have my family and bills to pay and could not afford to take a month off to not get paid and go into debt. I love the guys deeply and would love nothing more than to share success with them but it just became too challenging to continue at this time, and with the fast success of CBR I had to decide what to put my energy into. I do hope to reunite and play with them again someday.

As for DK Revelle my hat goes off to him for trying to fill my shoes on short notice. I do not know him and have not seen him perform, except for a couple clips on YouTube, so its really not proper for me to judge, but I will say that there is a level of talent and chemistry that exists between myself and Billy Rowe and Fernie Rod as songwriters and performers that is seldom found in the music world.

Q: The next question is adressed to Joe & Danny - what is going on now in the Zeros, I know you reunited with Sammy not so long ago?

JOE NORMAL: Danny and I have nothing to do with the Zeros anymore. In 2005 we re-united, and in 2006 we did two re-union shows. That was followed by 3 years of arguing about whether to release old demos or to record a new record.

Meanwhile, we’re happy in the Cold Blue Rebels. We don’t have time to do anything but the Cold Blue Rebels.

DANNY DANGEROUS: I think the best thing that has happened to Sammy Serious over the past two years has been the Cold Blue Rebels. We actual give him free promotion in interviews when we are asked about our time in The Zeros, which we are no longer a part of. It’s called cross-promotion. If you Google The Zeros, you’ll find about 3 or 4 other bands, any help we can give him to separate him from the pack should be appreciated, but probably isn’t.

Q: Always wanted to say that your "Names, Vol.1" is the most underrated album for all glam rock history! It's a shame you didn't get that recognition you deserved! One of the best glam\powerpop albums for all the time!

JOE NORMAL: Thanks. Much appreciated.

Q: The next question is for Spazz Draztik: If I understood it right, you're not in the Glamour Punks line-up now. (sorry for my bad knowledges if it's not so). Why did you leave the GP, how long you've been playing there, do you contact with the boys from the band now?

SPAZZ DRAZTIK: The truth of the matter is we haven’t all played together in 19 years. Joe, Danny & Mickey and I have known each other since back in those days, and when I was playing in The Punks, I always looked up to Joe, Danny & Mickey. But, The Glamour Punks are re-uniting for a show, and I am part of that. It will be June 4th at The Viper Room in Hollywood, CA.

Q: One or two years ago I heard they were going to release their second album on Demon Doll Records but then there were a silence about it since then.

SPAZZ DRAZTIK: Big things are in the works, and the controversy continues as always!

Q: All of you guys are real living legends of underground glam metal division. I'm sure you know a lot of bands personally and know a fucking lot stories to tell. Tell us what guys from some other bands you think are the best guys and friends in the whole world and why. Maybe you can share with us a little story of a night party that you will remember forever. Guys like you, I think, are just made of cool stories)

DANNY DANGEROUS: From the glam era? C.C. DeVille, Traci Guns were really cool to me. Billy Zoom from X used to fix my SVT amps, and I was always star struck. Johnny Ramone came to my house a few times to visit my room mate.

SPAZZ DRAZTIK: One time Dizzy Damage (of the Glamour Punks) had a bad case of the crabs. Around Christmas time our roommate was making these snow-globes with baby food jars, and Dizzy glued a Santa Claus to the inside of one, then picked off some crabs and put them in the jar with some water and made a Santa-Crab Snow-Globe! God that mother fucker could always make me laugh, man! The whole house ended up getting crabs! We got rid of them by spraying Raid in our underwear!

Q: A little private question but.. do you all have families? Always intersting, if artistic persons like you have wives, permanent jobs, something like that? I think it's kinda hard to be here and there, on tour and not to lose the jobs and have children at the same time. You may not to answer, if you don't want to.

SPAZZ DRAZTIK: Yeah, I’m a divorced father of two boys, and they mean the world to me. They love music and they love to play.

JOE NORMAL: I’m working on my marriage and have two young boys, one of which has Autism. I stay involved in the Autism community, volunteering and performing with The Conductors, (a train-themed kids music group I started) as a way to give back to other families affected by the disorder.

Meanwhile, Cold Blue Rebels are all dedicated to making this band succeed on every level without avoiding our responsibilities.

Q: What s your point about a rock scene nowadays? What music are you listening for now? Just interesting.

DANNY DANGEROUS: The last rock record I bought? Dark Throne, Circle The Wagons… just came out.

SPAZZ DRAZTIK: It’s so diverse with me! My 3 favorite albums right now are “Women and Children Last”- MurderDolls, “Coral Fang” – The Distillers и “Cash” – Johnny Cash.

JOE NORMAL: I don’t listen to any more new music, unless I’m writing it… otherwise it’s gotta be at least 50 years old before it hits my ears!

Q: Do you know any russian artists or bands? Maybe some pop artists or something?) (Don't launch Google now;)

JOE NORMAL: I don’t want to sound dated, but I remember a band called Gorky Park from years ago! The guitarist had that big balalaika guitar! Are they still playing together?

Q: Cold Blue Rebels is a supergroup. If there would be any plans to invite in the band someone else from glam metal world (I know there is no need in this, but let's dream a little!), who there would be? Any suggestions?) Who would fit your band style the most? Maybe Kit Ashley, Blackie Lawless, Steve Summers, anybody else?)

SPAZZ DRAZTIK: Maybe Ginger from The Wildhearts!

JOE NORMAL: I’d like to see Mickey resurrect Elvis! In his flabby 70’s jumpsuit and sunglasses prime! Now that would be GLAM, hound dog!

DANNY DANGEROUS: I don’t who Kit Ashley is, but I know it would not work with Steve Summers! LOL… Blackie’s cool, but IDK… Maybe Izzy Stradlin on second guitar… Izzy with a pompadour! Ha ha! How cool would that be!? In the end I agree with Spazz… Ginger’s the man!

Q: What are your plans for future, can we expect a new album from you guys in next 2 years?)

JOE NORMAL: Absolutely! And even so, 2 years is too long to have to wait between records. Meanwhile it’s touring and building our international fan base. We want to be the first California psychobilly band to come to Russia!


The end

The Interview was made and taken by: Alexis Coma

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