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2011.01.23 - Superhorrorfuckexclusive


Good night, dear readers of our webzine! Not so long ago I've listened to one of the new CDs called "Livingdeadstars", it was the album by the fresh italian sleaze horror band SUPERHORRORFUCK, i gotta say its' a very strong CD with glam/punk influences, so we decided to make a little conversation with the guyz of the band about what they are, their plans, dark stories and much more.

Dedicated to all the horror movie fans out there!..

I love spinning my head and putting a crucifix in my pussy!

SUPERHORRORFUCK: Here we are! Thank you very much for giving us some space in your webzine, hope to get in touch again soon!

Q: Thank u too! At first, introduce yourselves, please. Who’s in the band and what does the name mean?
DR.FREAK: Hello, I'm Dr. Freak, the singer of the band, or better, the "screamer"!
MR.4: I'm Mr.4, the monster bass player!
LITTLEBOMB: Here's Littlebomb, living-dead-drum-machine!
SGT.ANUBIS: Sgt.Anubis, blaspheme guitarist!
LITTLEBOMB: He is Paghalloween, the dead guitar hero, but he has some problem with speaking…something went wrong in his resurrection process, so he talks very rarely, but his guitar screams for him!
DR.FREAK: About the names' meaning… it's a little bit difficult to explain exactly where they come from, because they are a mix of things coming from our previous life and from this new one, like jobs, obsessions, mental diseases and stuff like this..!

Q: You've got a very original look. It reminds me something in between Murderdolls & Toilet Boys (there were glam..punk rock bands with these names). Why did you choose this kind of image?
DR.FREAK: It's not properly a choice … You know, the bodies we haunt are dead, decomposition process started five years ago0 and it never stops, so now we need something to keep our rotting flesh together … that's why we wear lot of make up!
MR.4: Naturally also the look changes with our personalities, but yes, mainly it's one of our best decomposition fighting modes!

Q: What are the goals of your project?
DR.FREAK: Since we came back from the grave, our first task was trying to bring on stage what we saw and heard during our stay in Hell, naturally putting our own personal touch! This our first objective,in order to spread our after death philosophy named Horrorchy, we need to play as much as possible, everyfuciknwhere, and with the Italian tour booming and the Germany one up to come we can say that we are pretty satisfied with our show addiciton!
LITTLEBOMB: Well, this makes our project looking like a job, but we have lot of fun doing what we do, and having fun is our real task, we don't want to waste our second life, so we just want to rock like the goddamned souls we are!
MR.4: We want to have fun and we don't take ourselves too seriously, that's something that people approaching to Superhorrorfuck should know, black humor runs in our veins with formaldehyde, instead of blood!

Q: OK, let’s go to your new album named «Livingdeadstars». Was there any concept behind these songs, what differs your last record from your debut album? I tried to find your first one but I couldn’t – even at there was your latest release only! Where can we find it now?
DR.FREAK: "Livingdeadstars" is not a concept album, but in its songs you can find all the themes we love to talk about, and that we live on our dead skin every day: sex (mainly necrophiliac sex, naturally!), gore and Rock'n'roll … What we can do best is finding the horrible and sick side of everything, and this is what inspires our songs …
We can even turn a cute kitty into a flesh-eating beast, like we did in our first album "Horrorchy", with the song "Hell-go Kitty" …
LITTLEBOMB: …and talking about our debut album, we can surely say that we made a headway with the new one, you know, it's a little bit hard for us to deal with our new bodies and we have to get used to them, so our EVILution never stops … We know that we can do always better, if you listen "Horrorchy" you'll hear a very raw and rude sound, simple a violent songs, maybe sometimes too simple, and Dr.Freak's voice really sucks!
DR.FREAK: (laughing) Fuck you!
LITTLEBOMB: ...but, you know, we had just "moved" to our new bodies and it was pretty impossible to do anything better…
MR.4 : …moreover we had lot of problems with the label we had at time, starting from the one year long delay of the disc release and ending to the pretty nonexistent promotional work it made … So I think that now you can find something on I Tunes if you want, but we don't recommend you to look for it! (laughing)

