15th September 2013 at 23:30

2013.03.27 - Baton Rogue Morgueexclusive


BatonRogueMorgue_Textpicture1Formed in 2005, Baton Rogue Morgue are THE Heavy Metal heroes from Borgå [in Finnish: Porvoo] - but for a bouquet of flowers from their hometown, Lee Angel Morgue (Vocals), Domino De La Rogue (Guitar), Timothy Baton (Bass) and Danger Ranger (Drums) had to wait in vain so far. Possible reasons for that, why guitarist Francesco Gasoline Mattei has been replaced by Brymir's Joona Björkroth and why it's anything but easy for a rockband with English lyrics to succeed in Finland were one of many topics the Finns enlightened us about right before their first common show with Hardcore Superstar at "Klubi" in Finland's oldest city and former capital Åbo [in Finnish: Turku]. And since the supply of beer seemed to be already used up both at "Klubi" and in the impressive tourbus of Baton Rogue Morgue, we took a seat at "Lone Star", a Texas Barbecue restaurant right across the street... Read more →

12th May 2013 at 00:28

2012.10.26 - Baby Janeexclusive


 Formed in 2007 in Gothenburg and since then on the road with the original line-up, Baby Jane make a splash not only in the Scandinavian rock scene. Right before their first common show with The 69 Eyes at "Klubi" in Finland's oldest city and former capital Åbo [in Finnish: Turku], the Swedish hard rockers enlightened us about the controversial method of "pay to play", why the quintet left the "Mama Trash Family" and why it does not always pay off to be the opening act for L.A. Guns... Read more →

10th December 2012 at 23:02

2012.10.06 - Deathstarsexclusive


The mighty Deathstars are supporting the even mightier Rammstein from November 2011 until March 2012: These news made an impact, especially on the career of Whiplasher Bernadotte (born Andreas Bergh, Vocals), Nightmare Industries (born Emil Nodtveidt, Lead Guitar & Keyboards), Cat Casino (born Eric Backman, Guitar), Skinny Disco (born Jonas Kangur, Bass) and Vice (born Oscar Leander, Drums). In return, their appearance at "Trash Fest V" at "Gloria" in Finland's capital Helsinki made an impact on the ticket sales of the festival. In the middle of all the hustle and bustle in October 2012, Neon Lights was received in audience by the masters of Death Glam from Sweden's capital Stockholm. An audience which was anything but deadly serious... Read more →

6th November 2012 at 21:29

2012.10.05 - Toxic Roseexclusive


It seemed like they had appeared overnight: Toxic Rose. On the one hand one of the hottest newcomer acts at the moment, on the other hand the new supergroup from Sweden's capital Stockholm, consisting of (ex) members of other well-known bands such as Gemini Five (Tom Wouda), SexyDeath (Goran Imperator) and Lipstixx'n'Bulletz (Michael Sweet and Andy). What is the hype all about? In order to get to the bottom of this, Neon Lights grabbed the guys right before their show at "Trash Fest V" at "Gloria"  in Finland's capital Helsinki and asked them a few questions... Read more →

31st October 2012 at 23:59

2012.10.31 - Scream Baby Scream (Rendih & Becky)


Special for All Saints Day, today your favorite website decided to present to all the readers two interviews at once with bands from the dark side of the current rock scene. The first bunch of living dead boys we managed to drag out of their graves and get interviewed right on one of the oldest cemeteries in Marseille, are the Italian horror shock rockers called Scream Baby Scream. They have released their debut album "Campfire Tales" on Friday the 13th in May of last year, proclaiming themselves the successors of the horrific deeds of Wednesday 13 and his colleagues in Murderdolls, even though the music of Scream Baby Scream is much different than the one of Murderdolls. Their difference consists mainly in a more extreme singing technique, heavier sound and the presence of synthesizers in the songs of the former. In other words the music of Scream Baby Scream is naturally the perfect soundtrack for digging dead bodies up.

Despite their evidently battered and, let's be honest, stale, sometimes rotten to the bone, looks, SBS were very nice and chatty zombies with a terrible damp flesh odor, good sense of humor and worms in their brains.

The line-up of the Scream Baby Scream bastards includes bassist Becky Delirious, Randy Ironscraps (guitar), Damien Die (vocals), and keyboardist Ryan E. 3error.

