27th December 2011 at 01:25

2011.12.19 - Lizzy DeVine (ex-Vains Of Jenna)exclusive


Everybody’s aware of the Vains of Jenna story. The guys had gotten together back in 2005, recorded their rough debut ‘Lit Up/Let Down’ LP, released on the Bam Margera label, having gained them popularity among the fans of sleaze and endless extensive touring schedule. Then was the recording of their sophomore effort ‘The Art of Telling Lies’, a bunch of hit singles and videos, multiple positive reviews and ever greater popularity… and, like a bolt from the blue, - on March, 16, 2010 on most of the principal websites the news of the VoJ vocalist and main songwriter Lizzy DeVine departure appeared. In Lizzy’s official statement it is said of his ‘moving forward’ and the ‘possibility for the band to grow further without him aboard’, however, no true reasons of what had happened were given. At the same time, only 2 weeks later, the band announced their new frontman, who turned out to be the ex-vocalist for the Hollywood outfit Cast of Kings named Jesse Forte.

The VoJ fanbase have since been in a total confusion, asking themselves how could the band so quickly find a new voice for them. Many have come to the opinion that the rest of Vains of Jenna had in advance been waiting for Lizzy’s departure.

A little later the same year VoJ released a cover album, containing mostly the rearranged versions of the 60s-70s songs, ‘Reverse Tripped’, and also a new ‘We Can Never Die’ EP, the tracklist of the latter consisting of several re-recorded with Jesse’s voice songs off the second LP and a brand new track. The band gave plenty of interviews and went on tour. In 2011 the second part of their EP was released, named ‘We Can Never Die, vol.2’.

Nobody had neither heard a single word of Lizzy DeVine ever since – nor a single word from him. Only recently, 1,5 years after leaving VoJ, on a couple of topical websites appeared the news of him recording a solo effort.

And only today, in December, 2011, Lizzy gives us his first interview since he had left the band to clear things out and answer the questions that have long been puzzling the world.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is - Lizzy DeVine's first interview ever for a long time. Here and now. Read more →

5th October 2011 at 20:25

2011.07.25 - Kristy Krash Majors (Pretty Boy Floyd)exclusive


Before you start reading this interview, I want to say something about the whole story with it. I sent a request for this interview via Kristy’s facebook on February 21st, 2011, and he answered me exactly that day that he’d like to do that «as long as it won’t have nothing to do with his lawsuit against Steve Summers». I was very glad and excited because we don’t do the interviews with the stars like this everyday and especially - with our own idols that is Kristy for me. I got all my questions for him together and sent it all to Kristy on the next day’s evening. 3 weeks passed. I decided to remind Kristy that we’re waiting for the interview. No answer from him.

One more month and a half passed. On April 27th I wrote to him again hoping he would clear the things out and give us the approximative date when he would able to answer the questions. There wa nothing from him. One more month passed. Then one more. I wrote to him every fucking month and there was only silence though he was on the facebook and been saying things on his wall there. In my last message sent on June 8th I wrote «Hello, Kristy! What's about our questions? It's been several months since I set it to you» (I should write SENT but my N-button on my keyboard was not working very well that time) and he answered: «seNt it to you sorry but i'm really busy». Thx for correction, Mister Majors. Well he answered to me and that was already a very good thing to me and it meant that we could wait longer. It all was alright.

1 more month passes and I’m writing him again. Suddenly he answers that he has thought that he had already done the questions... OK, I’m sending the questions 1 more fucking time. In few hours I got an e-mail from Majors with all his answers. The most of answers were of 2-3 words, more it seemed like he did all these questions just to make us not to disturb him anymore with this shit. We’ve been waiting for this interview for half a year and it was all we’ve got. But it’s not that interesting as the next thing we will say here. Read more →

9th June 2011 at 23:08

2011.06.07 - Swan (BlackRain)exclusive


Hello, friends! It’s been a long time since we posted our last exclusive interview with Swedish girl of rock’n’roll Mia Klose and now finally we’re back with some new and interesting shit for you all!) Our first conversation in this summer turned out an interview with a frontman of the French sleaze rockers BlackRain, Swan. The guys recently released their third studio album entitled «Lethal Dose Of…» in a February 2011.

Not many of you know, that before BlackRain started to play in a glam-rock style, they were a heavy metal band, that has released a demo-tape called «Twilight, Rain and Darkness» back in 2003 and after that – a self-titled album in 2006. Soon the guys realized that they want to play a little more rock’n’roll than heavy metal music and correct their style a little turning their heads to sleaze-rock.

In 2008 the band under the prime supervision of Chris Laney records their second album «License To Thrill», filled with the glam rock hits including «Rock Your City» - a song that has become an anthem of all the BlackRain fans all over the world. The band immediately gets the top reviews in the music magazines as  Burn! and Rock Hard, some music journalists call BlackRain «one of the brightest hopes of the new wave of glam rock».

The guys begin playing shows and create the big fan-base all over the world. Read more →

22nd January 2011 at 19:19

2011.01.18 – Hot Rod (Gemini Five)exclusive


They were one of the first bands who started the thing that later we will call «the Second Wave of Swedish Sleaze Metal». 2 years before «Rest in Sleaze» was released, these guyz recorded «Babylon Rockets» - the very strong album with the sound that now become specific for the most of sleaze bands. This album was filled with killer songs with good memorable melodies and great tunes.

They are Gemini Five and this is an article/interview about them (and not only about them!) so be ready to read some interesting things.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get a recognition they had to get with a release of their debut album, so they decided to release the second one – «Black:Anthem» with sounding which was a little different from what they did on the «Babylon Rockets».

However, the reaction on Gemini Five’s second album wasn’t great, and three years later in 2008 «Sex Drugs Anarchy» was released. «SDA» showed all the strongest sides of the band and was accepted by fans of this music style as one of the best sleaze metal albums. In January 2009 the band received an award for "SEX DRUGS ANARCHY" at the Swedish Metal Awards 2009 for 'best album' which made their third album the most estimated and recognized to date.

In 2010 the band was going to release a compilation of their best songs that also would include 4 absolutely new songs of the band. But then there were serious problems with Tin’s vocals and the recording of new tracks had to be stopped. Since then it was only silence on the band’s myspace and official website. To know out how the guys from Gemini Five are doing now and what is the atmosphere in the band these days, we contacted the bassist of G5, Mr. Hot Rod !

About their band and their music, news and their past, relationship with Crashdiet and a pirace, and even more – all you can read right here, in this interview! Welcome!) Read more →