15th September 2013 at 23:30

2013.03.27 - Baton Rogue Morgueexclusive


BatonRogueMorgue_Textpicture1Formed in 2005, Baton Rogue Morgue are THE Heavy Metal heroes from Borgå [in Finnish: Porvoo] - but for a bouquet of flowers from their hometown, Lee Angel Morgue (Vocals), Domino De La Rogue (Guitar), Timothy Baton (Bass) and Danger Ranger (Drums) had to wait in vain so far. Possible reasons for that, why guitarist Francesco Gasoline Mattei has been replaced by Brymir's Joona Björkroth and why it's anything but easy for a rockband with English lyrics to succeed in Finland were one of many topics the Finns enlightened us about right before their first common show with Hardcore Superstar at "Klubi" in Finland's oldest city and former capital Åbo [in Finnish: Turku]. And since the supply of beer seemed to be already used up both at "Klubi" and in the impressive tourbus of Baton Rogue Morgue, we took a seat at "Lone Star", a Texas Barbecue restaurant right across the street... Read more →

12th May 2013 at 00:28

2012.10.26 - Baby Janeexclusive


 Formed in 2007 in Gothenburg and since then on the road with the original line-up, Baby Jane make a splash not only in the Scandinavian rock scene. Right before their first common show with The 69 Eyes at "Klubi" in Finland's oldest city and former capital Åbo [in Finnish: Turku], the Swedish hard rockers enlightened us about the controversial method of "pay to play", why the quintet left the "Mama Trash Family" and why it does not always pay off to be the opening act for L.A. Guns... Read more →

6th November 2012 at 21:29

2012.10.05 - Toxic Roseexclusive


It seemed like they had appeared overnight: Toxic Rose. On the one hand one of the hottest newcomer acts at the moment, on the other hand the new supergroup from Sweden's capital Stockholm, consisting of (ex) members of other well-known bands such as Gemini Five (Tom Wouda), SexyDeath (Goran Imperator) and Lipstixx'n'Bulletz (Michael Sweet and Andy). What is the hype all about? In order to get to the bottom of this, Neon Lights grabbed the guys right before their show at "Trash Fest V" at "Gloria"  in Finland's capital Helsinki and asked them a few questions... Read more →

23rd July 2011 at 23:49

2011.07.23 - De La Cruz (Lacey & Roxxi)exclusive



One beautiful vernal day our long-time friend R.Rock wrote me an e-mail where she was talking about some young aussie glam/hard band named Cindy Kixx, that she thought would be cool to make an interview with. My first thoughts on it were «Why do we have to make the interview with the unknown aussie band, what will we ask them about??». Also all these guys had was just one demo song on YouTube that sounded not so good. After some controversy with R.Rock we decided to talk with the guys, and in addition to that, Cindy Kixx themselves showed a huge interest in the interview with Neon Lights so we just couldn’t resist. Time has come to make questions. We’ve thought a little and came to the point that we didn’t want to make all the questions as commonplace as «When did you first pick up the guitar?» or «What bands you were listening to when you were 13?». We just let yourselves have some fun with the guys and ask them some cool and stupid things. Whether you like it or not, but I think this interview is really crazy and the guys turned out the best fucking interlocutors in a long time! Hope you’ll have some fun too while readin’ this shit we made with Cindy Kixx!

Oh, forgot to remind you – during the making of interview the guys changed their bandname to De La Cruz! Don’t know what is more cool – De La Cruz or Cindy Kixx, but one thing is for sure – the guys changed their name after reading some stupid question we’ve asked them about their Cindy Kixx title!

By the way, not only the band’s name but some things that we speak about in this interview, also have changed: the chat took place in June but we publish it only at the end of July so this is the way it is. For example, their answers about the stage of their debut’s making or their shows and tours, it’s all changed, and now we know that their debut EP is already in mixing/mastering and will be out in 3-4 weeks! And, by the way, the teaser of their main song is available in the interview below, so you all can listen to it and make your comments.