During the time we've been preparing this interview, suddenly we've found out the drummer David Banshee Rotten was no longer in Scream Baby Scream. What exactly happened to him and who's replacing him for now we've learn out right from the band.

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20th October 2012 at 01:17

2012.05.19 - Davey Suicideexclusive


The first time when we've heard about this band was not so long ago, in 2012 spring's end, to be certain. Despite this, was it because of the musicians whose names have been circulating for a long time in rock music world or was it because of a provocative look and rebellious lyrics, soon Davey Suicide became popular among the rock music fans all around the world.

Davey Suicide consists of the bandname's namesake Davey Suicide (ex-Gold Mind Squad, ex-Havok in Hollywood, ex-Trauma Deville), Ben Graves (ex-Murderdolls, Pretty Boy Floyd), Eric Griffin (ex-Murderdolls, ex-Wednesday 13), Needlz and Frankie Sil. The band plays some sort of industrial metal, though the previous bands of Davey Suicide members were sounding more in a sleaze rock / rock'n'roll way. But that's what our Dark Division interview section is about.

For now, the whole Davey Suicide's debut album is recorded, with the reviews screaming of cool, dark and mighty music and lyrics, though the band hasn't released it yet. This interview has been done some about 3 months ago but as you know we had some troubles with our website so we couldn't post it here until these days. Hope you'll enjoy it! Read more →

27th December 2011 at 01:25

2011.12.19 - Lizzy DeVine (ex-Vains Of Jenna)exclusive


Everybody’s aware of the Vains of Jenna story. The guys had gotten together back in 2005, recorded their rough debut ‘Lit Up/Let Down’ LP, released on the Bam Margera label, having gained them popularity among the fans of sleaze and endless extensive touring schedule. Then was the recording of their sophomore effort ‘The Art of Telling Lies’, a bunch of hit singles and videos, multiple positive reviews and ever greater popularity… and, like a bolt from the blue, - on March, 16, 2010 on most of the principal websites the news of the VoJ vocalist and main songwriter Lizzy DeVine departure appeared. In Lizzy’s official statement it is said of his ‘moving forward’ and the ‘possibility for the band to grow further without him aboard’, however, no true reasons of what had happened were given. At the same time, only 2 weeks later, the band announced their new frontman, who turned out to be the ex-vocalist for the Hollywood outfit Cast of Kings named Jesse Forte.

The VoJ fanbase have since been in a total confusion, asking themselves how could the band so quickly find a new voice for them. Many have come to the opinion that the rest of Vains of Jenna had in advance been waiting for Lizzy’s departure.

A little later the same year VoJ released a cover album, containing mostly the rearranged versions of the 60s-70s songs, ‘Reverse Tripped’, and also a new ‘We Can Never Die’ EP, the tracklist of the latter consisting of several re-recorded with Jesse’s voice songs off the second LP and a brand new track. The band gave plenty of interviews and went on tour. In 2011 the second part of their EP was released, named ‘We Can Never Die, vol.2’.

Nobody had neither heard a single word of Lizzy DeVine ever since – nor a single word from him. Only recently, 1,5 years after leaving VoJ, on a couple of topical websites appeared the news of him recording a solo effort.

And only today, in December, 2011, Lizzy gives us his first interview since he had left the band to clear things out and answer the questions that have long been puzzling the world.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is - Lizzy DeVine's first interview ever for a long time. Here and now. Read more →

5th October 2011 at 20:25

2011.07.25 - Kristy Krash Majors (Pretty Boy Floyd)exclusive


Before you start reading this interview, I want to say something about the whole story with it. I sent a request for this interview via Kristy’s facebook on February 21st, 2011, and he answered me exactly that day that he’d like to do that «as long as it won’t have nothing to do with his lawsuit against Steve Summers». I was very glad and excited because we don’t do the interviews with the stars like this everyday and especially - with our own idols that is Kristy for me. I got all my questions for him together and sent it all to Kristy on the next day’s evening. 3 weeks passed. I decided to remind Kristy that we’re waiting for the interview. No answer from him.

