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2011.02.13 - Vanity Blvd.exclusive


In 2008 Vanity Blvd. have released their debut album named "Rock'n'Roll Overdose" and called every sleaze metal fan's attention to themselves: a girl with a stage name Cindi Savage was the lead-vocalist of the band and the band played great sleaze glam metal music! Some time has passed and there was only a silence about the band - no news on their websites, no concerts, no even a single word from Vanity Blvd. members. Then some rumours appeared saying about a possible break-up of the band. Now the guys are together again and we connected with them to know out some interesting questions about what has been going 2 last years in the band camp and what the plans Vanity Blvd. has for the new year.

I more tuff then most of the men here!

Q: So the first question is as I heard you’ve been on hiatus or something like that. Tell us more about this. Why did it happen, what were you doing in this interval, what were the reasons? And why did u decide to unite once again? (If u haven’t been on hiatus, sorry, so u won’t have to answer this question))
Traci: We took a short break mostly cause of personal issues. We united again cause we love the music and we know that when we play together it's magical. So we couldn't just walk away from that.

Q: What are your plans for now, maybe to release some new songs, EP, whole new album? Your debut one was cool!
Traci: We are going to record a new album and hopefully tour around the world.

Q: The next questions go to Cindi: how does it feel to be a female singer in sleaze metal band?) Usually glam metal bands are male-fronted, and the lyrics in their songs are ‘bout sex, drugs and r’n’r, so do you live this lifestyle too?) What female bands / singers are your favourite?
Cindi: I don't think it feels any different from being a male singer. I don't sing about the flowers and the bees and the moon up above, and a thing called love. I also sing about sex, drugs and rock´n´roll and yes, I live the lifestyle. I don't belive that the gender will decide what kind of person you are, I more tuff then most of the men here haha. I like the Runaways, Vixen, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Sandi Saraya etc.

Q: Sweden became the country of glam metal now, there are very big number of talented bands coming up there. With the release of your first album have you gained a recognition you wanted to? What was the reaction of the music fans and critics on your first album when it just come out? Do u have many fans outside of Sweden?
Traci: We got very good recognition on the debut album and we're happy over that. The response has been overwhelming outside sweden.. All over the world reallly.

Q: What do you think about a notion that when there is a girl in the band, all the attention at the shows goes to her?
Cindi: As I said before I don't think it's a gender issue.
Traci: I think it's cool with chicks in rock's hot, no I think we all in the band get the same much attention on stage & backstage.
Frecko: It's cool, attract men and it's rock'n'roll.

Q: Is Cindy someone’s girlfriend of the boyz in Vanity Blvd.? We’ve just heard the rumours so sorry if we’re wrong) If it’s so, don’t you think it can tell on the atmosphere in the band?
Traci: No, we´re all just friends.

Q: Tell us about the most best & unforgettable live show in your life that you played on?
Traci: Ohh holy shiit.. we have made soo many good live shows past the years.. it's hard to pick by hand right now but we are still rockin'.

Q: What local bands you partied with are the best guys in the world?)
Traci: Probly the guys in Vanity Blvd ;)

Q: What do you guys do in your spare time? I think u have your jobs/hobbies, so what they are?
- We just kickass rock n roll music lhahahah, well some of us got jobs and some are home n whatching TV all days. Hobbies??? It's mostly music do the talking here.. we're truly musicians.

Q: If I walk on the streets of Sweden in 11 a.m., will I see people with peroxide blonde hair and the look of Crashdiet?
Traci: Eeeh, no.. People look more metal here.. it's hard to find glam/sleaze people.. and the glam / sleaze people look more like clones of Motley Crue here. They are not many who looks like Crashdiet type here. You have more "classic rock" style.. with long hair n jeans AC/DC like/Garage style..

Q: Sweden is considered to be a country of black metal music until 2000’s when sleaze metal became big there too. Do u have any friends in black metal bands, what’s your opinion on Black Metal scene?
Traci: Yes, we have many frinds of black metal/death metal …but I'm just not into it right now.. I love rock n roll

Q: I heard that in Sweden it’s easier to be a musician if you want it and easier to start a new band because the government (or someone else?..) helps youngsters very much in their interests & hobbies. I even heard that u can have some instruments and a place for rehearsing for free. Is it just rumours or in Sweden it’s so easy to be a musician?
Traci: It's eazy to do anything you want here in's a free contry. Easy yes, having music as a job fulltime, well no. U can't make good hard earning money in Sweden, period. We just don't want to end up slaughtering fish at the local market :)

Q: Thx for this little interview, guys, would you please say something to Vanity Blvd. fans in Russia?)
Traci: You welcome.. don't forgot to check out our debut album Vanity Blvd's Rock n roll Overdose…& buy it. Check us out in the near future for more news & we gonna record an killer album soon to. There are alot of news happening in the Vanity BLVD camp 2011 and forward.

The end

Interview was made and taken by: R.Rock & Alexis Coma

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