Enough of fucking forewords, fuck it, take some beer, chips and chicks, and welcome Roxxi (vox) and Lacey (drums) of De La Cruz, Australia, on Neon Lights!

Hope you’ll have fun! Read more →

10th April 2011 at 14:58

2011.04.19 – Mia Kloseexclusive


«Mia Klose – definitely the name of the future Sweden sleaze queen», - that’s what I’ve thought when listening to «Lady Killer» at her Myspace. And it’s really so – a powerful and beautiful voice, perfect melodies, a cute look, the wish to be famous whatever it would take in the near future and the opportunities to make these wishes come true, - what does else everybody need to become a real rock star?))

There is not so many bands with lead female vocals on the nowadays’ hard & glam rock scene. All I can remember now is Sister Sin and Crucified Barbara as the most active acts for now. That’s why an appearance of such bright and interesting persons as Mia Klose always invites our attention.

Mia Klose is the project of a girl with the same name and several session musicians – her friends. Mia lives in UK, though her hometown is Stockholm, she is a big fan of 80’s melodic rock and plays music in the best traditions of these glory days. The sound of her music and her voice are impressing, her look is cute and hot at the same time.

She has only 2 songs uploaded to her Myspace page for now, but she is already in the studio recording the debut a;bum with her friends.

To know out how Mia is doing these days and make friends with her, Neon Lights got in touch with her last week. When she has known that we were going to speak to her, she was very glad and offered us 2 songs from her Myspace that now can be listened in our player in the text of an interview.

Tomorrow she will blow your speakers away, – meet Mia Klose on the Neon Lights! Read more →

30th March 2011 at 01:11

2011.03.26 - Nasty Nunsexclusive


There is no difference between our stage and the real life look.

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13th February 2011 at 15:00

2011.02.13 - Vanity Blvd.exclusive


In 2008 Vanity Blvd. have released their debut album named "Rock'n'Roll Overdose" and called every sleaze metal fan's attention to themselves: a girl with a stage name Cindi Savage was the lead-vocalist of the band and the band played great sleaze glam metal music! Some time has passed and there was only a silence about the band - no news on their websites, no concerts, no even a single word from Vanity Blvd. members. Then some rumours appeared saying about a possible break-up of the band. Now the guys are together again and we connected with them to know out some interesting questions about what has been going 2 last years in the band camp and what the plans Vanity Blvd. has for the new year.

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29th January 2011 at 22:30

2011.01.27 - Simo & Harry (Hollywood Killerz)exclusive


The 2010 was very productive year for rock music worldwide. The new albums were released by the all-known hard rock bands as Ozzy, Ratt, L.A.Guns, Crashdiet, Hardcore Superstar, Crazy Lixx, Reckless Love. Also the last year has bacome a year of big discoveries in hard rock & glam metal - many young bands released their debut albums that were really cool (Jettblack, Aesthesia, Dirty Passion, King Lizard, Distorted Wonderland, Billion Dollar Babies, etc...). The end of the year was signalized by the release of debut album of Italian band called Hollywood Killerz. These guyz blown up our speakers with their dirty glam/punk with sleazy sounding and screaming vocals! Songs like "700.000", "Grey Celebrations", "Girls R Dead", "Lovecrash" are real future anthems that are asking you to play it one more time at your trash-party again and again!

To know how these guys are doing now and to learn-out some interesting questions, we got in touch with their singer Harry & guitarist Simo. Read more →

8th January 2011 at 03:02

2011.01.08 – Marco Mendess (S.E.X. Department)exclusive


Not so long ago, a week before we opened this whole site, I decided to send the requests for interviews to some glam metal bands that are quite known now. I was much surprised when almost all of the bands answered that they'd like to give an interview to our portal, but the first ones were the guyz from S.E.X. Department - italian glam metal band whose captain and the lead vocalist Marco Mendess answered all our questions!

If you walk in Italy in a nazi zone dressed like a Sunset Strip slut, maybe is your wrong moment!..

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