Q: There is a cover of Katy Perry song at your last release. I think it pretty rocks! What made you decide to cover this song?
LITTLEBOMB: We were looking for a cover, but it had to be a song with a totally different sound, nothing to do with hard rock, and so we chose Katy Perry's one, also because we like her first album very much, and we would like to… lick her to death!
DR.FREAK: We wanted to put a cover in the new album also because we wanted to answer to a big question that many people asked us: "What's Horrorchy?". Well, it's pretty impossible for a living person to understand what it is, but if you compare our "Hot n Cold" to the original one and then you apply the same criterion to the whole universe, you'll have a down-rounded idea of what Horrorchy is…
SGT.ANUBIS: I'm sure that everybody understands now! (laughing)

Q: Do you have any plans for releasing videos from your last album «Livindeadstars»? I think this could be very good and frightening videos with much blood, zombies and fresh meat!)
LITTLEBOMB: A video was one of our priorities after the album's release, but making a good video takes a lot of time and now we don't have time because of our promotional projects and shows, so we just put all the video plannings in standby, wanting for the proper moment to work on them!
MR. 4: But we will pretty surely release a video after our tour in Germany, something "on the road", very simple to make, but very funny to watch!

Q: Continuing this, I can clearly see that you guys fucking love horror movies!) I like them very much too, what are your favourite ones? Name some old and some new ones, maybe you can name some best horror movie directors?
DR.FREAK: We prefer horror splatter demential movies, because they are the ones that better "get in touch" with our style, for example Peter Jackson's first works or the fantastic "Evil Dead" trilogy … Making a list of all is a little bit difficult, but we cannot omit our "stepfather" George Romero, and all the mentally damaged guys of Troma! Now I could start talking about some pretty cute japanese splatter movies like "Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein girl", but it's better if I stop, or it would take one hundred interview pages!
MR. 4: Hey don't forget Ed Wood!
DR.FREAK: He is the best!

Q: This is already the third interview with glam band from Italy (the last two weeks I had the other ones with S.E.X. Department & Hollywood Killerz). Do you know these bands personally? What can you say about Italian local music scene? Does it really suck so hard as mister Marco Mendez of S.E.X. Department told us?
MR.4 : We played at Hollywood Killerz's release party in Turin, and we can say that they are great musicians and we really had fun with them!
SGT.ANUBIS: Yes, Hollywood Killerz really rock…
DR.FREAK: I've got their album in my car, I can't stop listening to it! Talking about Italian music scene… I must be honest, until few months ago I was totally concordant with Marco Mendez, even if I don't know him, but recently I discovered some really cool italian bands, like Hollywood Killerz, Hell in the Club, Philosophy of Watermelon and others, and for the first time I started listening to some italian music! It's unbelievable for me, but I think that there are some real cool italian bands that could be easily exported out of our country, and it's just a question of time, I think (and hope), that Italy may become the new Sweden!
SGT.ANUBIS: And don't forget Superhorrorfuck! Horrorchy is gonna spread over the world!

Q: When can we expect something new from Superhorrorfuck? I know u just released your last album last year but all the way, maybe u already have some new material that will be featured on your next album?
DR.FREAK: It's really hard for us talking about "when", at least for what concerns new releasing, but yes, we have TONS of new material ready for the new album, but this time we decided to take it a little bit easier, we will take the time we need in order to make a better job with the new album …
SGT.ANUBIS: But we won't let you forget about us during this gap between this and next album! We're gonna play a lot of shows and this Summer our label is gonna release a special tribute to Dave Lepard, and you'll find a piece of us inside it!
MR.4: We will take it easily…but we're looking forward to play some new stuff!