One more month and a half passed. On April 27th I wrote to him again hoping he would clear the things out and give us the approximative date when he would able to answer the questions. There wa nothing from him. One more month passed. Then one more. I wrote to him every fucking month and there was only silence though he was on the facebook and been saying things on his wall there. In my last message sent on June 8th I wrote «Hello, Kristy! What's about our questions? It's been several months since I set it to you» (I should write SENT but my N-button on my keyboard was not working very well that time) and he answered: «seNt it to you sorry but i'm really busy». Thx for correction, Mister Majors. Well he answered to me and that was already a very good thing to me and it meant that we could wait longer. It all was alright.

1 more month passes and I’m writing him again. Suddenly he answers that he has thought that he had already done the questions... OK, I’m sending the questions 1 more fucking time. In few hours I got an e-mail from Majors with all his answers. The most of answers were of 2-3 words, more it seemed like he did all these questions just to make us not to disturb him anymore with this shit. We’ve been waiting for this interview for half a year and it was all we’ve got. But it’s not that interesting as the next thing we will say here. Read more →

23rd July 2011 at 23:49

2011.07.23 - De La Cruz (Lacey & Roxxi)exclusive



One beautiful vernal day our long-time friend R.Rock wrote me an e-mail where she was talking about some young aussie glam/hard band named Cindy Kixx, that she thought would be cool to make an interview with. My first thoughts on it were «Why do we have to make the interview with the unknown aussie band, what will we ask them about??». Also all these guys had was just one demo song on YouTube that sounded not so good. After some controversy with R.Rock we decided to talk with the guys, and in addition to that, Cindy Kixx themselves showed a huge interest in the interview with Neon Lights so we just couldn’t resist. Time has come to make questions. We’ve thought a little and came to the point that we didn’t want to make all the questions as commonplace as «When did you first pick up the guitar?» or «What bands you were listening to when you were 13?». We just let yourselves have some fun with the guys and ask them some cool and stupid things. Whether you like it or not, but I think this interview is really crazy and the guys turned out the best fucking interlocutors in a long time! Hope you’ll have some fun too while readin’ this shit we made with Cindy Kixx!

Oh, forgot to remind you – during the making of interview the guys changed their bandname to De La Cruz! Don’t know what is more cool – De La Cruz or Cindy Kixx, but one thing is for sure – the guys changed their name after reading some stupid question we’ve asked them about their Cindy Kixx title!

By the way, not only the band’s name but some things that we speak about in this interview, also have changed: the chat took place in June but we publish it only at the end of July so this is the way it is. For example, their answers about the stage of their debut’s making or their shows and tours, it’s all changed, and now we know that their debut EP is already in mixing/mastering and will be out in 3-4 weeks! And, by the way, the teaser of their main song is available in the interview below, so you all can listen to it and make your comments.

Enough of fucking forewords, fuck it, take some beer, chips and chicks, and welcome Roxxi (vox) and Lacey (drums) of De La Cruz, Australia, on Neon Lights!

Hope you’ll have fun! Read more →

18th July 2011 at 22:52

2011.07.18 - Jamie (Sister)exclusive


Sister was formed in early 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden, and soon built up a name as a strong act both live and in the studio – 2 years later after they formed they’ve already had some self-released demo records with a good quality sound. By 2008 the guys played all over Sweden and toured across Europe, including gigs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark and Norway. Started their career playing sleaze glam in the spirit of Motley Crue and Pretty Boy Floyd, in 2009 Sister released «DeadBoys Making Noise» EP, where the guys changed their sound to more fast and aggressive punk rock music: even their look was also changed to the corpse-like make-up and black-dyed hair and black clothes on every member of Sister.

Enter 2010. Sister invites attention of the Metal Blade label, which is also a record label for such big heavy metal bands as Unearth, King Diamond, The Black Dahlia Murder, Lizy Borden, Between The Buried And Me, etc. In June of 2011 Sister’s debut album «Hated» sees the light of day. The band describes this record as the album dedicated to all the people who always made their best through all these years not to let Sister put this CD out. Music on «Hated» becomes even more darker and faster than on their previous EP, and the band makes its fan-base all over the world only larger.

Now Sister consists of 4 members – Jamie on vocals, Lestat on guitar, Rikki on bass and Cari on drums. On the wave of the interest to Sister from the readers of our webzine, we decided to do an interview with Sister’s voice Jamie. He agreed to talk to us about all we wanted to know about the band’s past, the new album, about the change of style, Sweden’s sleaze scene and more interesting things. Read more →