Q: Have you ever had problems because of your image/look, points of views, your music?
LITTLEBOMB: Not as much as you may imagine…Our black humor and huge self-irony helps us not to be too "politicized", if we can use this term, so people usually doesn't piss off if we say or do something particularly outrageous!
MR.4: We've seen more people laughing than insulting us, or, if they were insulting, they did it after our explicit invitation! Naturally we know that our attitude may create problems with some kind of people, so we simply try to avoid that kind of people …
DR.FREAK: I can remember only once, years ago, it was the second show we did I think, and we were playing in a place owned by some kind of priests (here in Italy lot of cool places are owned by church!), and, introducing the song "Devil Loves Me", I said something like: "I love spinning my head and putting a crucifix in my pussy!". All the audience really liked it, but after the show one of the organizers told me that we had been lucky, 'cause if the priest was in the room he would surely had stopped the show! Man, have you ever heard about a movie called "The Exorcist"?! That was not an offensive sentence, just a quotation!

Q: What do you think about religion? At least, «Jesus was a zombie», isn’t so?)
LITTLEBOMB: Everybody in the band has his own opinion about religion…someone hates it (watching Dr.Freak), somebody simply doesn't give a fuck about it … We are not a satanic or anti-religious band, we just see it like a very inspiring and sometimes funny argument to talk about in some songs …
DR.FREAK: Religion's mythology gives us the best horror characters ever invented by mankind… If we talk about Freddy and Jason why couldn't we talk about Satan and Jesus too?

Q: What's the smallest and largest crowd you've played in front of?
LITTLEBOMB: …we didn't play in front of huge crowds yet, also because we usually play into pretty small clubs, but surely when we perform in our town, that's when we get the biggest audience, and they are all as mad as us, so they make us feeling like we are performing in front of million people!
MR.4: But we can proudly say that both if the audience is large or small, no one of them will easily forget us!

Q: Who are your biggest influences in rock music / name some your favourite artists?
MR.4: Naturally all the rock'n'roll/glam/sleaze bands of the '80, and all the horror "wall of fame" (Alice Cooper, Misfits, Wednesday 13 ...), but the peculiarity of Superhorrorfuck, the thing that makes our sound so horrible and unique, is that everyone of us has really different "music tendencies": Littlebomb cannot live without fresh brains and ultraviolent metal (Devildriver, Slipknot … ),Dr.Freak loves Depeche Mode and Japanese bands, Paghalloween is tobacco and Metallica-addicted, and with Sgt.Anubis we gained also the punk element! You can find all this and more in our songs!
DR.FREAK: I hope that some reviewers will read this answer and then listen twice to our album before writing some kind of bullshits …

Q: Tell us in detail, one of the craziest nights you can recall of a party night from hell?
SGT.ANUBIS: We won't give any details, 'cause what we do in the backstage is some kind of "professional secret" for us, but I can tell you something about one night we played somewhere near Pisa, in a godforsaken place: they told us that they wouldn't pay us, but they would let us staying for the night … and this had been the biggest error they could ever make! Our cachet is really inferior than the price of all the food, alcohol and other funny things that we scrounged 'em that night! I can remember very few things, and that means that we had a really great time!
LITTLEBOMB: WE had a great time, but Anubis wasn't too happy that night, because Paghalloween was caught by ethyl delirium and started to pester the life out of Anubis, who was just trying to collapse somewhere…
MR.4: (pointing at Littlebomb) Well, but this corpse wasn't much more alive than the others, he accidentally spitted a shot of his drink straight in the face of my girlfriend … and after that Paghalloween definitively went mad!
DR.FREAK: … and I was about to choke! Yes, that was absolutely a great night, but nothing to do with the non-stop night parties we saw in Hell!

Q: Thx for funny conversation, what could u say to all our readers here in Russia in the end?
DR.FREAK: If you're looking for strong sensations you'll find what you want in the horrible, pervert, gruesome world of Superhorrorfuck! Enter if you dare and … ROCK'N'ROLL!!!

The End

Interview was made and taken by:: Alexis Coma & R.Rock

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